Rumors of Tsuji Pregnancy

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This is what I get for returning to blogging after a month-plus absence: no sooner do I put up the post about fourth gen’s changes when rumors abound of Tsuji being two months pregnant to this guy and is opting for a shotgun wedding. According to MM-BBS the rumors are already being carried by TV shows and causing a buzz on 2ch, so the likeliness of it is… what? Maybe Perhaps or Definitely Not At All?

Well, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough if this is true. (And if it is true, I’m sure I’ll have more to say.) I’m not quite shocked if this is the case, as the convent-school approach that UFA has had with their girls has apparently not been a hundred percent successful. I can think of at least three other pregnancies in H!P’s ten years – two of which happened to other members of Momusu after they left – so it’s not like there isn’t a tradition to uphold.


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6 Responses to “Rumors of Tsuji Pregnancy”
  1. Julia says:

    Haven’t heard of any of the guy’s dramas, but he’s cute! *Cough* But um anyway, that would be just the thing to mess up both Tsuji’s and the dude’s careers at this point, most likely. I’d say that I hope the rumor isn’t true, but I don’t really have any right to hope something like that about other peoples’ lives. It’s not really my business. But…wow. If it’s true…I don’t even know. I guess Tsuji would be pwning the pants off of Aibon’s scandaliciousness.

  2. Maria says:

    Well, he’s like 2000% cuter than Aibon’s guy. And I wish her luck if the rumor is true *^^* It’s not that I dislike Tsuji, but I’ve been a bit less than enthralled with her “pseudo-solo” career up to this point. Perhaps this could even get UFA thinking… What if girls could actually WANT to have *gasp* boyfriends? That’s just wishful thinking though, considering how many of them have been kicked out for stuff as plain as talking to a boy… or sharing an umbrella (yes, I’m still mourning Megukami) Oh well… Only time will tell… I remember somebody said that being an Aibon fan is a roller coaster, I think it would be more accurate to state that being a HelloPro fan is a roller coaster…

  3. Maki Kanatsu says:

    At least he’s cute. Haha~

    I was going to update Ikimasshoi with this,but I’m worried it’ll send people into a frantic, especially since it’s a HUGE rumour :

  4. jinryuichi says:

    Welp, it ain’t a rumour no more. They’re holding a press conference to announce the wedding bells.

    “Thou shalt blog more often”. ^_^

  5. hydralisk says:

    When an idol wants out of the business, you’d think there’d be better ways to go about it than shocking and annoying all the fans. I want to wish Nono well but I’m still a little ticked off at her.

  6. Garamond says:

    He must have tricked her in some way I guess…grrr…

    Damn his oily hide, Tsuji is mine! 🙁