The AW Idol Index – June 11, 2007

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A strictly self-indulgent look at who matters to me right this very moment and why. Happy Kamehameha Day! What? You don’t celebrate Kamehameha Day where you’re at? Oh yeah, it’s a Hawaiian thing – like spam musubis and Coconuts Musume. Which is as good a segue as any to number five…

5. Chatmonchy (Band)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I hope to write about the past year’s PVs from this trio, because they’re making a valiant effort to be genki and kawaii even as they continue to rock on. Their newest song and PV is “Tobiuo no Butterfly” and here they really work hard to be adorable… and succeed. (The PV’s idea of everyday dreariness giving way to a tropical island paradise is kind of funny, by the way, when said paradise is your everyday setting.) Granted, these three young women aren’t exactly lookers – at best, they’re TNX-level cute – but since beauty can also radiate from inside, they positively glow in this video.

Shallowness being the watchword for this index, however, such non-surface, non-obvious cuteness only earns them the five spot.

4. Natsuyaki Miyabi (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 1
Total Weeks on Index: 3

I’m still enchanted by her best shots in her solo photobook, so she ends up being the only U15 to make the index this week. Oddly enough, she’s the only youngster in this week’s index. I think I need some quality time with my Shihono Ryo photobooks…

3. Yuuki Ai (AV Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I downloaded a whole flood of her videos this past week – most from S1 – so I was particularly enthralled by her super-flexible, horny-gymnastics performances. But mostly, I like her face – she looks a lot like a couple people I know, both of whom I’m quite fond of.

2. Otsuka Ai (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I got Ai Am Best this past weekend as an early Father’s Day Gift – I had intended to buy it when it came out, but slipped my mind for the past few months. So I got to watch her first dozen PVs all over again and enjoy them a great deal. Ai-chin is an artist I keep wanting to pay closer attention to, but ultimately don’t. (Chatmonchy is another example of this, as are Koda Kumi and AKB48 and the new dream.)

1. Amuro Namie
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Amuro Namie, riding crop, kinda fascist wardrobe, sorta kinky sounding song… Oh man, I’m in love all over again! I’m not sure if “Hide and Seek” will be a single or is just a track on Play but this is a lot of fun and just a touch of naughty, making it even better than her pom pom rollerskating cheerleader or her pseudo-schoolgirl cosplay. One can’t help but wish that Leni Riefenstahl was still alive to direct this video and give it that special Third Reich oomph…

I’ve already pre-ordered Play at the local Japanese bookstore, As it’s coming out at the end of the month. While all the other singles leading up to this album aren’t as good as the ones for Queen of Hip Pop (major exception: “Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, I’m Sick”), they’re still solid Amuro tracks. “Hide and Seek”, however, makes me hopeful that there’ll be other pleasant, nasty, fun surprises waiting for me.

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2 Responses to “The AW Idol Index – June 11, 2007”
  1. goddamn Namie!!…don’t think I need to tell you how much I adore this lady…she was my gateway drug into jpop(if I remember correctly cuz after discovering H!P, everything became a blur)

    oh and on the JAV front..I recently discovered Tina Yuzuki and have been downloading her movies like a madman..she reminds me of Shokotan for some reason

  2. Chiakii says:

    Happy belated Kamehameha Day! XD *is on Oahu right now*

    And damn, Namie…*drool*