Odds & Ends: Paternity Leave’s Over and the PV VS Challenges Continue

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So I talked with the boss – we call her “The Empress” around here – and she’s finally agreed that I can do more than the Sunday Blog Roundup again. Okay, she actually just spit up a little and laughed, but I finally have enough time and focus to start posting regularly here at American Wota and still find the necessary hours to play with my Haruna Moni and delight in her Haruni Moni-ness. I must admit, it’s pretty cool now that she actually looks in my direction and laughs and does all those cute baby things that I didn’t know was so freakin’ delightful until I actually became a father.

Look close – her outfit reads “Idol in Training”. And there’s a “Berryz 8” on the back, though of course you can’t see that from this shot. A gift from my very thoughtful and only slightly twisted co-worker from this past summer.

And look still closer – Haru Moni’s giving you the finger. She already takes after her old man!

And as I get my act together again in the Jpop blogosphere – even adding two other idol blogs to augment and enrich American Wota’s pop idol focus (Pedolicious is the nice other blog) – one of the first orders of business is to get the Morning Musume PV VS challenge up and running in the AW Forum. It’s been delayed a while and is going to be delayed just a little more, as I want to give people who read the blog but not the forum one last chance to participate in the voting and have a chance at winning the 5,000 yen gift certificate to CD Japan. The contest information is here and the Momusu PV VS will be held here.

So you have until Wednesday midnight Hawaiian time if you want to enter the contest – those who entered the H!P Kids PV VS challenge have some points over those just starting now, but it’s still possible to win with just the Momusu and PV VS Reviews challenges alone. (At least, the math indicates such can be the case.) Wednesday midnight, the forum polls for the first round will be posted and the fun will begin. Considering what strong opinions people have about Morning Musume’s videos and their history, this should prove a lot of fun. And special thanks to the regular forum folk for being so patient with me as I’ve been busy doing the empress’ bidding these past couple months.

Last but by no means least, Berryz Koubo’s “Jiriri Kiteru” has indeed won the H!P Kids PV VS challenge… which surprised the hell out of me, as I thought it’d be “Special Generation” and didn’t even think “Jiriri” would make the final four. By next weekend I’ll pull together the scores of those who entered bets for this challenge and post some kind of leaderboard or something to show how the points worked out.


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5 Responses to “Odds & Ends: Paternity Leave’s Over and the PV VS Challenges Continue”
  1. Garamond says:

    Haruna is really cute and has an attitude too, with the finger and all. That’s cool. Do I detect a little ganguro eyeshadow on her too? :p

  2. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    jdfhsakldjfaskldj yes! yes ! she is flipping the bird! kjdfksadhkjl great pic.

  3. Kd says:

    Idol in training… chou kawaii! ^_^ She’ll be singing Iku ZYX in no time, just you wait.

  4. Angela says:

    Haruna is one of the cutest babies I’ve seen! It’s nice to see you get to some normal blogging again, too.

  5. jinryuichi says:

    That’s a C-ute little girl! Idol in training indeed… ^_^