Sunday Blog Roundup: Jpop’s Own Nostradamus, The Frustrations of Blogging, and A Very Special Shirt

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Fear her, for she can see the future! Or maybe she can just read the writing on the metaphorical wall. At any rate, pengie of unchained makes some very amusing Jpop predictions for 2007 and then basks in smug pleasure as one of those predictions come true – this being the graduation and breakup of Country Musume. Ikimasshoi has some useful links related to this development. pengie then pushes her luck by comparing her predictions to the results of the final round of the Happy 8 auditions for Morning Musume. The six finalists look interesting, but somehow I can’t work up too much enthusiasm over them at this stage – can’t have my heart broken like last time. That said, if pengie is right on the money, then there’ll be a whole lot more pedoliciosity (is that a word?) for Momusu’s 10th anniversary!

While I’m not much of a fan for transcribed dialogues, the sentiment behind this conversation between Swifty and Justin of The Great Swifty Speaketh about the frustrations of blogging was pretty interesting and another favorite of this week. It is difficult writing critically about something you love and not knowing if you’re reaching the audience you want, or if they even understand you completely. However, I’m a firm believer that passion wins out in the end, that a work (especially an ongoing one like a blog) finds the audience it deserves eventually, and that the satisfaction can best be found in the work itself, not the reaction. And for you Mishima fans out there, Justin writes about The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea, showing exactly how it’s done.

On the H!P front, the big news in the blogosphere isn’t the breakup of Country Musume but the upcoming singles of Berryz Koubo and Viyuden – which only proves Kd’s point on Iroiro Aru Sa!, who makes some cogent points about the younger generation of H!P growing in influence. Switch-On! News has the details on Berryz Koubo’s next single, “Munasawagi Scarlet”. Meganekko’s Béné looks at the new Berryz and Viyuden singles and breaks some truly important news – Saki is now taller than Momoko! (What the heck?) She also has a clip of Harenchi Punch singing “Love Machine” which intrigues me to no end. About the recent Oha Star performance by Berryz, Julia of Satsumaimo loves the song but hates the outfits and dance routine. And Zush of the indispensable shares his latest Jpop viewing, which is heavy on the Berryz (of course) – and includes the Oha Star appearance (of course).

Meanwhile, Johnny of The Mind had “Viyuden Appreciation Week” and so has luscious eyecandy of the whole group, as well as solo posts for Yui, Rika, and Erika, before closing the week with more group and solo shots and finally the Playboy bunny-esque costumes for their latest single. Ikimasshoi breaks the news that Ishikawa Rika announced her next solo photobook at a concert, promising it’s “the most daring one in H!P”. What that means, I can only imagine… And I’ve been downloading too much AV lately (yup, drinking deep from Craig’s stream of porn) to hazard any safe guesses.

Speaking of which, at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, those magnificent bastards have been busy as always: Langdon Alger is thankful for sexy Mikitty, Craig shares Berryz’s Oha Star performance of their new single, Tsuji Eriku stops gaming long enough for some Maimi goodness… and Hikaru Feet returns with a look at some sexy fast food! Ikimasshoi has some very interesting end-of-year assessments for H!P album sales, with Ayaya predicted to top the list. WEBmikey looks back and loves Ayaya’s X3 album. Wu-san of has another personal entry that describes a rough journey home and singing in the car for relief; everyone has experiences like this, and it’s wonderful to read such an account. Frox of Japtard has some photos of Risa he kindly shares, while Yossittelua has the latest episode of “This Love Continues to Grow”. And thanks to Kd, I discovered a relatively new H!P blog, Hello! Blog, which has some great posts including recent ones on H!P scarves, Viyuden’s new single and PV, and how blogger Paul first discovered H!P. Definitely a very promising blog with great reading to look forward to.

Idolizing St. Anna has a whole lot of great reading this week, starting off with how TRF’s Yuki invited AAA to Waratte Iitomo… except Yukari almost blew it by revealing the bif surprise on her blog. On the actual show, Yukari got to talk about her gymnastics career and Hidaka rapped with Tamori, though Santos was saddened when the group broke the Avex chain of calls. Santos also attends Music Festa ’06 with Bon Bon Blanco and AAA, where B3 sex things up considerably. Speaking of AAA, pengie of unchained reviews the “Samurai Heart” PV quite postively, with a funny throwaway line on Yukari and lots of effort trying not to write about just how hot Chiaki is.

Beyond Avex, Santos breaks the news of Perfume’s next single on Valentine’s Day: it’s called “Fan Service”, which can’t help but make me giddy. Santos also re-iterates his dedication to Irie Saaya (despite the crappiness of Chase as a musical group) and ponders the difficulties faced by Bishoujo Club 31’s Fukuda Saki’s next acting gig. Jariten of HALCALI day by day notes a short article about “Sister Ship”, the B-side for “Look” and news of three limited edition singles (all holiday-based) to be offered on their website. Langdon Alger of YODC chooses Puffy’s “Hataraku Otoko” for a special Son of Gigan J-Music Clip of the Week. Kimitsu of Let It Beat! has a very well-written, nicely screencapped review of Flame’s latest PV, while Samipiggy of MySpace reviews Tacky and Tsubasa’s latest album.

And hey, some great comebacks in the blogosphere this week! HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art is back, with a great selection to look at: this includes several from Miliyah Kato, including the “Last Summer” single, “I Will” single, and Rose album; as well as Tenjochiki’s first four singles, “Boomerang”, “The Club”, “Sweet Flower”, and “Juicy Love”. I haven’t paid much attention to Tenhochiki, but man they’re hot on those covers! HANABI.1984 is also loving his Wii and shows it with his Mii avatars. I especially like the Tamori one… Also, Channel-Ai’s crew returns with some great new reviews: Lesca looks at Arashi’s “Kitto Daijoubu” single, while yukino looks at CLAZZIQUAI Project’s Color Your Soul album

On the rock front, Aural Candy is desperate to get Kagrra’s latest single “Utakata” and when she does, decides it’s their best song ever. In contrast, Go considers it “a drippy ballad with lots of sticky-sweet orchestral parts”. It’s an interesting difference of opinions, given their agreed hatred of Deg’s latest PV last week. Go also reviews Maverick’s A Counterfeit Heart and My True Intentions Mosquito and Lynch’s Roaring in the Dark. as well as breaking news of Dir en Grey’s new album The Marrow of a Bone in early February.

Speaking of which, Julia of Satsumaimo is excited about seeing Dir en Grey in concert next year – then throws in that gorgeous picture which still makes me tingly whenever I look at it. A model friend of mine saw the picture and said what made the shot so good is that Shinya covers his Adam’s apple. Exacerbating my unexpected VK lust, Angela of Sakuranbo! looks at photos that expose the tackyness that is Jrock, and maybe I’ve been swooning over “that photo” too long because even the non-Hepburnesque photos of Shinya she studies are beginning to make me tingly, too… Gail of Himitsu looks at the upcoming SID DVD and has mixed responses to Exile’s newest member. And Shay of SparkPlugged has his second podcast.

On the gaming front, Shay shares a very funny Wii vs PS3 video. Elsewhere in gaming news, lolitron reports that Tecmo claims Itagaki did not have sexual relations with the woman suing him for harassment… but that Itagaki and others “mingled personal affairs”, whatever that means. On the drama front, Pata of Irresponsible Pictures examines the Nodame Effect, as the drama sparks interest in classical music. Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe is enoying the latest episodes of the drama, but still senses something missing from it. And on a different classical note, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama shares a video of master conductor Herbert von Karajan.

Closing on the silly side, Japan Probe has hilarious screenshots of a very special guy and his T-shirt. Actually he’s so fuckin’ special… Meanwhile, lolitron has the best Denzel Washington quote ever. Ahh, if only Dakota knew the words to “Love Machine”…


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6 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Jpop’s Own Nostradamus, The Frustrations of Blogging, and A Very Special Shirt”
  1. Craig says:

    pedoliciosity [*] the state of having much pedoliciousness 😉

    * I’m not really sure if it’s an adjective or noun or what 🙂

    Also the new scheme here reminds me of cultofpop v.1 which I was browsing about a month ago for the first time (seeing Berryz creep up on you 🙂 ).

  2. Garamond says:

    I was under the impression that “pedolicious” was sort of related to “delicious”, but I might be wrong.
    Anyway, I’d like to suggest a noun to go with that: “Pedolicacy (plural – pedolicacies)”. Like the noun “delicacy” means a particularly tasty kind of food, then “pedolicacy” could mean a particularly cute “U-15” person. 🙂

    I like the new layout Ray!

  3. Craig says:

    Wait wait no! Saki is 15 now… Saki4ever *sobs*

  4. Kd says:

    U-150cm? :p

    I’m glad IroIro’s doing its part to extend the H!P blog community. ^_^

  5. paul.thomas says:

    wow, didn’t expect to see my blog in there, cheers for that 🙂

  6. jinryuichi says:

    Heh…pengie knows voodoo… ^_^

    Saki needs the height, she IS the captain after all. 🙂

    it’s illegal to wear T-shirts with the F-word in my country. So that was really funny… ^_^