Making a Better Momoko Clip

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I won’t be getting my Momoko photobook until the end of the week (fingers crossed!), so I couldn’t resist downloading and watching the Making Of clip that’s already available online.

However, there was something… not right… about the clip. It didn’t capture the spirit of Momoko as I understood her, it didn’t reveal the Momoko I know and love.

So I made a short version to display my own vision of a Momoko video. Download here, it’s about 15 MB.


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4 Responses to “Making a Better Momoko Clip”
  1. Garamond says:

    I liked your version better Ray. Cool music too, though I would have preferred another song. Maybe this one (slightly altered lyrics):

    Lord Of This World

    You’re searching for your mind don’t know where to start
    Can’t find the key to fit the lock on your heart
    You think you know but you are never quite sure
    Your soul is ill but you will not find a cure

    Your world was made for you by someone unknown
    But you chose pedo ways instead of all-grown
    You made it master of the world where you exist
    The soul it took from you was not even missed

    Lord of this world
    Pedo possession
    Lord of this world
    Say your confession now!

    You think you’re innocent you’ve nothing to fear
    You don’t know shame, you said, but isn’t it clear?
    You face turns red in all your pedo greed and pride
    But will you turn to run when some men in blue says “Hi”?


  2. CJ Marsicano says:

    MyMac and I would like to have a word with you about these damn Windows Media files…. 😛

  3. Julia says:

    Haha! This may be the best thing I’ve seen all day. Good editing.

  4. Craig says:

    LOL what’s with the music haha X)

    I’d like to give this girl a good wrestle or sumthin LOL 😀