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More pictures from the photobook, as we all wait for full scans to surface on the interwebs. Again, if you like these shots, I humbly suggest you shell out some yen and get a copy – we all need to pay proper spiritual and financial homage to Princess Peach.

I like this shot, mostly because you get a nice view of her backside. If you actually want to see the curves of her butt, there’s some swimsuit shots that provide that, but I like the curve of her back, and her thighs, though the way her spine sticks out makes me want to feed her a sandwich or something…

I like how Momoko proves she can tie her own shoelaces here. She’s a big girl, now!

This shot is unintentionally funny in that it makes me think, “Momoko is so cute that she shits flowers!”

This bikinis probably the most revealing of her outfits in the photobook. Here she looks very confident and mature, reminding us she’s already fifteen. It also remind me that she and Shihono Ryo are less than six months apart age-wise, which for some reason is a cognitive disconnect I can never quite resolve to satisfaction in my head. Could Ryo have had Momoko’s career, or vice-versa? It’s difficult to imagine, perhaps because each are so well-suited to their specific niches in the idol world.

Another bikini shot, just because. I don’t object to the bikini shots in general, but the only one I really like is the pink one from the last set of scans I posted. This is good but not great; it’s only the idol inside the suit that makes it worthwhile.

This is a very nice shot of her in a nightgown. The pose is kind of sexy, but the smile makes it much more innocent, creating just the right wota tension between desire and admiration.

Unfortunately, this shot in the same outfit is unintentionally funny as well. For some reason, I find myself thinking that she’s trailing Gloria Swanson down the staircase or something. “I am big. It’s the photobooks that have gotten small.!”


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3 Responses to “More Momoko”
  1. Julia says:

    Nice shots! I definitely really like the outfit from the cover. It’s extremely cute, and looks basically perfect on her.

  2. Craig says:

    It’s like she just moved into some new place, she’s like a princess there, the guy she moved in with dished big bucks to make sure they had a pool (he wasn’t concerned about furniture 🙂 ), they’re having an adult relationship but only being 15 or so she is often left alone in their big place by herself…


  3. Garamond says:

    Yeah nice shots. I like Risako more though. :p