Elsewhere On This Site: A Chance to Win A 5000-yen CD Japan Gift Certificate

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With Haru Moni dazzling both the wife and me with her charms and impressive diaper-soiling abilities, I forgot to take care of something I should have done earlier: shill the end-of-the-year contest which is about to begin in the American Wota forum.

To celebrate two years of Jpop blogging at the end of 2006, I’ve set up a contest on the forum that requires only a few things: registering for the forum, picking potential winners from the March Madness-esque PV VS challenges during the rest of the year, and voting as you see fit. More details here and here.

The first challenge involves H!P Kids videos and you can see how it breaks down here. Tonight was the original deadline to enter your Top Three picks for this challenge, but I’m extending it to this Wednesday because: one, I want to give all AW readers a chance to enter; two, I haven’t gotten around to setting up the face-off polls with screencaps and detailed information. (You know, I was busy with bringing life into the world and all that…)

So, I encourage you all to join the forum, enter the contest, and take part in the fun! And while I’m at it, look at Wota Tales if you haven’t yet – there’ll be a new installment of The Ballad of Sudo and Maasa sometime soon, and I actually am quite proud of the epic poem so far.