My 2007 Jpop Calendar

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On a very minor note, I chose my 2007 Jpop calendar last week, getting it on sale at Hakubundo, and it’s been hanging on my wall since. See, I thought long and hard about it, and finally came to my decision…

I have, of course, torn off that first sheet so that we’re now on January / February.

Now, why Gackt? Well, I didn’t want to repeat Berryz, lest I grow too tired of looking at them. More to the point, I wanted to vary things, as the previous year I had Zone. I couldn’t choose C-ute after what happened to Megukami. And while the Morning Musume calendar was still available at Hakubundo, I just wasn’t interested in having them hanging up on my wall all year. An All-Sayumi calendar, perhaps. Maybe even All-Mikitty. But not Momusu just yet. Perfume doesn’t have a calendar, nor does Bennie K or Kishidan or DJ Ozma. Koda Kumi does, but not her hotter little sister misono.

Gackt’s calendar is actually pretty cool, with the wolves and him looking all handsome and dreamy. I think of his Utaban appearances and of Kago Ai, and of how damn enjoyable a geinou he is to watch, and that makes me feel like I can stare at him for a year. Beyond that, it kind of tickles me to have a male idol on the wall, just for the sake of variety. If there was a SMAP calendar at Hakubundo, I would’ve gone for that one instead, I think.

The wife is certainly happy with the choice… though perhaps she’s just relieved I didn’t choose Yon-Sama instead. And she thinks the actual calendar portion is too small to read – but hey, it’s an artistic calendar, let’s cut it some slack.

As a post-script, I found out this weekend that Shihono Ryo has her own calendar. I’ll be buying that in the next week or so via mail order and probably posting it on the bathroom door or something when I finally get it.


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4 Responses to “My 2007 Jpop Calendar”
  1. Justin says:

    Something about the serene smoothness of Gackt’s surgically enhanced face always calls up troubled emotions in me. Even though his face is ostensibly perfect, even beautiful, its absence of flaws somehow becomes disconcerting the longer I look at it. That he’s also tremendously funny and subtle in all of his televised appearances only reinforces this; if he was completely silent like Mana I could accept it, but for some reason his deadpan style calls it into greater focus. All of this is just to say that I find the idea of a Gackt calendar oddly troubling…not necessarily in a bad way, mind you.

  2. Kd says:

    Gackt! GACKT!!! *dies* excellent choice.

  3. jinryuichi says:

    Now THAT is an excellent choice… especially want you look at it while having his instrumental piano playing in the background…. ^_^