Morning Musume’s Eighth Gen Members from China

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Found this on the MM-BBS and the link to the official site’s announcement is here. So apparently there will be two Chinese “exchange members” (whatever the hell that means) as part of eighth gen… and one of them is named Chun Li. It’s a bit too early for April Fool’s Day, and it’s crazy enough to be a Tsunku idea, so let’s assume it’s real.

I’m not opposed to this. I’m liking what I see of Micchi in Morning Musume, Sayumi’s recent photobook delighted me to no end, but Morning Musume as a whole doesn’t excite me at the moment. Maybe this is just another gimmick and the new girls won’t even work that much with Morning Musume. If that’s the case, I’d actually be mildly disappointed – it’s an interesting opportunity and should be exploited to the fullest. On the other hand, maybe this will help stir my own interest in the group again, especially if the part about new and different personalities is true.

Some quick thoughts on the matter…

Hello! Project is serious about breaking the rest of the Asian market. From a purely commercial point of view, this seems like a calculated decision to gain the interest of the rest of Asia. I can’t blame them, it’s not like their record sales are stellar in Japan – cracking the foreign market just a little bit could pay off in a huge way. In a population of over a billion, China must have at least 50,000 potential wota – that’d be enough to double current sales.

I wonder how Micchi feels. Here she was, chosen all by herself – and now she finds she’s not the only eighth gen. I don’t recall any talk of her being the Miracle Girl in the same way Koharu was hyped up – and let’s face it, Koharu has delivered the goods on that title in a huge way – but still, it must be strange to find they outsourced the rest of your gen.

These new girls should either sing well or look great in bikinis. In either case, showcase accordingly. I’m hoping for the latter, of course.

These new girls can hopefully speak some Japanese. That should seem obvious, but you never know. It would suck to need a translator within the flagship unit.

At least they’re older girls, for a change. Coming into the group at sixteen and nineteen? Holy shit! When was the last time somebody that old was able to join Morning Musume? (Mikitty doesn’t count, she was a ringer.)

The current Musume should make an effort to learn Chinese. Just to play nice, and also to better prepare for a bigger overseas marketing push.

Somebody better explain what the hell “exchange members” means in Hello! Project terms. Does this mean they’ll just suddenly disappear at some future date without a graduation? Are they around for only a year? Does Morning Musume have to send a couple of their Japanese members to China now? I vote Takitty and Eri.

Will there be more exchange members from other countries? Well, there’s already a Korean girl in H!P, right? If this year of Asia thing is going to happen properly, I’m guessing that there are plans afoot for more new girls from other countries. Though perhaps not all in Morning Musume itself…? Maybe C-ute or Berryz will bring in girls from Thailand, or a Filipina can join Melon Kinenbi, or North Korea can send their leader to co-manage H!P with Tsunku… The possibilities are endless!

Edit: I just decided that I am completely and wholeheartedly in favor of the new members…

Mostly because this shot of JunJun (the nineteen-year-old) is soooo freakin’ cute. I may just be in love all over again…


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22 Responses to “Morning Musume’s Eighth Gen Members from China”
  1. Julia says:

    Oh…my….god….wow. This is big news. JunJun really *is* adorable, too. 16 and 19, wow! I think Micchi will still get good attention in the group and getting your attention is the most important thing. Anyway, this is so weird because I was literally thinking about what it would be like for a foreign girl to join Momusu about five minutes before I came online, and then this is the first thing I read when I got on the net. That is *odd*. Anyway, wow! I’m really excited about this news, it sounds like it’s going to be really cool. I just hope they get to do more than Simmin, the Korean girl who joined H!P, who I believe has left H!P as well. But this is Momusu we’re talking about, so I think they’ll get some real exposure. w00t, can’t wait for JunJun and Chun Li! =D

  2. Craig says:

    Ah so it all makes sense now (I thought someone was just spamming my ‘Meta-links’ with all this Chun-li & JunJun stuff).

  3. jinryuichi says:

    Actually, its Li Chun…. but if you use the first-name, last name format, of course…..

    I don’t think they speak Japanese, but I assume that they will be sent for some Japanese classes soon enough.

    I too, was shot down by the kawaii-ness of Jyun Jyun, her singing reminds me of rookie-year Koharu-chan though. As for Rin Rin, she is seriously multi-talented. Look at her bio!

    What Tsunku is thinking, I don’t know…. maybe he’s planning a twinning programme of sorts, like China Musume, or Korea Musume or something like that.

  4. pengie says:

    I won’t lie: I groaned until I saw their ages. Then I perked up a bit! This is … really, really odd, but also amusing.

    No wonder the theme for this year is “Asia.”

  5. Kd says:

    I’M 19. I’M not Japanese… oh, why?! Why was I not picked for MoMusu?! Tsunku, come on… I’ll work real hard… *pout*

  6. Garamond says:

    “North Korea can send their leader to co-manage H!P with Tsunku”. Hehe that’d be fun eh? 🙂
    I’m excited too. I think the girls are cute, and they’re probably talented. Hope they’ll learn Japanese real fast.

    @Kd: I’m rooting for you joining MM next! 🙂

  7. CJ Marsicano says:

    …and the world of MoMusu gets yet even more interesting. Hmmm…

  8. This is a quantum leap with enormous potential gain with little, if any, downside. You’re right about Morning Musume being a little on the stale side right now. Yes, Tsunku needed more than just one 8th gen and, as it turns out, he had a couple more in his hip pocket. One of these singers was already an Egg, right? And the other likely has the raw talent to peal the new paint off Yokohama Arena’s walls. Look for Momusu to be a major player in Shanghai and Beijing as the 2008 Olympics roll around!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it’s a good move by H!P to add “international” flavour to its flagship group. Yes, Jun Jun is quite adorable. Yes, Sayumi has probably met her match in the cuteness department with JunJun

    However, I still need time for this news to sink in. Call me a J-Pop purist, but just seeing Chinese girls in Japan’s most popular girl group makes me feel uneasy and makes the Morning Musume look…different.

    Know what I mean?

  10. Johnny says:

    That “Anonymous” would be me… — Johnny ^_^

  11. Kitsuiko says:

    Most… popular girl group? Where? Where? *Searches under a rock or something*

    I love MoMusu, but, are they still the most popular girl group?

    If there are Chinese girls in MoMusu, this does mean that JPop can break into the CPop charts in pure form. I remember a LOT of CPop groups doing MoMusu covers, so, the real thing should do very well too. Further, I think most Chinese will like the idea of an all Japanese group opening up to become multicultural. The show that the tension doesn’t exist for music… who knows, they might sing for Abe to tell him to simmer down a notch? (KIDDING)

  12. Erikku says:

    JunJun is beautiful. I’m all for it!

  13. Anonymous says:

    The word, “exchange” has not been commented upon in full.
    While your article is full of the reasons and suppositions as to why a couple of Chinese girl will be entering the MM/H!P fold, no one has cited the impication that in order to have a true “exchange”, some MM/H!P members would have to go to China and form a group there !

  14. Japonaliya says:

    The word, “exchange” has not been commented upon in full.
    While your article is full of the reasons and suppositions as to why a couple of Chinese girl will be entering the MM/H!P fold, no one has cited the impication that in order to have a true “exchange”, some MM/H!P members would have to go to China and form a group there !

  15. lancedragons says:

    Say what you will about Morning Musume, they’re still sellingin the top 10 in oricon consistently, and have existed for 10 years now, which beats out pretty much every other all-girl band in Japan.

    After some posting on the mm-bbs (which caught the news first), I’ve become intrigued by the decision, and I hope it pans out well.
    A translation of the H!P site’s announcemend, and a couple others have been translated on mm-bbs, if anyone would like to view/join.

    I popped in this blog to see your reaction, and it’s nice to see some people are looking at this nicely, the comments section of Hello! Online, 2ch (from what I hear), and mm-bbs have had quite a bit of negative reaction to the announcement.
    Even JunJun’s personal blog has gotten intermittent posts of encouragement, and people asking her to die, and other such spamming. And yes, from the massive amount of pictures leaked of JunJun, she is very adorable.

  16. Craig says:

    I vote W go China LOL

  17. pengie says:

    Yeah, people have spammed Jun’s blog like no tomorrow. Kind of discouraging to see how negative people can be towards others. I left her a little “ganbatte,” though 🙂 I think we should all do the same!

  18. CJ Marsicano says:

    Where is Chun Li’s blog?

  19. CJ Marsicano says:

    Um, misread… whoever’s blog, Jun Jun.. sorry. this last nor’easter my hometown had and the backpain from three hours of snow shoveling (first my sidewalk, then my car, then my garage… oi!)

  20. Ayumi says:

    It just makes you wonder when Tsunku’ll go across the ocean to North America again… *cough*West coast*cough*

  21. Anonymous says:

    I hope NO european or american member joins ever MM…

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think tsuku actually referred to them as ‘exchange students’ so it probably means nothing or is a joke on the previous incarnations they did in H!P that made Haromoni look like a school. Just a thought.