I Saw A KinKi Kid in Person! No, Really!

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I was under the impression that if I ever met an actual Jpop idol, I’d be very calm and mature about it. After all, they’re flesh and blood, and it’s their images – their idol personae – that impress me, right?

Well, that delusion has been set aside. Less than ten minutes ago, I had my first idol sighting and I was starstruck and I think even blushing. And I don’t even like the guy’s music! That’s right, I said guy…

So let me set up the scene. My wife and I had lunch in Waikiki with a friend – she and I work at the same office at the Planet Hollywood building. Anyway, after lunch we decided to walk the couple of blocks over to the Waikiki Shopping Center, grab some ice cream for the wife. (I’m now at the internet cafe in the food court there, typing this entry.)

As we passed by the DFS Galleria, my wife points to a cluster of folks and remarks, “Oh, they’re filming something.”

And I said, “They’re always filming something here.”

And she says, “It’s a Japanese crew.”

And I say, “The Japanese are always filming something here.”

Then we watch as the crew walk past – there’s a crowd of Japanese folk following, some gasping and pointing, there’s a guy with a camera, and someone with an umbrella I guess for lighting purposes, and at the center were the geinou in question. Some woman my wife recognizes as an actress but can’t name…

And Domoto Tsuyoshi.

That’s right, I saw one of the KinKi Kids. He was wearing a silly hat and had a rather flamboyant outfit, and even shorter than I would have guessed, and he was talking intently with the woman he was walking with, as if they weren’t the center of a maelstrom of wannabe-starfuckers like myself. But I’m sure that was him, given the various clips I’ve seen of him – often Gackt clips, including the one where Gackt tried to kiss him…

And from the fact that I have a copy of the latest Endlicheri Endlicheri single. Which I picked up at Hakubundo a couple months back out of curiosity and never thought I’d admit to owning on this blog, but there you go.

So there’s Domoto Tsuyoshi, and my eyes light up and I’m beaming and I’m telling my wife, “That’s Domoto Tsuyoshi!” except my wife doesn’t know who he is, which leaves me surprised. I have this sudden rush of well-being go through my body, and I did think I was blushing. That was Domoto Tsuyoshi!

Gackt once tried to kiss him!

And I wish I had a camera – though my wife later pointed out that I probably would’ve been prevented from getting a clear shot – but the disappointment was minor.

An American couple probably saw me gasping and beaming and they asked me and the wife who that couple were. I said that the guy was from KinKi Kids. The woman of the couple asked, “So they do children’s shows?” And I’m kind of surprised by this – how kinky did they think he was? – and said, “No, Kinki is a region in Japan.” And the woman laughed, saying, “Oh, I thought you said Keiki Kids, I thought it was a local show.” Keiki being the Hawaiian word for kids, of course.

The man of the couple suggests I run around and walk behind them, so that I can have proof when they air the segment. I think about it for a second but decide it’s not worth it. By this time, Tsuyoshi and his friend and the rest of the crowd are further down the street…

So my wife is marvelling at my reaction and the fact that I am so overwhelmed and happy at this chance near-encounter. I said, “And that’s just Domoto Tsuyoshi. Imagine how I’d act if I saw a Morning Musume!” My wife laughed and said, “You’d melt and forget your daughter’s name.”

I think she’s right.

So that’s it, folks. I saw Domoto Tsuyoshi live and in the flesh. A Kinki Kid!


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10 Responses to “I Saw A KinKi Kid in Person! No, Really!”
  1. Holly says:

    I want to live in Hawaii!

    That’s pretty cool. I’m not a KinKi Kids fan myself (though I occasionally listen to some of their music) but I must admit that if I saw one of them, I probably wouldn’t recognize them. I’d like to see any celebrity though. Celebrity sighting seems really fun!

  2. Aural Candy says:

    Wow, I can’t help but be excited with you. That was an amazing encounter. Even though KinKi Kids isn’t my cup of tea, I think like you, I’d still be starstruck! Lucky lucky Ray.

  3. thea says:

    my friend would die if she reads this rofl. she’s a big tsuyo fan 🙂 i seriously dunno how to react also if i see some celebrity i know.

  4. Tsuji_Eriku says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like them really, but the song they sang from the dorama True Heart was great !!!!

  6. jeff says:

    Congrats…..u are a lucky fellow to spot real star in person…..just one thing to comment upon…..WHY DUN THEY WANNA COME TO SINGAPORE….NO ONE DAMM J POP STAR HAS EVER BEEN TO SPORE FOR A CONCERT RATHER (sorry for using block letters)…..anyway….hope that in my life time will have a chance to spot any members from ZONE…

    Good luck and take care……

  7. qball says:

    jeff >>> Erm, there was Chage & Aska, Ayumi hamasaki, Noriko sakai(ok, so she didn’t come as a singer, but she is a singer by occupation too >.

  8. qball says:

    Viyuden(or was it Biyuden..?) and er…Aikawa nanase that came this year. I wouldn’t really say that there isn’t any j-pop stars that came to s’pore before ^^;;

    Anyway, seriously…Who wouldn’t react the way you did if you see a foreign celeb..? It’s like having Tom cruise in an asian country instead of looking at him on the silver screens.

    Except that in your case, it was vice versa, lolx (=^o^=)~~

  9. Amplifier says:

    Oh man, I luuuuuv KinKi Kids, and Tsuyoshi in particular. I’d probably start screaming like a fangirl and fall over, in some rabid excitement, if I saw him in person.

    Hopefully he visits again when i’m in the area for school. >_>

  10. anonymous says:

    These two kids are getting kinkier and kinkier these days