Sunday Blog Roundup: The Schoolgirl Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of…

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Ahh, how come nobody thought of this earlier? The Schoolgirl Project is a new blog devoted to tasteful fan service for schoolgirl fans. Among other things since its debut, the blog offers looks at Hinoi Team, Kuriyama Chiaki, and AKB48. It’s the stuff dreams are made of… which is as clumsy and obvious a segue as I can think of to move on to my other favorite bit of blogging this week, as pengie of unchained has a very interesting dream about Morning Musume which she recounts in vivid detail… It’s got the twisted leaps and inversions of dream logic, and tries to make sense of that which actively defies such interpretations. I enjoyed it enough that I’m now tempted to describe my dream of Takahashi Ai at the start of this weekend, strange as it seemed at the time.

At his solo blog Major Exposure, has Craig crossed a line with this post? If so, let me cross another: when I see those Berryz thighs, the cannibal in me wonders how they’d taste roasted on an open barbecue spit. You see? It could be worse! And at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Craig shares Momusu’s Sayumi singing Berryz Koubo’s “Koi no Jubaku”. Meanwhile, Langdon Alger chooses Goto Maki’s “Some Boys Touch” for its J-Music Clip of the Week. Gocchin has been quite the polarizing figure lately: Zush of is distressed by Goto Maki’s boobalicious new PV while pengie of unchained has a slightly different reaction… Zush looks back at the 2001 Green DVD and considers what it means for Momusu’s future. In a similar vein, Kd is back on ~Iroiro Aru Sa~ with a post comparing the two miracle girls of Morning Musume.

JJ of MySpace sympathizes with the rough schedules that Japanese idols must go through. Of course, there are also extracurricular activites for the girls and Yossittelua has a couple of new fumetti featuring the lesbian loves of Yossi, including one about Yaguchi dispensing valuable advice and some subtle appreciation between H!P jocks. Ikimasshoi has news of more Gocchin concerts in Korea this November while Ishikawa Rika has been chosen to promote the Rome Opera House with some very expensive jewelry. Switch-On! News breaks that Momoko will be in the next Hello Pro Hour along with H!P non-entities Yaguchi, Inaba, and Ayaka. Oh wait, Yagu’s got that turtle toy unit now, right? Last but not least on the H!P front, Johnny of The Mind finds a new passion for global warming with the help of Morning Musume and C-Ute as well as shows off some of the videos on his PSP.

Swifty of The Great Swifty Speaketh has a thoughtful history of Speed, drawing sharp contrasts between the fantastic foursome and Morning Musume. I’m not sure how dead Speed fandom is – though I’m very much a hiro / Coco d’Or fan – but it’s great to see such an appreciation of the group. On the more current Avex front, Jarret of I’m bad at naming things looks at the feud between Koda Kumi and Otsuka Ai with some bemusement. misono’s less attractive sister is at least getting more attention, though, as she’s voted the most stylish artist by Oricon and had a recent MTV Special. Made in Paradise has Hinoi Team photos and another kaisan to announce in this year of kaisans. But there is one revival, at least, as Thea reports that Girl’s Box is back. However, the line-up is less than stellar, as Béné of Béné Blog and Santos of Idolizing St. Anna both note. And if you want Avex eyecandy, HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art provides the primitivist arty cover of Otsuka Ai’s “Yumekui”, the seventies-esque cover of ayumi hamasaki RMX WORKS, and the 4AD-ish strangeness of Cyber TRANCE presents ayu TRANCE.

And has it been a full year of AAA already? With only, what? Several hundred singles? Anyway, pengie does a nicely detailed song-by-song review of AAA’s new album. Meanwhile, after much effort, Santos makes it to the Budokan to see AAA perform for their first anniversary. He describes the process of getting there as well as the concert itself. But did he see any former Morning Musumes? Ikimasshoi reports that Tsuji and Nono were in attendance at the concert. Speaking of the Budokan, Aural Candy does a massive screencap review of Gazette’s Live 2006 two-DVD set, looking separately at disc one and disc two.

It had to happen: w-ind’s Keita launches his solo career, as reported by Thea of Made in Paradise and Gail of Himitsu. Gail also raves over both of Gazette’s new PVs, “Regret” and “Filth in the Beauty”, which Aural Candy also adores. However, while Gail enjoys alice nine’s “Number Six” PV, Aural Candy has reservations on that one. Go of jrocknyc fills out a Dir en Grey Post-Concert Survey and watches a video of the group relaxing, including a rather Rick James-esque proclamation by Die. Go also reviews NoGod’s kuro fukyou and tenbatsu enban, creature creature’s light & lust. Also for the rock-minded, the Great Swifty Speaketh has an article on Malice Mizer, while nishi at MySpace mourns the breakup of Kagerou.

HEAVEN has updated its upcoming releases section and has some brief reviews of the likes of Nanase Aikawa and Younha. Pata of Irresponsible Pictures looks at Yuki’s new album, while Memento looks at Sukima Switch’s “Guarana” PV. Aural Candy shares Rurutia with us and breaks news of Mukunoki JP, a new intermediary service for those looking to get Japanese goods from auctions and other venues.

Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe enjoys the penultimate episode of Kekkon Dekinai Otokoand gives a look at the girls of Kaneda. usagi of the usagi incidents continues to look at quality live action shows like Supernatural as well as anime such as the Mai Otome DVD Special. Tsuji Eriku of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count shares some Love Milk goodness, and on his solo blog wishes his girlfriend would sing beautiful anime theme songs to him. There’s just one hitch… Meanwhile, WEBmikey reviews that classic anime, Otaku no Video, finding it sad and negative. I actually remember those otaku interview segments to be some of the funniest things I’d seen at the time…

Over at Furusato Chronicles, an interesting idea: in chronological order, a list of groups hunterx17 has listened to the most throughout his life. CJ of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama breaks some commonsense news on filling up one’s iPod. On the boy eyecandy front, Gail of Himitsu continues to provide heady doses of such goodness with pop performers in one post and rockers in another. And pay attention, cinema lovers! Barely 18 Movies has news of the greatest ever DVD to be released in the history of mankind.


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9 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: The Schoolgirl Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of…”
  1. Craig says:

    Will definitely have to have another look @ the schoolgirl project 🙂 … Oh no not the cannibalism thing again 😀 … Nono = Konno … That barely 18 thing, can’t be easy keeping your rear entry clear with all those guys around.

  2. pengie says:

    Yay for dreams about Aichan! 🙂 I really thought that post wouldn’t even make it into the roundup, considering how off-topic it was, but to find it up at the very top was a great surprise. I’ll be sure to post any further dreams I have involving H!P members and moving stages, haha.

  3. n-chan says:

    thank you for mentioning my blog in your post. I got sick of seeing all these…ahem…tasteless sites about schoolgirls, and decided to start one that was tasteful. I’ll be sure to add your blog to my blogroll, and I’ll be sure to read it as well. Thanks again!

  4. yeah..I HATE tasteless sites about schoolgirls…yuck!

  5. Craig says:

    er… yeah me 2 LOL 😀

  6. n-chan says:

    Hey, I like a little perverted fan service every once in a while…but I guess to each their own.

  7. Craig says:

    I was only joking.

  8. n-chan says:

    Oh don’t worry, I can take a joke. As difficult as it is to catch joking and sarcasm on the internet, I caught it. Besides, it’s all in good fun, right! BTW, nice blog.

  9. Craig says:

    Right 🙂 Thanks 😛 Wait untill u c Kd’s blog LOL there we’re all classified “Angry Wota” 😀