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A dirty imagination can take you very, very far… Or at least, have you reaching down your pants. For instance, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna reports that seven members of the U15 show Charm Kids have been suspended: he then alludes to lascivious reasons for this happening before admitting it’s probably a lot more mundane than our lecherous wota minds would want it to be. I wouldn’t have thought of it that way myself, but the encouragement to do so should be a rallying cry in the blogosphere. “Jump to the wrong conclusions! Assume the smuttiest possibility imaginable!” Oh wait, some of us already do that… The funny part for me was that I went to the show’s website and recognized one of the girls from a photobook I downloaded. “Hey, that’s Mizuki what’s her face.” Santos’ mind is gloriously in the gutter this week, as he also discovers that bukkake may have its roots in ancient Japanese customs after all and has a hilarious look at how excited Exile’s newest member was during his recent Music Station performance. Sure, badly timed erections can be hell on one’s sense of dignity, but Santos apparently figured out that the guy may well be the “next big thing”…

Meanwhile, that magnificentest of magnificent bastards, Craig of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, goes on a loli rampage of succulent loli imagery with: Speedo Loli Shower, Loli Heaven, Loli Pedo-maker, Super Loli Berry Yurina, Loli Stretch, Loli Bubbles, Scary Loli Place. Fellow YODC mag-bast Langdon Alger also likes young girls… though his choice is stretching the term somewhat. Maintaining the theme of loli-esque eyecandy, Cute Cosplay Angels has some Ogura Yuko goodness – which isn’t unusual – but the text that accompanied it just tickled me to no end:

Yuko can’t sing very well, and she can’t actually dance, but she’s annoyingly cute! And even though she’s way over 21, she still looks much younger and fits perfectly the lolita-style which make a lot of pervs drool over her photobooks and DVDs ^_^; And maybe she’ll eventually improve her singing and dancing skills, although many people think that that clumsy look is actually part of her charm

Sister site Cute Japanese and Asian Cosplay Idols has its own photos of Yuko (I like the ones in the grocery store) as well as some Shihono Ryo goodness this week – but alas, no comment about her appeal.

At My Pleasant Vista, wu-san is more circumspect, as he is troubled by his inability to simply post a picture and call it a blog post – something YODC’s Craig has turned into a kind of neurotic art, admittedly. I think wu-san may be worrying over nothing, though – after all, a good blogger plays to his or her strengths, and of course it varies from individual to individual. Myself, I could never post just a picture and I have never posted an embedded video – those things just don’t work for me as a blogger, I’m more a wordsmith like wu-san and crs. At the indispensable wu-san then shares some of his favorite Mikitty moments, these involving the bastards of Utaban.

Justin of The Great Swifty Speaketh has a great piece on Crystal Kay, pointing out a couple of interesting things: that he doesn’t like American R&B but is more open to it in Japanese music; and that Crystal Kay sounds like some American urban performers (specifically, the Neptunes and Timbaland). The first part intrigues me because I’ve experienced something similar with Amuro Namie and Bennie K; the second part seems kind of obvious to me – at least, the general notion that urban music in Japan draws influence from American culture and music – but apparently sets off a rather spirited debate in the comments section. Which leads to a whole other topic that’s worth discussing in its own right: why do some fans of Japanese music think it’s insulting to compare those artists to American ones, even in a glowingly positive manner? I’m not much of a fan of today’s American pop music, but that kind of privileging strikes me as wrongheaded, at best, willfully delusional at worst. That said, I really don’t like what the Neptunes did to “Sympathy for the Devil” the song – and the PV completely misses the point, as far as I’m concerned. Meanwhile, Swifty himself writes a wonderfully impassioned review of Backdancers!, the movie starring his first J-crush, hiro. It’s a well-crafted review that combines personal history and a still-lingering attachment to the idol and frames it within a more critical overview of the movie. I’m not quite convinced that the movie is about hiro’s wish for what Speed should have been – I was under the impression it was based more on Amuro Namie and Max (though I could be wrong on that), and thought hiro’s actions contributed to the breakup of the group (not a major Speed fan, so again I could be wrong).

And hey, want some company in your blogging and kvetching? At that fount of quality Jpop blogging, vox, Aural Candy has started a Jrock group, while pengie of unchained has started one for Hello! Project.

Speaking of H!P, the big news this week is the release of radio rips of Morning Musume’s next single, “Egao Yes Nude”. Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour likes the hip-pop flavor of the single and finds similarities to Mihimaru GT, while Langdon Alger of YODC thinks it’s better than the last two singles and Béné of Meganekko thinks the song is awesome and is very impressed by Aika’s performance. Ly Shaoran of Ikimasshoi declares the song a genuine Tsunku production, and while Samipiggy doesn’t think Aika sounds bad in her debut, she is still holding out the love for lonely miss eighth gen. Jinryuichi also writes about “Juunen Ai”, the B-side to the 10th Anniversary single, explaining how the lyrics name-drop past Momusu singles.

On the joys of building a collection – and spending lots of money for it – MorningBerryz shares Up to Boy covers featuring Gocchin and Nacchi, then Ayaya and Yossi as well as his Gocchin CD and DVD collection and his shuffle groups collection, both of which are quite impressive. I like that he particularly recommends Gocchin’s “Uwasa no Sexy Guy” PV, which is also a favorite of mine. Angela of Sakuranbo! makes her first H!P purchase – and it’s not what we’d expect it to be, while Kd of Iroiro Aru Sa! mulls over some general sales statistics for Morning Musume’s career and comes to some common sense conclusions about them. Kd also has a nice personal entry about how Jpop and life sometimes cross over, while Tom of Hello!Blog is taking in an interest in H!P games,

Langdon Alger wishes Rika a happy 22nd birthday and Mari a happy 24th birthday in typical YODC fashion. For those wanting more H!P eyecandy, Cute Cosplay Angels has pictures from Goto Maki’s Foxy Fungo here and here. Heavenly Psycho continues its scans from Kid’s Walker magazina from 2003, this time with pages featuring Not the Real Minimoni (i.e., the one with Takitty but not Mari) and pages with Mari and Ayaka and the H!P Kids. Switch-On! News breaks that Risako will be a regular in Pichi Lemon magazine starting this February. Whether it’s a column or just pictures of her isn’t clear. So in trues Santos fashion, I’ll let my dirty, lecherous mind imagine something wholly inappropriate. Not only in a loli mood, Craig has a slight case of the Airi’s as seen here and here. She’s such a skinny girl!

The headline Avex Trax announcement this week is that Otsuka Ai will be releasing her first Best Of album, titled AI am Best!!, news broken by Mark of Ikimasshoi and Thea of Made in Paradise. It’s a one CD / one DVD set – so not as elaborate as SweetS or Koda Kumi or even dream’s, but still definitely worth it. Thea also has news of Asuka Hinoi’s first photobook. Why the hell they had to wait until she turned sixteen, I have no freakin’ idea. They should have done this, like, three or four years ago, back when she was still shaking her pom poms for Tommy. The Hinoi Team home page sports a new look for the girls, which is nice but for some reason I just can’t work up any enthusiasm for the group – at least, not until they find some decent songs again.

Thea notes a new AAA release – no, this one is actually new new, not recycled new, and an opening theme for some Kamen Riders shows. Looking at “Crazy Gonna Crazy”, pengie of unchained decides to use a tried-and-true method that works for her whenever AAA releases too much crap at once. Meanwhile, Kimitsu of let it beat! also reviews the PV, including this wonderful observation: “I’m not sure if avex is trying to have viewers focus on the song or make a point here – the point being that even trashed up, if you’re with avex, you’ll come across as shiny and gorgeous.” What amuses me is that this song is a TRF cover, which explains a little why the title sounds like another ripe Namie-ism. Speaking of which, MorningBerryz shares pictures of his Amuro Namie collection and even better, reminisces on seeing her perform at the Waikiki Shell here on Oahu. Pretty fucking cool is about all I can say about that.

Elsewhere in the pop diva world, Gail of Himitsu is looking forward to Utada Hikaru’s next single, a ballad from Hana Yori Dango 2, while usagi of the usagi incidents is less than thrilled with the PV. usagi also looks at Nakashima Mika’s “Mienai Hoshi” PV, with a fascinating interpretation of the myth of Narcissus, while J-Pop CD Cover Art offers Nakashima Mika’s My Sugar Cat. Kisetsu of Ikimasshoi reviews Yui’s “Rolling Star” single, while Heaven reviews new singles by Younha and Olivia

At My Pleasant Vista, wu-san gives boy band W-inds a fair try and opines, “You can’t fault W-inds for being good at something they’re meant to be good at.” Dainmymi of J-MuNet looks at Anna Tsuchiya’s Strip Me? album, proclaiming the singer bad-ass. usagi of the usagi incidents likes Anna’s new song “Kuroi Namida” but calls the video “a trainwreck”. Béné of Meganekko writes up on AKB48’s new DVD and Perfume’s upcoming single – I find it amusing that AKB48 has a “shuffle” variant for the DVD. And Japan Probe gives us all a much-needed history lesson by showing the musical lineage that led to DJ Ozma’s “Age Age Every Night” – apparently, a process that was thirty years in the making. The Boney M performance is just hypnotizing, though the total lack of irony or pomo wit by the Korean and Taiwanese performers reminds me of just why I like DJ Ozma so much…

Go of jrocknyc does another hilarious screencapped review of a PV, this time nogod’s “Guren”. I especially like the oral sex joke, of course. Go also looks at the Family Values Tour 2006 DVD in light of Dir en Grey and finds it best suited for new fans of jrock / VK. Gail of the impressive Himitsu enjoys Gazette’s new PV “Hyena” and wonders about the people reaching into the cage. Meanwhile, Aural Candy is enchanted by the lips of Ruki from Gazette and reviews an Alice Nine performance she found on Youtube. The part about the poofy hair makes sense. Aural Candy also looks at Alice Nine’s setlist and compares it to the upcoming DVD.

CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama considers his recent Japanese idol purchases an ideal alternative to American Idol. While in Japan, Shay of SparkPlugged saw many noteworthy bands at Countdown Japan 06/07 and writes about their performances, including the Back Horn, Ultra Brain, Overground Acoustic Underground, Bennie K (which means I was wrong last week), Kreva, Acidman, and finally Quruli.

On the rap front, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna looks at a book on how to become a Jrap star. The most interesting part is how Japanese rhyme schemes came into being through inversion and ellipsis. There must be a linguistic doctoral thesis in there somewhere… Speaking of rap stars, Langdon of YODC chooses Teriyaki Boyz featuring Kanye West’s “I Still Love H.E.R.” for the J-Music Clip of the Week, a single that Gail of Himitsu also likes. Of course, this doesn’t mean Japanese urban music is influenced by American music at all… At HALCALI day by day, jariten is relieved to note that “Lights, Camera, Action!” has finally aired as the opening credits to the Gestumen to Heiki Mina anime, as promised. jariten also notes a “middle of the road / ho-hum” sense to the duo since their label switch which – aside from “Twinkle Star” – I find difficult to dispute.

With a full week of anime as well as music reviews, usagi of the usagi incidents looks at the first episodes of Getsumen to Heiki Mina, Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou, and Strike Witches, as well as the Honey and Clover movie. Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe does us all a favor by not only ruminating on the Jdoramas of 2006, but also by including random photos of Office Ladies while he does so. This is innovative, this is important – we should all take this approach. At Furusato Chronicles, huntherx17 not only shares those cool Keifer Sutherland Japanese commercials, but also has some Aragaki Yui Pocky CMs! If you can handle the nudity (and I’m sure at least a few of you can), Cute Japanese and Asian Cosplay Idols has a set of Aida Yua photos, for fans of the AV idol. Speaking of AV, Johnny of The Mind asks who he should dream about, Maria Ozawa or Leah Dizon? Let’s see… I’ve seen Mozawa bound-and-gagged, covered in oil, doing four guys at a time… No need for Santos-esque imagination in Maria’s case!

For those wondering what unchained’s pengie looks like, wonder no more! For some reason, and I have no idea why, I thought pengie was blonde… It’s a very cute picture, though I’d like to’ve seen more of the penguin in that shot. And to close things off for the week, there’s a new music blog with the very distinct – and Tom Wolfe-ish name of – the toxic waste taste tester’s chromatic candy. It offers much to download and a wide range of music to try out: on the Japanese front, this includes Inoran, Supercar, and 101A. Call it a hunch, but I don’t think blogger chromaticandy is much of a H!P or AAA fan.


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