Yossi Graduates From Morning Musume

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Here’s some relevant links: the Hello! Project site, Yahoo! Japan, Ikimasshoi, and Hello Non-Pro Hour. While this comes as a surprise – mostly because I can’t imagine letting go of the last member from the Golden Age – I can’t say that I’m all that moved by the news. Actually, I’m much more excited by the news that Mikitty will be taking over as leader of the group, with Takitty as subleader. Anyway, some questions immediately came to mind upon hearing the news…

Will Yossi have a real solo career afterwards? Based on past history with other graduates… not likely. She’s got Gatas, though, so maybe being their captain and doing the occasional TV show appearance will be enough for her.

“Mr. Moonlight” will have to be her graduation song, right? This will be worth looking forward to! I’d hope that they pull out all the stops and make it as extravagant a number as the PV. It would be very cool if Yossi was the first Momusu to graduate while wearing a man’s suit.

Does this pave the way for a new unit of Golden Age Musume members? Ohhh, I had to go there. Again. (It’s been a while though.) But if Aibon comes back – which at this point, can be debated – then everyone from the “Renai Revolution 21” / “I Wish” era will still be in Hello! Project but not in Momusu, and it would be so great to see the classic line-up return and perform the hits best loved by the Japanese public. They’d be the equivalent of an oldies reunion band – but fuck it, the reward is better than what most of them have right now anyway.

Is eight-nin going to be the standard now, or will there be new auditions by the end of 2007 again? If the latter, then Momusu feels even more revolving-door than it has in the past.

So when will Mikitty start the purges? May I suggest to the new leader that she rid herself of her co-leader, Eri, and perhaps Risa? And place Reina on probation – complete with an electrified collar – until she stops doing the uber-kawaii thing so damn much.

It’s funny, because I was actually beginning to feel guilty about neglecting Morning Musume and was going to watch the new concert DVD, and then I was quite moved by their Kouhaku performance of “Aruiteru” (it helped that they had such sexy backup dancers), and now this… Well, Tsunku certainly knows how to keep us on our toes.


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7 Responses to “Yossi Graduates From Morning Musume”
  1. Craig says:

    😮 What?!


    *fear Mikity* 😛

  2. CJ Marsicano says:

    No putting an electrified collar on my future second wife!!!!

  3. Chuck says:

    Get rid of Eri, Reina and Ai? That’s like my entire Morning Eyecandy!

  4. Julia says:

    Good god…I’m moving on to Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai now. (Not sure why I’m reacting this way though. I need to blog about it. Soon.)

  5. Wow. Somehow you could see this coming. She could never really shake that tomboy image, but the last two years I really admired her comeback and remake. I thought she was a gone gosling after 2004, but no. But you can see the drama in her eyes. And, at Rainbow 7, when he voice gave out at the end, you could see the end was near.

  6. A.Hamasaki says:

    Mikitty and Aichan will be good as leader and co-leader but I’m really looking forward to a Aichan/Gakisan leadership. Hey I live in Hawaii too. I have a subscription to Up To Boy at Hakubundo (used to be from Bunbundo, remember them?) but for pretty much everything else I go through CdJapan or Amazon Japan. I buy just about every H!P release.

  7. Maki Kanatsu says:

    Haha, now I’m just waiting for Risa and Eri to GTFO then I’d be 100% content with MM…well unless I start to dislike Aika >D

    Seriously though, maybe Miki will whip these bishes into shape and not play around >D