Sunday Blog Roundup: Utaban and Momusu, Homebrewed Poetry, and Singing Along With AAA

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There’s a lot of great blogging this past week, a good deal of reflection and assessment on developments both new and old, of both geinou news and more personal concerns. At, wu-san has written an eloquent – and even elagaic – study of the relationship between Utaban and Morning Musume. Speaking of elegaic – sorta – Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe tries his hand at poetry with “Uni Days”. If you don’t like the poetry, which is fun and playful, the accompanying eyecandy should take your mind off it. (I especially like the bottom picture.) And going to a AAA performance with only two members present (does that make it just A?), Santos witnesses the greatest ever sing-along line that I’ve encountered – the description of the young females realizing what exactly they’re singing is just hilarious. Meanwhile, Thea of Made in Paradise delights in the black-and-white theme of AAA’s PV for their next single, “Samurai Heart”; a new Jpop blog which looks quite promising is Let It Beat!, which also features a write-up on “Samurai Heart”.

Elsewhere in the pop world, Santos also notes that Irie Saaya has turned thirteen – which still makes her way too young for most folk, but whatever. Our Man in Tokyo notes how far she’s come, including Chase, but wherever she goes, her boobs will be right in front of her, gathering most of the attention… and gropes from desperate fans, one assumes. Santos also observes yet another kaisan in this year of kaisans, as Yellow Generation announces their breakup. Looking back a few years, Zush of writes about the long-defunct but still magnificent Jrock girl band Whiteberry… and hey, Yuki looks even hotter nowadays! And one Jpop diva not ready to quit any time soon is Ayu: HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art is excited about Hamasaki Ayumi’s upcoming album Secret, sharing his enthusiasm as well as the cover art.

Meanwhile, pengie of unchained delights in the sudden change of direction by Yui as she rocks out for her new single, samipiggy of MySpace sings the praises of Shounen Club with all its boy band goodness, and Julia of Satsumaimo takes a break from Jpop to write of her love for Kpop boy band DBSK. And looking towards year’s end, for Kohaku Utagassen,74x passes along the news that SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro (also of Utaban fame) and Nakama Yukie have been named as hosts.

Ikimasshoi covers the news of Morning Musume’s “Aruiteru” making the weekly #1 Oricon charts, noting the sales figure as well as the chart position, and that a newspaper called the current group “zombies” with this being their last single. Which doesn’t make sense, since a first number one in three years should make the group stick around longer, right? Heaven notes the cognitive dissonance between the song and the costumes the girls wear on the cover. Meanwhile, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama wonders why so many of his fellow bloggers are so critical of “Aruiteru” and thinks it’s because the song is slower as the usual uptempo Momusu offering. Jinryuichi of Hello Non-Pro Hour takes it from a different angle, trying to figure out what made this song so successful; he also notes that Morning Musume have now made history, surpassing Pink Lady as the girl group with the most #1 singles, as well as the most to make the Top Ten. Could hard work be part of the success story? Angela of Sakuranbo! muses on how much the girls of H!P work, given their schedule and output.

There are now twenty-five finalists for the eighth gen of Morning Musume, Ikimasshoi notes, and they will be whittled down to six; Béné chooses her favorites from the bunch. I kinda wish I was still doing that Hard Eighth series, but perhaps this is more pedoliciosity than I can take right now. Just hope some familiar faces show up in the final round. And having insulted Nono last week, let me now say that Tsuji is one bootielicious babe in this photo provided by Langdon Alger, one of the magnificent bastards at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count. Like an overturned beetle showing the soft, squishy, vulnerable side underneath a hardened shell of snark, Kd points out the good side of Hello! Project – Reina’s “people people people!” is one of my favorites, too. That said, she takes some well-aimed potshots for this week’s AruAru Iru Yo!, which focuses on recent wardrobe choices by various H!P units. Johnny of The Mind has some eyecandy love with the 10-nin Momusu in their Wonderful Hearts Land outfits… which show some questionable wardrobe decisions, but at least Sayumi looks nice in it. Speaking of which, is it a koala thing or a Jpop thing? Angela of Sakuranbo! compares Sayumi favorably to koalas, as well as reminisces over what brought her into Jpop in the first place.

At LunaTech, Zaeleus provides his latest list of upcoming H!P releases. Ikimasshoi looks at the new Berryz Koubo single “Munasagawi Scarlet” and Béné of Meganekko is thrilled with the new song. Ikimasshoi also looks at Viyuden’s new single, “Aisucream to My Purin”, whose