Mikitty Leaves Morning Musume

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The wife woke me up about this news piece from Yahoo! Japan, where Miki has asked to leave Morning Musume in order to take responsibility for the scandal surrounding her being caught with her comedian boyfriend. Takahashi Ai will be taking over as leader. There’s a related article detailing the various scandals plaguing Hello! Project as of late.

Well, it isn’t like this possibility was all that far-fetched or that it’s catching anyone by complete surprise… At the same time, I was hoping Miki would beat the rap and remain leader of Momusu and maybe pave the way for more lenient policies for the girls of Hello! Project. Instead, she asked to resign from the group (was she coerced into this request? will we ever know?) though apparently staying as a solo artist in H!P – I assume she’ll continue with GAM, though the prospect of her returning to actual solo work is pretty damn exciting.

My two least favorite members are now leader and sub-leader of the group, Takitty and Gaki. Which I guess could prompt me to make statements of disgust or declare Morning Musume is dead or that I’ve given up all interest and am walking away from them as a fan… but I haven’t. My interest is considerably diminished by Miki not being there, but there’s still Sayumi, and Micchi, and even Koharu to keep me paying attention, as well as the possibility of JunJun and LinLin playing active roles in the group and hopefully participating in future singles. I’m intrigued at how the group will respond musically with the loss of one of their powerhouse performers, one who has dominated most of the singles in recent years. The challenge is before these nine girls now, and are they up to it? I think we’ll have some pleasant surprises on that front, at least.

I guess I should be happy, as Miki didn’t want to join the group way back when she was inducted with sixth gen, and it’s looking like she’s finally getting what she most deserves, her solo career back. At the same time, the circumstances surrounding this situation could have been much more joyful, and I don’t think she’s even going to get a graduation ceremony out of it.

The news is still sinking in, these are just initial impressions now that it’s official. I may be writing more on this later, though H!P scandal fatigue is beginning to wear thin on me. Below are some of the things I’ve written about Mikitty since I started blogging – even looking back at them quickly, I realize just how much I care for her as an idol, and how appreciative I’ve been of what she’s accomplished. I still believe in her, still think she’s a class act, and that her future as an idol should remain bright.

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8 Responses to “Mikitty Leaves Morning Musume”
  1. Chuck says:

    It appears Friday has decided to take its name literally and make this whole deal a weekly occurrence.

    It’s a shame. I was hoping Miki’s cavalier attitude towards the whole thing meant she didn’t think anything would come of it, because H!P really needs to take its head out of its ass. By having scandals and reacting to them like prudish old schoolmarms, they’re going to alienate both the cute-little-virgin-obsessed demo as well as the “Aww, hell, I just like cute girls singing fun songs in short skirts” segment of the populace.

    At this rate, we’ll have only Aika left by the end of the year … and then it will come out that she’s had implants.

  2. Julia says:

    I *am* taken completely by surprise by this. Well maybe not completely, but largely. I really, really didn’t think she’d be leaving Momusu, for some reason. I’m so surprised.

  3. Johnny says:

    What did I say. My feeling about Miki being the next one to leave was correct. I guess I just got the graduating part wrong.

    I’m honestly quite tired of all the H!P scandals of late. And we’re just halfway through the year, damn it.

    Can’t they just leave the girls to their singing? The virginal idol image H!P is trying so hard to protect is no longer there.

    Just let them sing.

  4. wu-san says:

    what can I say? you’ve covered most of the bases I’d want to explore. I agree with it all.

    We can only look forward from this. Like you said, either way Mikitty should have a future, she’s a power player in H!P certainly…and she’d fit in nicely in the Jpop market in general really well. Although to have a brouder appeal, I’d have to say it’s not with UFA and H!P

    If anyone here in England knew who Mikitty was, I swear I’d bug them forever, showering them with declarations of my love for Mikitty. it’s probably for the best then, that in my circle of friends, only one of them knows a damn thing about Jpop

  5. hydralisk says:

    In that Aichan and Risa were always my favorites and Mikitty not much, I guess it’s not surprising that I don’t agree with some of the reactions (not just on this blog). I’m not sad at all about Mikitty leaving MM. I’m glad about it, frankly. I don’t think she cared enough to be there, or to even be an idol at all (by Japanese standards). But I do agree that her future will remain bright. She’s far too talented and likable a person not to continue doing what she does well.

  6. wu-san says:

    @hydralisk: lol, thats true to XD.

    adding to my earlier post, I think its accurate to say that MM softened her up. And whilst she still remains cheeky with her glints of frustration and of course, her being pissed off, its very much playful now. the girls have warmed to her and shes warmed to them…but she probably wont feel as tied down to MM as say, Mari did. I think thats something a lot of fans are echoing right now.

    Anyway my main concern at first was, an MM without Mikitty. selfishly, I think MM are worse without her, right now anyway. but hell, if it gets Aichan to step up and do something, maybe its for the best. Plus I like Gaki so hopefully she’ll get more chances to shine.

    Many people are suprised that she decided to opt out to. I guess a lot of us thought she’d want to rise above it and be the first real example of someone defying the media in H!P. Anyway Ray already covered that lol.

    But yeh…I’m thinking Mikitty teamed up with Taka-san…I keep pushing for something like this and well, I’m not gonna stop XD. Actually, its probably an Idea that only works in fantasy lol

  7. Hanachan says:

    I’ve been so tied up in the LJ Strikethrough drama that I kinda forgot about Mikitty’s scandal…and she’s my favorite! XD

    Anyways, I’m not particuarly suprised or upset by this. I didn’t think Miki would make it through the year anyways, as she seems to be more interested in GAM than MoMusu, and would’ve left for that. She just left under different circumstances than I expected. The only thing I’m upset about is that we didn’t get to see Mikitty as leader of MoMusu for a few months-boy, that would’ve been interesting…

    I’ll probably write a blog about this later, after I read all of the blog reactions.

  8. Perseid says:

    I’m just waiting for it to get to the point where Risa is group leader so we can all go home…