Sunday Blog Roundup: VK Love, Megukami Exits, and Literary Namedropping Pays Off

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Sorry for the delay in the Sunday Blog Roundup, but it’s been a crazy time for me out in the real world, and things are only beginning to settle down this Wednesday night. To keep the SBR consistent I’m only covering October 29 to November 5 – there’s already a lot of great new posts this week, but they’ll wait until this Sunday, of course. (Though the news about AAA’s Yukari is so good, I’m tempted to share it now… nah. It can wait.)

Anyway, my absolute favorite post from the past week is from Aural Candy, who shares a photo of Dir en Grey’s Shinya which is so hot, I’d do him then and there if given half a chance. It’s got a slinky Audrey Hepburn meets tranny wet fantasy kind of deal to it, doesn’t it? Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Korean girl group Lady. Anyway, I’m not the only one getting all giddy for visual kei hotness. Aural Candy also takes a very close, heavily screencapped look at Vidoll’s “SinAI” PV”, which has more thigh in it than a bucket of the Colonel’s finest. Mmm… VK chicken… Meanwhile, Gail of the impressive Himitsu notices the most important thing immediately about Hyde’s new DVD.

Of course, the big news in the Jpop blogosphere last week is Murakami Megumi leaving ºC-ute and Hello! Project. Dammit. It still stings for me, and I know I’m not the only one. Coverage can be found at Ikimasshoi, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna pauses over the stalker’s motives, and Béné of Meganekko has both this bad news and a feeling that Hinoi Team’s kaisan is imminent. Kd of Iroiro Aru Sa! has her suspicions on the handling of the situation – and also makes a rather interesting observation on sales and hardcore fans. Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour has the start of a conspiracy theory, considering what else has gone on this year. At MySpace, nishi is upset at the loss of her favorite H!P Kid. AW regular Julia has a new Jpop blog Satsumaimo (which I should have mentioned a while back!) and makes some great points on Megukami’s departure, including serious consideration on how the dynamic of °C-ute may change.

Elsewhere on the H!P front, Ikimasshoi points out that Koharu does it again with her new single, making a good point that many fans doubted Tsunku’s judgment when he chose her in the first place. Ikimasshoi also has news of Fujimoto Miki’s next photobook, Coeur, which is supposed to mark her transition into a full woman. Insert Ayaya GAM joke here, please… The reviewer, reyfer, also looks at Takahashi Ai’s new photobook and considers it “stunning”. Speaking of photobooks, Kd of Irorio Aru Sa! now understands quite intimately the appeal of photobooks. She notes,

I think Craig of YODC recently posted about his feelings and reactions upon browsing the Risako PB, and despite my automatic *frown* at it for personal reasons, I have to say that my experience of going through a Koike Teppei PB is pretty darn similar. Although obviously, as a girl, I’m not able to comment on the erection thing.

Well, she could try to comment on it, but perhaps it’s best she doesn’t.

No surprise, there’s some buzz on Morning Musume’s new, ambulatory single – though the disappointment still shows among some folks. pengie of unchained decided “Aruiteru” is good for one thing… though she got the thing wrong, it’s really Sayumi. Langdon Alger, one of the magnificent bastards or Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, has “Aruiteru” as the J-Music Clip of the Week. And the incorrigible Kd takes another great swinging crotch-kick at “Aruiteru”, though she’s admittedly nicer to the PV. Cheer her on, folks! It’s too much fun to resist.

Zush of the indispensable has some thoughts on the new Berryz Koubo DVD (and he’s right, I’ve got a review of my own lined up for it). wu-san of looks at Ayaya and Nacchi, as well as imagines a post-Momusu career for Kamei Eri… though honestly, I can’t picture Ishibashi putting up with anyone younger than fourth gen. Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour has a trio of interesting thought pieces: one on when we’ll see Aibon again, and a two-part look at Hello! Project and Morning Musume’s status in the music industry, here and here. He concludes, “UFA should not forget Morning Musume is an idol group, not marketing tools.” The snarky bastard in me can’t help but think, “And the difference is…?”

Langdon of YODC is anticipating great fun with Viyuden’s upcoming single, while Ikimasshoi breaks the news that Berryz Koubo’s next single will be called “Munasawagi Scarlet”. Madara of Madara Blog finds the joy of Morning Musume performances is the connective bridge to other kinds of music he enjoys. WEBmikey reviews a classic, Morning Musume’s Morning Town musical. At Yossittelua, Noone takes on a panda alter-ego and does another… very interesting… GAM strip. Last but not least, Béné of Meganekko has an H!P survey you may want to fill out.

On the Avex Trax front, Madara of Madara Blog is caught in an unexpected moment of cognitive dissonance while sharing music with his daughter. Thea of Made in Paradise finds some Yukari-related ulterior motives in AAA’s new “Chewing Gum” PV… except! Except apparently Yukari’s back. But we’ll talk about that this coming Sunday. Elsewhere in Japanese pop, usagi of the usagi incidents looks at her favorite of Olivia’s mini-albums, Merry and Hell Go Round. Santos of Idolizing St. Anna goes to a concert featuring his beloved Bon Bon Blanco and girl-rock trio Mi, whose Maika stirs Santos with her tears.

Thea of Made in Paradise takes note of Tachibana Keita’s first solo album, which Gail of Himitsu also notes. And HANABI.1984 has fresh new additions at J-Pop CD Cover Art, including Natori Kaori’s Perfume album and “Stay” single, Arashiro Beni’s red-hot “How Are U?”, hitomi’s Love Concent, and Mai’s naughty and cute Maiself. Johnny of The Mind has some cute Kawabe Chieco pictures and her “Candy Babe” PV, while Shay of SparkPlugged writes about and shares some MONGOL800. And going back a couple of decades – when some of you weren’t even born, while I was in high school – Justin of The Great Swifty Speaketh takes a look at Onyanko Club and provides the lyrics for the legendary collective’s debut single from 1985, “Don’t Make Me Take Off My Sailor Uniform”. Ah, now that’s what nostalgia should feel like!

Aural Candy also pushes the new issue of Purple Sky magazine, which features an article by jrockynyc’s Go! She also reviews Gazette’s “Filth in the Beauty” single, though Ruki’s drawings certainly gave her pause. Go has some punny fun when reviewing the same single, and provides some pithy advice to unsraw with their second single. Go also notes that Dir en Grey will be performing at House of Blues next year. At SparkPlugged, Shay’s second PV of the Week is Acidman’s “Slow Rain”, while Gail of Himitsu has her latest set of scans, for all you eyecandy lovers. And at Tsuji no Uchi, Tsuji Eriku has fallen in love with Ikumi of Red Bacteria Vacuum. Stifle a yawn now, folks! I’m sure this shall pass, as well.

Meanwhile at his group blog YODC, Tsuji is in a Jrap kinda mood, sharing various videos for your urban-styled enjoyment. (Is there Jcrunk?) Also, Jariten of HALCALI day by day shares the latest Halcali shots from Zipper magazine.

On the drama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe greatly enjoys the first episode of Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu – but with a name like Sailor Suit and Machine Gun, how could you go wrong? Maybe Onyanko Club can reunite for this and sing “Don’t Make Me Reload My Machine Gun While Taking Off My Sailor Suit”. Or something like that. On the movie front, pengie of unchained finally finds herself a copy of Shimostuma Monogatari and rejoices in its extras. On the gaming front, Jarret of I’m bad at naming things has more concrete information on IDOLM@STER’s release, while Shay of SparkPlugged mourns the passing of Lik-Sang, the famed provider of gaming coolness.

On the literary front, special news for the Swifty bloggers: Murakami Haruki’s Kafka on the Shore won the Franz Kafka literary prize. So you see, it does pay to namedrop famous high-culture types. On the otaku front, usagi of the usagi incidents continues her usual reviews of anime and TV shows, including the latest Death Note anime, while WEBmikey looks at the second volume of high-end manga anthology Robot, which sounds tempting enough for me to plunk twenty-plus dollars on.

Closing off this belated SBR, at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Tsuji Eriku has a note to self which should be reprinted in all guides to business etiquette. CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama asks, “Who says classical piano can’t be fun?” And as wonton of YODC shows, being mugged can be fun, too – as long as it’s part of an exercise regimen.


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  1. Kd says:

    ^_^ So many interesting posts this week! Makes me kinda want to be mugged now… :/

    “And the incorrigible Kd takes another great swinging crotch-kick at “Aruiteru”…” – now THAT I like. 🙂

  2. Justin says:

    My novels ‘Edgar Allan Poe on the Shore’ and ‘O. Henry on the Shore’ will be released shortly. If they don’t win the Edgar Allan Poe Award and O. Henry Award, I’m suing the publishing industry.

  3. Aural Candy says:

    Ray! I took one look at this and burst into uncontrollable laughter. You actually made me tear up. =D

    But, Shinya does look hot, doesn’t he?

  4. CJ Marsicano says:

    Damn, Ray, how’d you miss the thing about MoMusu that I posted on 11.5.06? Or are you saving that for this weekend’s roundup?

  5. pengie says:

    “though she got the thing wrong, it’s really Sayumi”


  6. Julia says:


  7. Julia says:

    The rest of my comment disappeared. But um yes, love for Shinya.
    And, I feel special for being mentioned. Yay for the blogging community! =)

  8. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    I love American Wota’s Sunday Blog Round Up.

    By the way, I can’t help who I fall in love with.


  9. Ray Mescallado says:


    I’m writing “Pulitzer Prize Man and National Book Award Guy Are Saved By Deal or No Deal Fella” and crossing my fingers…


    My mistake! I thought I’d handled all of Sunday’s blog posts from Feed of Pop when I got interrupted by the ER thing, but several – including yours – were added later on. When I picked up where I thought I left off yesterday (with non-Feed blogs), it slipped through the cracks. I’ll make sure to include it this Sunday, along with a couple other noteworthies. Promise.

    Tsuji Eriku:

    Ahh, your fickle heart is a source of great entertainment for us and we don’t want it to change! By the way, have you noticed how hot Shinya is in that photo? Hint, hint.

  10. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    sou desu ne….Mana’s hotter. =)

  11. jinryuichi says:

    “And the difference is…?”
    Good point… 🙂

    Nice to see your blog roundup again~~~

    Peace ^_^