Sunday Blog Roundup: Rules of Reviewing and That Demented Little Place In Our Hearts

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First, a note of special thanks to CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama for his best wishes on Haruna Moni’s arrival! He’ll be pleased to learn that I already often chant, “Haru Moni / Telephone / Rin rin rin!” and “Haru Moni! Hina Matsuri!” to my beloved. Haru Moni will be making appearances now and again in this blog, as she’s become my favorite U15D (Under 15 Days) Idol. But now that she’s here and she’s healthy and charming as all get-out, we’ll also be getting back to the usual girl groups and divas and pedolicious H!P goodness!

Among this week’s other major highlights for me, Pata of Irresponsible Pictures has rules of reviewing that apply well to all the “geekly arts” (great term). It’s funny and rings true about how geek circles work. Pata also has supplemental reading on the whole electronic manga idea. And yes, fanboys like me have indeed been using CDisplay for a while now. It’s also a good way to look at idol photobooks! Also, at Sakuranbo (what happened to the rest of the name?), Angela revamps the site design and catches up a little on various events, noting this about Koharu’s latest solo work:

Ohhh, damn you Koharu for growing some kind of demented little place in my heart with your oddly charming but average voice, not so average crooked teeth, strange nose, and lanky lolicon body.

You know, described this way, Koharu’s looking mighty luscious to my own demented little heart, too. Actually, in this throwaway line, Angela captures perfectly the magic of the idol-wota relationship – how, against all odds, some young lady who shouldn’t capture your heart and send you in a tizzy manages to do so anyway.

Ikimasshoi has a whole lot of interesting news this week. It reports that Nacchi’s next DVD single was mysteriously cancelled, even as GAM unveil their second single. And in a surprising turn towards the mainstream (as opposed to just selling CDs at concerts), Ayaya and GAM are now available on Japan iTunes and Gocchin has been named MTV’s buzzASIA artist for October. What does that mean? I have no idea, since I’m too old for MTV. As Langdon so succinctly attests, Ayaya and Mikitty look positively delicious in their latest GAM photos, while Zaeleus of Luna Tech has an excellent review of the DVD for Matsuura Aya’s Spring Concert Tour.

Meanwhile, Sukeban Deka is making its round on the internets! At MySpace, JJ reviews the Sukeban Deka movie. Both JJ and nishi note the movie’s fight scene between Ayaya and Rika’s characters. Speaking of which, at The Mind, Johnny gives us a whole lot of Viyuden eyecandy, with Erika and Yui, then Erika in a bikini, and finally Yui in a bikini. Unfortunately, you have to provide your own squeaking sound effects.

Switch-On! News notes a trio of total H!P hotness in the next Hello Pro Hour, with Sudo Maasa joining Ishikawa Rika and Nanba An-lookalike Shibata Ayumi. Zush of is hooked on Berryz (again), as he describes how their music just creeps up on you and holds you tight in a cleopatra death-grip of U15 love… or maybe it’s just me and that demented little place in my heart. At Meganekko, Béné provides the lyrics to Berryz Koubo’s “Natsu Remember You” and comments on Nacchi’s new single and PV, noting the latter “is cheap (like a lot of H!P PVs now) but it is beautiful”.

Oh, and there’s a flagship Hello! Project unit to consider, too, right? notes Morning Musume’s mini-album and their thirty-first single, “Aruiteru”. CJ of Stuck in a Pagoda admits he was a little ahead of himself on his prediction for the next Momusu album, but I still think he’s right on the money for the next full-length release. And working his way backwards, WEBmikey reviews volume 8 of Hello! Morning Theater and finds it as enjoyable as volume 9.

Heaven has a major update on its release schedule. Santos of Idolizing St. Anna visits the worse town in Japan to watch Perfume, while at The Great Swifty Speaketh!, Justin writes an overview of Sifow’s music and proposes marriage, as well. I’d call that a thorough handling of a Jpop artist. At Tsuji no Uchi, Tsuji Eriku sings the praise for the Nana tribute album – despite the deceitful use of two covers.

Dancing trees, shaving cream fights… yup, it’s a classic Christmas with Halcali! YODC’s Classic J-Music Clip of the Week is “Strawberry Chips”.. Back at the present day, a relieved – and even pleased – jariten reports at HALCALI day by day that the reported “Halcali as pigs” TV appearance wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds, and shares the clip with us. We also get a hint of what kind of paintings Haruka and Yukari like. I agree – the collage doesn’t look as good as the bear. Best of all, jariten has news that HALCALI has a new single, “LOOK”, slated for December 13 – and that it’s a theme for the Japanese Powerpuff Girls show!

Gail of the impressive Himitsu recommends Tanaka Roma to her reader and is feeling very cautious about YesAsia. Gail also has scans from the latest issue of EDGE, for those needing boy eyecandy fixes.
Thea of Made in Paradise provides Keita’s solo PV, while Ikimasshoi covers SMAP’s schedule at the end of the year – including a photobook diary from my favorite (and yours), Shingo! Large animal costumes and rock is always a great combination, as Aural Candy shows in her review of Kaggra’s latest PV.

Aural Candy also provides a very intriguing profile of Chinese visual kei band Silver Ash. For those so intrigued, she also has part one of her translation of a two-part interview with Silver Ash. Go of jrocknyc has a heavily screencapped review of Gazette’s concert DVD which is decidedly more… playful… than Aural Candy’s. But it comes to the same positive conclusion, which intrigues me. Go also reviews asagi’s latest release – but isn’t that Pete Burns on the cover? – and is disturbed at the notion of Ellen de Generes and Def Leppard sharing part of their audiences.

On the drama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe is more satisfied with Kekkon Dekinai Otoko’s ending now that he’s seen a subbed version. usagi of the usagi incidents looks at her usual wide range of anime and TV shows, including Ugly Betty. Akiramike also looks at Bengoshi no Kuzu, whose apparent main selling point is Mitsuya Yoko. On the cinematic front, Tsuji of YODC takes a detailed look at Tokyo Drift and its cast. Langdon responds with photos of Shokotan, who apparently was also in the movie.

Gaki of has cosplay photos from Anime Weekend Atlanta. But life isn’t all fun and games for pursuers of the geekly arts! Pata of Irresponsible Pictures looks at real-life otaku hunters – and here’s the Mainichi news piece about roving packs of otaku hunters. Really, isn’t this just a new variation of beating kids up for milk money? And closing on a note of sexual ambiguity and embarassment, YODC’s Tsuji has a personal story that is pure, vintage YODC as far as I’m concerned. Should’ve just aimed for the brats, Tsuji! It would’ve had a better ending!


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  1. Aural Candy says:

    I laughed when I saw Go’s comments to Gazette’s Nameless Liberty screepcaps, though it’d be unthinkable for me to write… uh, playful comments like him. I’d have gotten lynched by fellow fangirls.

    “How dare she write such shameful things about the gods of Gazette. Off with her head!”