Sunday Blog Roundup: Yossie’s Sotsugyou, More Kouhaku, More Auld Lang Syne

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The big news in the Jpop blogosphere is the announcement of Yoshizawa Hitomi’s graduation from Morning Musume. Ikimasshoi’s Mark has the details and scans from the Japanese papers, while Gray has translations of Tsunku’s and Yossi’s messages. JJ at MySpace starts his H!P roundoup with the news, Béné of MegaNekko declares the Golden Era is over but looks forward to whatever Yossie will do next, while Julia of Satsumaimo explores why she feels so strongly about the end of the Golden Era – especially since her introduction to Momusu was so recent.

Kd of Iroiro Aru Sa has mixed emotions on the news – though her fourth point has been voiced by more than one observer. One thing’s for sure – she’s not the Jpop blogosphere’s Nostrodamus. Speaking of which, pengie of unchained! goes into detail on possible musical ventures for Yossie post-Momusu – and has a funny observation on the title of Morning Musume’s next single, “Egao YES Nude”. (Two funny observations, actually.) CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama wonders why Yossie hasn’t already started her post-Musume musical career the way other graduates have – and reminds me of the Chokkan 2 Curse I once theorized about. So that means I’m not Nostradamus, either…

As for what the future holds, Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour thinks Yossie’s time has come and wonders if Miki Musume will turn towards a more sukeban image. siaoliao of Heavenly Psycho focuses on the new Musume order with Mikitty in charge, excited by the prospect. samipiggy at MySpace is upset at the prospect of Mikitty being leader, believing her to be kohai (not sempai) to the remaining fifth gen girls. Tom of Hello!Blog feels similarly about Mikitty’s rise to the top, and wonders how Yossi could survive as a soloist. MorningBerryz is already looking ahead to the next graduation after Yossie, while Skawt of the newly revived jankenpyon! suspects there will be new auditions in the summer.

And in tribute to the second-longest-lasting Musume, Johnny of The Mind shares his favorite Yossie clip while Angela of Sakuranbo! looks at her debut PV, “Happy Summer Wedding” – though her best comment has to deal with Gocchin’s boobs.

There were two other, more expected, topics this week as well: Kouhaku and a look back at 2006.

On the Kouhaku front, MorningBerryz has a nice review of Kouhaku, and I find this line – “Momo ‘the animal’ Tsugunaga was having a grand time with the mascots” – intriguing, especially out of context. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count’s Langdon Alger posts what he considers the best Kouhaku performance this year. Maki Kanatsu of Ikimasshoi notes the sales bumps caused by Kouhaku, while on her weekly AruAru Iru Yo! feature, Kd of Iroiro Aru Sa notes, “I think this is the first Kouhaku I’ve seen where MoMusu’s costume change mid-song involved putting something on rather than taking it off.” She also asks about some notable absences from the H!P stable this year.

uzugaku has the DJ Ozma clip with the “scandalous” performance, while Pata of Irresponsible Pictures confirms the conspiracy behind DJ Ozma. And having the definitive final word on the topic, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna watches Kouhaku with his two under-twelve sisters and notes their reactions to Morning Musume and DJ Ozma, among others. Apparently, the wota are turning off potential female audience for Momusu… which was interesting, as I thought they just didn’t care about Hello! Project in general. Santos also puts the complaints over DJ Ozma in perspective, showing it’s an expected tempest in the annual teapot.

On the 2006 review front, huntherx17 of Furusato Chronicles provides the first half of his Top Songs for 2006 – which aren’t necessarily songs from 2006, but the songs he most enjoyed this past year, old and new. It makes for an interesting list with many surprises. imolestjyanniz has Top 10 Songs of the Year, Top 10 Albums, and Biggest Disappointments, and states the gospel truth when writing, “fandom really shouldn’t be taken so seriously”. Thea of Made in Paradise providesa look back on the best of 2006, as well as wishing goodbye to the most notable kaisans (hey, she was the one who called 2006 the year of kaisans, early on!), as well as looks at the Oricon Top 999 for the year regarding her favorite groups.

pengie of unchained does her year-end roundup in a wide range of categories and with a wide range of artists – my favorite category is “Skankiest Person in 2006, Aside From Koda Kumi (Who is a Given)”. Really, was there any other choice than who pengie singled out? Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe chooses Ohayama Yurika’s Kind of Blue for best album of the year. And looking ahead, Mugen of Ikimasshoi looks at Japan’s Upcoming Artists, including Uverworld and AAA.

On the non-Yossie Sotsugyou Hello! Project front, Ikimasshoi’s Jabronisaur reviews the 2006 Aki Odore! Morning Curry Concert DVD, finding it an exceptionally genki performance with a refreshing set list, while Maki Kanatsu notes the Coming of Age Day for both Takahashi Ai and Sailor Venus Komatsu Ayaka. MorningBerryz continues post upon post of Hello! Project goodness, including reviews of Nacchi’s Acoustic Live at Shibuya O-East DVD, Ayaya’s Live in Shanghai DVD, and – going way back – Morning Musume’s first live, back when the original eight-nin line-up were around. He also notes the connection between H!P and Moritaka Chisato. Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour previews the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Single and shares the lyrics, while Tom of Hello!Blog knows the person who turned the book pages in the “I Wish” PV, which is pretty nifty in that six degrees way.

WEBmikey gives a positive review of the Summer 2006 Hello! Project Wonderful Hearts Land Concert DVD while siaoliao of Heavenly Psycho has more eyecandy of very young H!P Kids – this time Chinami, Maasa, Yurina, and Maimi – from Kid’s Walker. (And yeah, Maasa is way aodrable. She still is, by the way.) YODC’s magnificent bastard Craig marvels at Risako’s boobies, while CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda shares another hot photo of Tanaka Reina and Béné of Meganekko shares some recent H!P downloads. Last but by no means least, an interesting new H!P blog is Kue Chans Journey of Discovery, which is looking at each member of Morning Musume (and perhaps the rest of Hello! Project afterwards?). He just posted his last post on first gen, on Iida Kaori.

There was a lot of writing about Avex acts this week, and Kimitsu of Let It Beat! was certainly in a AAA mood this week: she compares Remix Attack to the original versions of the songs, states why AAA’s “Blood on Fire” performance on 1st Attack at Shibuya-AX Live is her favorite (it’s a very good reason, I’ll admit), andreviews the All album, finding “each song has a role on the album, and many are just replacing older songs instead of creating new places”. Langdon Alger of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count chooses Amuro Namie’s new single “Baby Don’t Cry” for the J-Music Clip of the Week as well as a preview of the PV.

Skawt of jankenpyon! notes the upcoming release of BeForU’s “Strike Party!!!”, which certainly has me intrigued. HANABI.1984 wraps up J-Pop CD Cover Art’s Exile coverage with the boy band’s albums, which seem to channel Public Enemy, cheesey 1970s album covers (why do I keep thinking of Earth Wind and Fire?), and… um… Doctor Strangelove? He then moves on to Nakashima Mika’s Best and two by Tamaki Nami, Make Progress and Graduation ~Singles~

wu-san of Kakko-ii also falls under the sway of AAA, even noting, “If one of the guys asked me out, I’d be stupid if I didn’t at least think about it”. Ahh, that takes guts to admit! So Tsuji Eriku’s got Mana, wu-san’s got AAA, I’ve got Deg’s Shinya (and Tim Gunn and SMAP’s Shingo)… The Jpop blogosphere’s a pretty open-minded place, isn’t it? Speaking of same-sex fan appreciation, pengie of unchained provides a first look at Anna Tsuchiya inspi’ Nana’s new single and, reviewing Anna’s Girl Pop Factory 2006 performance, concludes, “That’s the woman of my dreams right there. Sigh.”

In her continuing delight of a regular feature, siaoliao of Heavenly Psycho notes how puberty’s been kind to Uchi Hiroki. I have no idea who he is, but what the heck. Jankenpyon’s Skawt notes upcoming releases from Bon Bon Blanco and Tommy Heavenly6, in the latter case wondering (as I am) when February6 is coming back. And YODC’s Hikaru Doumuoji shares three clips of “Chicks Who Rip That Beat”

On the rock front, Aural Candy breaks the news that Dir en grey is offering international fans a chance to see them live in Japan, while at The Great Swifty Speaketh!, Justin is wowed by Judy and Mary

On the rap front, jariten of HALCALI day by day faces up to the fact that Halcali did better on the charts as an indie than signed to Sony, though “Look” at least did better than “Twinkle Star” – which for some reason, isn’t much of a consolation. Looking forward, though, Haruka and Yukari’s next single will apparently have them rock out as well as rap, with the B side as yet another anime theme. And Japan Probe shares Halcali’s “Baby Blue” PV – it’s pandalicious!

In the CLAMP vein, usagi of the usagi incidents reviews the XXXholic manga volumes nine and ten. WEBmikey reviews the third (and final?) volume of the highly quirky Vermillion Pleasure Night.

On the eyecandy front, Barely 18 Movies has Maria Ozawa in a music video – his advice about hitting the mute button is dead-on correct, by the way. Japan Probe shows how an adult video company is trying to sell MILF rice. Cute Cosplay Angels has Asuka Izumi in a very cute pink underwear set while Sexy Japanese Idols has an even better photo set of Hatsune Matsushima.

Closing off with some odds and ends, at unchained, pengie announces she has been nominated for the Bloggies – hey, that’s what happens when you’re the top dog on Google! lolitron has its own competition with the Loli Battle. Definitely worth checking out! At YODC, Craig imagines Junichiro Tanizaki Reborn (what the hell?) while Tsuji Eriku finds an eerie similarity between Craig and a certain anime character… Fashionable Sound’s MarlyJane says she’ll be coming back to blogging! We can only hope. And samipiggy at MySpace bemoans the lack of Jpop acts visiting Texas, bemoaning:

but WHY do johnny’s groups and h!p groups always migrate to hawaii?! when you go there once, i think it’s all pretty much the same! it’s a tiny, tiny island.

Let’s see: Hawaii is much closer to Japan and has a large Japanese American populace, it has that tropical Aloha vibe that is distinctly non-threatening, the tourism industry caters to the Japanese to the point where you don’t have to speak English to enjoy the experience. That said, I have yet to ever meet any idol besides Domoto Tsuyoshi, so it’s not like I can brag or anything about being in the 808 state…


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  1. acetonic says:

    I wonder how the sudden death of Yossui’s little brother will impact her graduation? She might just call it quits now. Pretty sad.
    Here’s a scan of the story for those who didn’t see.

  2. jinryuichi says:

    Yeah… such a pity isn’t it? She and her family must be so devastated now…