Sunday Blog Roundup: Jolly Loli Alert, Shields Up… and Tsuji Eriku’s New Love?

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Starting off with the best damn holiday title since “I’m Dreaming of a White Woman”, Pata of Irresponsible Pictures takes a look at the tempest in a teapot (or as he prefers, the mountain from a molehill) surrounding the upcoming release of a manga called Nymphet and the pedo-fans afraid of the backlash it may cause. Pata puts it all in perspective in his own inimitable manner, arguing that flying the loli flag high only seems to upset oversensitive loli fans anyways. And for many, the title Nymphet may more quickly bring to mind fairies and forest idylls more than Nabokov’s special use of the term. Though perhaps I’m underestimating the public’s literary knowledge… or taste for smutty innuendo…

Also a favorite this week, Angela drives Sakuranbo! full-speed ahead and takes a look at Goto Maki’s Foxy Fungo photobook – the bukkake shield comment was more than enough to make it a worthwhile read, though the whole article is a thoughtful read about an idol I’m learning to stop caring about. And congratulations to Shay, as SparkPlugged celebrates its first anniversary and looks back at highlights from its first year of existence.

On the Tsunku collective front, there’s three major pieces of Hello! Project news this week: the announcement of two singles and the latest developments in the Happy 8 audition process. Ikimasshoi brings the news of Morning Musume’s 10th anniversary single on January 24 with previous members being included, as well as of their official 32nd single on Valentine’s Day. Though with “Ai no Tane” and now the 10th anniversary thing, isn’t it really Momusu’s thirty-fourth single? Frox at Japtard gives his own take on both the tenth anniversary and thirty-second single, suspecting 8th gen will be in the latter. (But will they be in Kouhaku?) Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour has some questions about the 10th anniversary. (As far as I’m concerned: Aibon back would be nice, but who I really want to see return is Ayappe.) Jinryuichi also looks at the Morning Musume Happy 8 Auditions in light of pengie’s eerie prognostications and reveals how he first got into Hello! Project in the first place. Samipiggy of MySpace looks at the Happy 8 audition finalists, as well as various other Jpop matters – including some heavily screencapped Johnny’s action. Sakuranbo!’s Angela gives her assessment of the auditions and the low-down on a possible scandal brewing (love the idea of a future H!P idol posing with her shirtless boyfriend – Chinami, you minx, are you taking notes?), while Tom at Hello!Blog has similarly strong opinions on who shouldn’t make it. Tom also received a very nice early Christmas present of what I now realize is my favorite Koharu-era MM single.

Ikimasshoi also has a very impassioned, well-argued editorial on how H!P has been shafted (or rather, “inexplicably bitched”) for the usual round of end-of-year performances. The slighting of Koharu seems particularly biting to me, if only because she was such a surprise as a power soloist. Speaking of which, Ikimasshoi notes that both “Aruiteru” and “Balalaika” both surpassed the 50K mark in sales. They also have the list of this year’s Kouhaku performers – GAM and Morning Musume but no Berryz? DJ Ozma but no Kishidan? There is no justice in this world! Karakui also looks at the announcement and wonders where Cocco went. That magnificent bastard Langdon Alger of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count compares Mikitty eyecandy and thinks Coeur is even better than Cheri while fellow YODC-er and equally magnificent bastard Craig discovers older pictures of Berryz from the Switch On! concert photobook… switch on… Craig… nah, that’s too easy a joke.

At J-Pop CD Cover Art, HANABI.1984 is an an Ayaya kind of mood, offering her latest album, Naked Songs and last year’s “Ki ga Tsukeba Anata”. He also delivers the covers to her earlier singles: “100 Kai no Kiss”, “Love Namidairo” (is it me or is that heart-to-teardrop looking vaguely obscene?), “Tropical Koishiteru”, “Doki Doki Love Mail”, “Momoiro Kataomoi”, and “Yeah! Meccha Holiday”, “Sougen no Hito”, and “The Bigaku” (I love that baseball tomboy look!). Meanwhile, Johnny of The Mind has a video of Ayaya singing one of Utada Hikaru’s songs. And J-Pop CD Cover Art also has Viyuden’s “Aisucream to My Purin” cover with all its faux Playboy bunny goodness.

At Yossittelua, Noone notes a similarity in hairstyle choices as well as shares the latest installment of “This Love Continues to Grow”. And there’s a trio of general H!P overview articles worth your time and reading effort: Kd’s Aruaru Iru Yo feature considers the troublesome nature of the recent H!P exodus, Meganekko’s Béné continues to delight in the new Berryz single (and has news of Harenchi Punch’s upcoming release), and JJ at MySpace goes over all the big H!P news.

On the Avex Trax front, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna is disappointed in the new singer Exile has added to their group but sees odd similarities to the process with Morning Musume’s own auditions. Speaking of which, Exile’s agency LDH is also looking to form a new girl group, with Misaki of Paradise Go!! Go!! involved in promoting the idea. Hopefully we’ll see more of her and other Parago girls… Santos has also set up his Jpop Idol Music Awards 2006 nominees, the results of which should appear at the end of the year. At J-Pop CD Cover Art, there’s the covers to Koda Kumi’s latest, the variant covers for Black Cherry. Thea of Made in Paradise sees a rather interesting similarity between a AAA portrait and something called S Club 7 (which I’m doubtless too old to recognize). And for those of you with access to Yahoo! Japan Auctions, Thea has news of Girl’s Box Auction items you may be interested in! Wonder what CHASE is offering…

J-Pop CD Cover Art continues its wealth of covers this week with Mihimaru GT’s Mihmania and Otsuka Ai’s “Renai Shashin” single, while Aural Candy discovers Zwei and finds out it’s fronted by two women. Johnny of the Mind is in a Hikki mood, sharing pictures of Utada Hikaru from a baby to present as well as crafting some wallpapers for you PSP folks out there… But isn’t Hikki more of a DS Tetris kinda girl? Over at Livejournal, imolestjyanniz looks at the past couple months’ development in Asian boy bands… and is it me, or does that “after” shot of Super Junior just look like a whole lot of random rent boys assembled from the street where they were hustling? Gail of the impressive Himitsu notes Sowelu’s upcoming single and comments on KAT-TUN’s next single. And Japan Probe has photos from Hard Gay’s heterosexual wedding! Not a bit of black leather in sight! And even more shocking, Hard Gay’s without his sunglasses!

On the rock front, Go of jrocknyc is surprisingly pleased with Vidoll’s album V.I.D. but disappointed in their PV for “Orihime”. Meanwhile, Aural Candy does a blow-by-blow of an incident where Vidoll’s Jui is asked to strip in front of a concert audience. Not quite Jim Morrison trying to show off Mr Mojo Risin’, but still amusing. Go also looks at the Dir en Grey offerings on the upcoming Family Values Tour 2006 CD. Speaking of which: Gobble gobble gobble gobble fuck off and wipe! Angela of Sakuranbo! has a highly amusing review of Dir en Grey’s Withering to Death, though no tranny pictures of Shinya were included. Then again, could all the weird aggressive nonsense of VK be due to hunger pangs? Angela also writes an interesting if slightly discombobulated piece on how damn skinny her favorite Jrock pretty boys are and what it says about this obsession to be thin. Angela really seems to be on a roll this week, giving us a perspective we wouldn’t otherwise have considered before grounding it into more familiar terms (i.e., the absurd notion that Kamei Eri is “fat”).

At SparkPlugged, Shay chooses RADWIMPS’ “Yushinron” for his PV of the Week. Kimitsu of let it beat! looks at a couple of acts I never heard of, the hip hop group Home Made Kazoku and pretty boy duo D-51. At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Tsuji Eriku looks at two performances of “Julia ni Shoushin”, the original by the Checkers and a more recent one by L’Arc en Ciel’s Hyde. I like how Tsuji describes Hyde as “a guy I would consider switching teams for”. Tsuji also includes Laruku’s “Niji” PV on Tsuji no Uchi, though I’m waiting for the obsessive Hyde week to show up at some point after an obsessive Mana week finally raises its VK tranny head.

On the drama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe takes a personal interest in the family law angle of Kazoku and marvels at the “fucking beautiful” seventh episode of Boku no Aruku Michi. On the gaming front, the Nostradamus of Jpop pengie announces her new blog – which goes by the name unhinged, dedicated to Nintendo and all things tech geeky. And on the anime front, usagi of the usagi incidents had a slow week (for her – it’s heckuva lot busier than others attempt) but still manages to looks at such shows as Oban Star Racers and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto. Also in anime, Gail of Himitsu looks at part two of the Hellsing OAV, lolitron has a very interesting and well-screencapped take on Sky Girls, and WEBmikey looks at the latest Gatchaman collection.

Christmas and Eyecandy go together like Easter and Eyecandy, or Groundhog Day and Eyecandy, or… Let’s face it, Eyecandy goes well with everything, as far as I’m concerned. Anyways, Pata of Irresponsible Pictures has decided to celebrate the holidays with 25 Days of Bishoujo, starting with Aoi Yuu, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Hayashi “Sexy Voice” Nico. I’m expecting Irie Saaya to show up one of those days! On a similar note (I think) Sexy Japanese Idols has declared Garo Aida their special focus for December, starting with a photoshoot that is decidedly not U15. At least, it better not be… And Barely 18 Movies has news of an AV adaptation of Haruhi Suzumiya! I’ll be keeping an eye out for that, and I’ve never seen the anime!

If you feel silly for your wota or otaku impulses, don’t think you’ll outgrow it: Japan Probe has footage and photos from the Korean Wave expos where Yon-sama fans flock to see their Korean drama idol. All those older women swooning over their innocuous hunk of beefcake, and I doubt there was a single lightstick to be found among them. And last but perhaps not least, Tsuji at YODC is upset at a Guitar Hero challenge gone horribly wrong. I say, the problem came when he let those little fuckers set the rules of what counts and what doesn’t. But really, Tsuji, switching teams for the sake of Hyde should occupy more of your time, don’t you think? I’ll set up my online Shinya Hepburn worship site in the meanwhile…


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  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Damn, missed the cut for this week… must have posted my newest piece too late. 🙁

  2. pengie says:

    So “Nostradamus of jpop” is my new title? I like it! (Unfortunately I think I will have to give it up next week when my 8th gen predictions are WRONG WRONG WRONG~ but that’s okay :D)

  3. Kd says:

    No comments on my crappy crappy singing? Ugh, don’t tell me you’re awaiting pinku too… ^_^ thanks for yet another exhaustive round-up.

  4. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    For the record, I’m not gay. Well I’m really happy if that’s what you mean.

    moving on…

    Kimitsu thanks for sharing the D-51 single, I found a song from them awhile back that was really on the reggae vibe & I loved it so I bought their album ONENESS & IMHO it sucked fatcock, sadly nothing compares to that great reggae song they did, & I have no idea what it’s called either I just found it & downloaded it. =(

    Happy Birthday Sparkplugged

  5. Shay says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. ^_^

  6. shinji says:

    what has happened to Kakko-ii last week? no new blogs. was looking forward to it to.

    a lot of blogs again this week to read…more and more it seems each week. but good work to everyone who writes them. I love them all

    and also to the Sunday blog roundup. I’d be lost without it 😛

  7. Zush says:

    @ shinji > Yep, there has been some irregularity in publishing blogs @ but I hope we can fix “the problem” now when we have 3 writers doing da stuff 😉