The AW Idol Index – May 27, 2007

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A strictly self-indulgent look at who matters to me right this very moment and why.

It could be the three-day weekend or the large spaghetti dinner I had earlier tonight, but I’m not feeling particularly articulate or clever tonight. At any rate, I seem to have been in a very U15 mood this week, which is funny since I got Bennie K’s The World so Yuki (if not both her and Cico) should be on the list. Maybe next week?

5. Natsuyaki Miyabi (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I just really liked this cover when I first saw it. Miyabi may be awkward looking and always remain so, but there are times when awkward looks positively great on her. I’m not awaiting her photobook as eagerly as Momoko’s – or as eagerly as I awaited Airi’s – but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy for this milestone for her. And her voice can still make my heart keen, though perhaps not as much as before.

4. Suzuki Airi (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 1
Total Weeks on Index: 2

Finally got a chance to hold her photobook in my clutches and page through it, and it was pretty enjoyable. However, I was surprised that the intensity of feeling towards her wasn’t heightened by the experience, I didn’t feel as bonded to her in that silly wota way as I did to anyone else on the list this week. Why that is, I can’t pin down… Still, she remains quite enchanting, and in C-ute PVs she certainly dominates, so I expect her to remain a regular on this index.

3. Yamanaka Mayumi (Junior Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Finally got my first Mayumi DVD and enjoyed it thoroughly – between Mayumi, Tokumoto Kasumi, and some early Shihono Ryo, owns my wretched soul. Now that Mayumi’s fully in her teens, she’s really come into her own as a U15 idol and I don’t feel as guilty looking at her as I used to. Pedolicious readers should expect clips from the DVD in the coming weeks…

2. Tsugunaga Momoko (Pop Idol)
Last Week: 2
Total Weeks on Index: 2

Still waiting quite eagerly for her photobook next month. I’ve been watching Berryz videos more frequently again, and Momoko stands out even more than before. She’s certainly the best thing about the “Very Beauty” video, pulling off that serious melodramatic crap better than any of the other girls. And this shot from a UFA official picture just about floors me with how cute she can be, even when she’s pretending to be miffed! Okay, I’m biased – she owns a larger share of my soul than, even. But this shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who’s read this blog or its predecessors.

1. Shihono Ryo (Junior Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

Her two most recent photobooks are now in my possession and all I can say is that the legend remains legendary. In Seasons, her best shots are her fully clothed and not flashing any underwear, just looking quite mature in a rather elegant schoolgirl outfit in the book’s final pages. I love the fact that she can still hold surprises, that she continues to grow as an idol and show new layers of complexity. Though of course, all the panty flashes and swimsuits don’t hurt, either… Pedolicious readers should expect clips from Ukelele – her version of an Alo-Hello DVD – pretty soon, as well.

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  1. Zush says:

    Miya awkward looking? Strong protest!
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