News Flash: Risako Gets First Berryz Solo Photobook!

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Wow! Just got the news from MM-BBS and confirmed it here: youngest Berryz Sugaya Risako is going to have her first solo photobook, called Risako. It will be due out in October, so place your orders now now now.

All I can say is: Holy Crap! Between Berryz having just about all of this week’s Hello! Morning and this turn of events, we’re definitely seeing huge strides forward for the unit. Here’s hoping that more solo books follow pretty soon… Momoko and Yurina would be the natural next choices, I guess, but of course I think they should all get them. And before the end of the year.


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9 Responses to “News Flash: Risako Gets First Berryz Solo Photobook!”
  1. Craig says:

    I want this to up the ante on Koharu’s PB!

  2. Garamond says:

    Yippii!! *drools* 😀

  3. Bene says:

    I think all of them will have their PB too.
    A momoko PB would be wonderful !
    Maybe a Yurina/Chnami one ?

  4. Chuck says:

    How do they come up with these PB names?

  5. Japonaliya says:

    Though I like Momo best, one would think Miyabi would have been first!!??

  6. Japonaliya says:

    If Momoko has a PB..I will have to buy one for every room in my house, my car……
    OMG..what if it has a real Momo hand print like Hi M’am…….

    I could clone her…….

  7. niji says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    This was one of my wishes for this year. Seriously. So happy! Happy happy joy joy!

    This must be a sign. LOL XP

  8. anonymous says:

    Risako is very photogenic

  9. Ree-Nekko says:

    seen all the pics in the PB

    she’s so beautiful 🙂