The Evil Mikitty Does: An Introduction

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Stare into the face of evil.

The beautiful, siren-voiced, scrumptiously tempting, irresistably Mikitty-licious face of evil.

Just think about this: Morning Musume traditionally trained in a temple to prepare for their work as idols. Couldn’t it be possible that their training would also include the proper way to combat and even contain evil spirits? And if that was the case, wouldn’t there be a chance that someday, maybe – just maybe – they would find an evil spirit or demon of some sort and have to deal with its malevolence?

That explains why Mikitty was inducted into Morning Musume: she was an evil being that had to be isolated and contained. And what better way to do this than to take her into the midst of trained temple maidens who could use their spiritual skills and catchy dance steps to keep her in line? That also better explains Miki’s legendary crankiness when she joined the group. Not only was she demoted from solo diva to a member of Morning Musume, her plans of world domination – beginning with the girlpop collective that was the most popular when she first joined – had been stalled by meddling do-gooders. And Tsunku.

While this was supposed to be a secret, one of those Hello! Project black ops like the H!P Science Directive and the Sexy Beam Development Center, hints were given for the dedicated fans willing to read them. Take this scene from Otome Gumi’s “Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~”. The girls are in a temple of some sort – a temple! – with a binding inscription on the door. A fire reaches over the camera at one point, framing the girls in flames.

The message is simple, and quite obvious when you learn how to read it: “We are trapped with the devil. Chikki-ah!”

Or consider this scene from “Ai Arraba It’s Alright”: we see the girls all together at what looks like a slumber party… The girls are clustered together in groups of three and four, some chilling out, while others are giggling and having a fun time.

… Except one member, off to the side, all by her lonesome.

Of course, the joke is on the Musumes. What seemed an extreme sacrifice on Mikitty’s part – forfeiting her status as a solo artist – has instead given her a new perch of power on which she steadily built. There were sixteen members in Morning Musume when she debuted with gen six at Yasuda Kei’s graduation concert (Kei included) – of the fifteen others, only six are left in the group, while another girl has been added who hasn’t gone through temple training.

Moreover, three of the most popular members of Morning Musume have faced scandals which hobbled their careers – and in Mari’s case, her sudden departure in April 2005 paved the way for Mikitty to become sub-leader.

Coincidence? Believe what you want to.

But remember that line from The Usual Suspects? “The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled is to make people think she is an extremely talented Hello! Project idol.” Or something like that. I haven’t seen the movie in a while.

There were signs all along of the depths of Mikitty’s depravity, the darkness of her soul. Mikitty plays the devil’s daughter in this year’s musical. Her wota are even scarier than other mo-wotas. Her Alo-Hello took place on the Big Island and not Oahu.

So in the coming days, we will look at three videos that amply illustrate what a corrupting force Mikitty has been to the other idols of Hello! Project. How she subtly manipulates them, terrorizes them, bends them to her will… It was in front of us all along. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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17 Responses to “The Evil Mikitty Does: An Introduction”
  1. Wotafriend says:

    Excuse me if I must say this, in general wotas look at Miki as their goddess no matter who their favorite idols are, that’s the reason why Romantic Ukare Mode is Wotas theme song.

    Why Goddess? Well, she went to the top only some months after her debut, and some people believe 2002 was Mikitty year.

    That’s why , wotas call her Miki-sama . It is the polite way to say san (miss/mr) and for modern days Sama only given to the greatest people.

    Please do the research before saying you are a Wota. No Wota hates Miki-sama.

  2. crs says:

    I think the post was tongue-in-cheek. The impression I got was that Ray actually likes Miki a lot.

    then again, your comment might have been facetious too. XD

  3. Craig says:

    Are you joking Wotafriend I can’t tell? If you’re not then you shouldn’t take it so seriously Ray is only having a laugh… an evil Miki laugh >)

  4. pengie says:

    Finally someone else sees how EVIL Miki is! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who saw how she used her eeeeeevil ways to kick Mari out.

    Seriously though, this is hilarious. Keep it up. 😛

  5. Julia says:

    Yeam um Wotafriend, Miki’s like one of his top 3 favorite current Momusus. He loves her.

  6. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    wotafriend WTF?????

    Yeah, I’d pretty much do ANYTHING she told me to do. (especially after watching that PV for Thanks!)

    “so Tsuji if Mikitty told you to jump off a bridge, you’d do it?”


  7. sLaVe says:

    haha this is pretty great, really funny. In a joking sense shes one hot devil and is only evil when she molests. plus, i do beleive shes the reason for some of the small mishaps. like rika and yossui breaking up (although miki and yossui are a good couple). And everyone does seem to obey her.

    but in a serious sense, if you’re serious about this, i dont think she caused the whole mari scandal XD

    I also beleive she was pissed and started to get evil when she was being degraded though

  8. I’m with Eriku..I’d do almost ANYTHING Miki told me to do..EVEN KILL….

    “Langdon…I want you to kill so and so…THEN I want you to watch me and Ayaya take a bubble bath together….”

    done and done….and I mean done…..

  9. Chuck says:

    Quite frankly, if she did help Mari both escape the idol world and get laid, I’m not sure that qualifies as “evil.”

  10. ha!…not sure if this is Wotafriend as well but someone over on the Hello!Online forums posted this:

    “Hi guys, right now I feel kind a speechless, there’s a person says he is AmericanWota but he wrote bad things about Miki……Does he even know that ROmantic Ukare Mode is Wotas theme song…Geez some people..”

    see what you did Ray?!!…by writing “bad things about Miki”…you got this moron all riled up…

  11. Craig says:

    Whoever that is is just plain ignorant.

  12. Ray Mescallado says:

    The idea of an official wota theme song makes me laugh like a hyena sniffing nitrous oxide. Though if I had a say in it (and thank God I don’t), my vote for an official wota theme song would be Onanie Machine’s punk butchering of Momusu’s golden age hits.

    And yes yes yes, Mikitty is my absolute favorite Momusu in the current line-up, followed by Sayumi and then Reina. Though the next few blog entries should make everyone question this statement…

  13. Julia says:

    I wouldn’t question it. I figure, you wouldn’t be writing this at all if it weren’t for how much you love her.

    The comment was bad enough, but that Hello! Online post is just way too much. It’s completely ridiculous.

  14. Pious says:

    I hope nothing happens to Gaki. One of my two remaining reasons for momusu addiciton.

  15. Garamond says:

    Please punish me Miki!!! I love seeing those wotas doing their stuff to Romantic Ukare Mode, wish I was there I woulda joined them!
    Miki is one of my MM favorites too. Though my no. 1 is Sayumi… I just love her, and I love her voice… it’s so fucking cute! 🙂

  16. Tim says:

    LOL. Ray, that was an awesome post. I can’t say I disagree. I’m bonded to the devil, for life.

    But hey, don’t pity me here. I got the better end of the deal. 😉