The AW Idol Index – May 20, 2007

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A strictly self-indulgent look at who matters to me right this very moment and why. Yup, this’ll be the new regular feature – an excuse for eyecandy and some snarky comments. Cause, y’know, one must work with one’s strengths…

5. Karin (AV Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

The departure of Maria Ozawa and Yua Aida from the S1 stable could have been disastrous, but the label still have many fine women that are more than fap-worthy. To wit: along with Shou Nishino, Karin was the best thing about S1’s entry to the AV Open this year. (Sora Aoi plays a minor, blink-and-you’ll-miss-her role, so she doesn’t count.) I also downloaded her latest solo DVD, which again shows off her two V’s – voluptuousness and voracity – to great effect. (Were you expecting two other V’s named? Shame on you!) There’s actually a sweetness to Karin at times, which only makes her sexier moments – and actual sex scenes – that much hotter.

4. Kusumi Koharu (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

I wasn’t kidding on Intl Wota when I said that Koharu’s looking real hot in her new solo PV. I mean, I didn’t give a crap about the first two, this one… oh, wow. Really. I even went to the local Japanese bookstore to get the Single V, but they didn’t have it. So instead I winded up getting Eizo The Morning Musume 4 single clips collection. Which actually turned out to be a good reminder of how much Koharu has developed in the past… what? Has it been two years already? Holy crap! Anyway, I’m just about ready to declare Koharu one of the best things about the current Momusu, which I never thought I’d say.

3. Naho Ozawa (AV Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

She’s my favorite AV idol and her latest video starts with an incredible single-shot scene that melted my heart… Well, it did something below my neck. (And something above hers. Ka-ching!) It’s a bravura performance on her part: what could have been a simple sexual act becomes more sensual and less mechanical for her performance. For her skill as an idol and not just a sex performer, this scene was more than enough to earn a spot on the index this week.

2. Tsugunaga Momoko (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

O Momoko, My Momoko! The news of her photobook is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long while now and it’s finally going to happen! Let’s hope that it’ll be the first down-and-dirty U15 book H!P releases, with lots of bikini shots and thong lingerie and Garo Aida styled shoots where she’s wearing a seifuku in a pool and the water makes her outfit cling to her body… Okay, okay, it won’t be like that. But she’s fifteen now, and she’s as adorable as ever, and I really can’t wait for this. Beyond that, this relationship map made me realize that I don’t care for the other Berryz nearly as much as I do for the terminatrix idol extraordinaire…

1. Suzuki Airi (Pop Idol)
Last Week: –
Total Weeks on Index: 1

… How ironic, then, that the number one spot this week goes to somebody who apparently shares a mutual enmity with the Momo-tastic one. This is Airi’s week, however, with her incredible photobook, a work of art that will stand the test of time long after Ulysses and Gravity’s Rainbow are forgotten. Airi’s my favorite C-ute now that Megukami’s gone… Yes, I’m still not over that yet (and imagine how kawaii / kakoii / sekshi a Megukami photobook would have been!)… Anyway, this is the best H!P Kids photobook so far: the girl-next-door (and still in junior high) charm of Airi is used to great effect throughout the book. Sure, she may need dental work and her eyes can get a bit wonky (not Reina wonky, but a little off), and she hasn’t even begun to develop a figure… but that smile is fantastic, her stare has a striking depth, and we all know she’s going to come out of the other side of puberty looking even more fantastic than she looks now. What more could we desire?

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2 Responses to “The AW Idol Index – May 20, 2007”
  1. Chiakii says:

    Now in THAT picture of Airi, she looks kinda like Maeda. I don’t know how I see it, I just do, man! xD

    And it’s true that her photobook is fantastic. Even the bathing suit shots are used to good effect, not just “OMG BIKINI DROOL!”

  2. jinryuichi says:

    For me, I’m biased. Momo is always first. (^o^)/
    I imagine you would switch the 1st and 2nd spots if you had seen previews of Momoko’s PB pics first. ^_^

    I vouch for T.Chinami and K.Yurina to be on the top 5 next!