Sunday Blog Roundup: Jpop Needs Strunk, White, and the DSM-IV

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Should it be Berryz Kobo or Berryz Koubo or Berryz Koubou? Dream or dream, Zone or ZONE? Do we include the male sign after Tsunku’s name or pretend that – along with Tsunku’s actual masculinity – it doesn’t exist? There are many small questions as bloggers and others write about Jpop, and we each answer it to our own satisfaction. However, that shouldn’t be the case, or so Pata of Irresponsible Pictures argues. He has a great article on the need for some kind of JP Stylebook for those who write about Japanese entertainment in English. (The title of this blog entry is itself a hoot!) This is a fascinating idea, and one that’s way past due from my perspective. I’m interested to see if this develops any further.

All the Zone girls seem to be popping back into the public eye. Maiko’s Maria has its new single, Miyu was on Music Station, and now Santos of Idolizing St. Anna reports that Mizuho is in a magazine article! She’s now going to a local college – like Takayo, choosing education over pop life – and is studying hotel management. Wow. And she looks hotter than ever! Now if we can only find out about Tomoka… Santos also attends a Perfume event at LaQua and goes on to see Bon Bon Blanco live at Shonan in the Sun. He then finds differing values in the 10,000 yen handshake event with Paradise Go!! Go!! and the 480-yen handshake event with Chase, Saaya Irie’s Jessica-less music group. A little pink piggie Saaya has in her bedroom is a gift from Santos, which for some reason I find quite exciting and delightful. reports that Tsuji Nozomi’s leg is alright and she’s recovering faster than expected, provoking a sigh of relief from CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama. There’s also a thoughtful look at Matsuura Aya’s career at the five-year mark. namida of provides a helpful overview of the Ribon no Kishi Song Collection and reviews GAM’s debut single “Thanks!”.

CJ Marsicano also notes the re-release of one classic and one not-so-classic Jesus and Mary Chain albums and, stretching his wings some, CJ has started a wrestling blog, He then shows his dedication to both his iPod and Jpop. He calls that blog entry “You know you’re heavy into J-Pop when…” – but let’s face it, he’s just trying to confess to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And as a matter of fact, a few other regular Jpop bloggers have also been showing some slight signs of mental distress. Whether or not we should blame the Jpop or the blogging, I will not hazard a guess…

Next up is a teensy bit of persecution complex with a good dose of healthy exhibitionism. For all his talk of guilt and recrimination, Craig of All in 1 has balls the size of meteors based on the clip of him dancing to Koharu’s “Koi Kana” and showing us how he’d look (sorta) in a Berryz outfit… Meteor-sized balls, people – Armageddon-level meteors! (And I’m not the only appreciative fan of Craig’s daring, as this post by Langdon Alger at YODC shows.) Craig also has a review of the Berryz DVD concert, taking special note – as did we all – of Saki’s remarkable dance solo.

Moving along the Jpop DSM-IV, in a display of multiple personality disorder, KagoFeet of Don’t touch my jpop! reveals himself to also be Hikaru Doumuoji of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count. I like him in both modes on both blogs, so it makes no difference to me. Anyway, KagoFeet chooses Nakashima Mika as his Artist of the Month and Bennie K’s “Disco Senpai” as his KF Sunday PV Pick. Meanwhile, at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Tsuji Eriku has a confession of his own… And of course, Hikaru / KagoFeet takes a swipe back at his buddies.

And closing this half-assed “psychosis of wota” theme, we may have anger management issues as Langdon Alger has photos from the Kitade Nanase event at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco with Tsuji Eriku providing his own version of the events. Actually, the mental defectives aren’t our bloggers – any of them! – but the riper folks Langdon and Tsuji witnessed at the event. I hate to say this, but I’m going to have to agree with the YODC crew’s “otaku scum bastard” designation if the fans there actually did bum-rush the Pocky and green tea offerings. Give me a break, is free Pocky worth that much to these people? Will they jump through hoops of fire for any Glico snackies? Why not show some decorum around an idol? A little class? Like the Japanese fans who… um… jump like pogosticks and frighten shoppers when C-Ute played at a mall.


Anyways, the J-Music Clip of the Week is of course from Ms. Kitade with a bonus clip of the Nakanomori Band which looks tasty enough to give them a second try… And earlier in the week they had the new Berryz PV clip, which I will again say is scrumptious. Meanwhile, Zaeleus of Luna Tech looks at upcoming H!P releases for August. jankenpyon! is back in action with looks at GAM and Goto Maki, as well as an interesting mini-rant about the shoddy treatment of the Berryz with their new PV.

Returning from her vacation, Béné of Béné Blog delights in new singles from Harenchi Punch, Berryz Koubo, and C-Ute. Meanwhile, Johnny of The Mind is going on vacation to the Philippines, but will continue blogging. Meanwhile, this week he takes a look at the many face of Yossi and marvels at some Koharu-in-pigtails screencaps. Yeah, she does pigtails good… but Miki in Gomatto makes pigtails damn sexy! Pengie of unchained is keeping track of Tsuchiya Anna’s progress on the Oricon charts, and does a very funny, enlightening piece on cover songs called “The good, the bad, and Tsunku”. We’ll have to agree to disagree on Tsunku, though – I actually love both his “Koko ni Iruzee” and “Mr. Moonlight”. I also find him quite sexy when he poses shirtless, so make of that what you will. It’s a fun read, with Pengie’s strong opinions either making you nod in agreement or laugh – but where does Coco d’Or fit into the mix? I’d place her in the Very Good… but then, I’d place Tsunku there, too.

At Yossittelua, the comic strip drama continues with parts three, four, and five… Man, that Yossi’s quite the playa in this story, isn’t she? WEBmikey looks at a bunch of stuff, trying the Azumanga Daioh manga for the first time and reviews Hello! Morning Theater Volume 9. That said, my favorite piece from him this week has to be about his personal experience with Sea Monkeys… mostly because I kept seeing those ads during my childhood funnybook-reading days, as well. *sigh*

Gail of the impressive Himitsu looks at releases for the coming month, provides preview shots from the upcoming w-inds photobook as well as their next single, and her Weekly PV Screencaps feature continues with a look at the summertime sweetness of cute boy duos Tackey & Tsubasa and WaT. Mirai Noah looks at Kishimoto Hayami’s new single, while Shay of SparkPlugged shares Otsuka Ai’s “Planetarium”, which has special personal meaning for him now. Miki-Sama of Deepest Thoughts and Blogging Erica reports that Sawajiri Erika’s debut music single will be released at the end of the month. HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art has a lot of Ayu love this week, including the cover for “Surreal” as well as re-mix collections such as this excerpt from ayu-mix and The Other Side.

Go of the venerable jrocknyc covers a lot of material this week, including Glay’s G4, Kagerou’s Kurohata, Dacco’s Baby, the Death Note Tribute Album. For the geographically minded, Morning Scene has a nice map of Jpop-related events occurring in the States… And for you concerned folks out there, Jordi of Subliminal Beats assures us that she’s not dead.

Rinoa of Channel-Ai reviews Sifow’s new single “Love & Peace” and Leanne looks at Hyde’s third solo album Faith. Fellow Channeler Aprilis looks at the Tokyo Friends dorama and movie. Also on the dorama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe has been in a list-making mood, giving 5 reasons to watch Attention Please and 7 Things I Learned from Gal Circle. In anime news, usagi of usagi incidents reports how the legendary Miyazaki Hayao has turned down an invitation to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences… for the third time. usagi also reviews the first Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu novel.

And here’s a couple of new blogs that may tickle your fancy: SMAP is a new blog site specializing in SMAP videos. It starts off with a three-part Bistro SMAP featuring guests Morning Musume. ~life storytelling~ is a blog that deals only a little with Jpop, but a recent entry about SweetS is worth reading if only because it starts with a mention of “Into the Daylight”, one of my favorite non-single songs from the group.


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  1. pengie says:

    It’s really nothing against Tsunku’s voice–I think he’s a good singer and all, it’s just that I CANNOT shake the image of him in a miniskirt frolicking around singing “YES WONDERLAND~~” out of my head. And every time I hear a Morning Musume song with his voice in it, that’s the image it’s going to conjure up. It’s just… so… GAY.

    Maybe if I close my eyes and try to block the image I can get through “Koko ni Iruzee!” without screaming, as that one actually doesn’t hurt as bad as the others, but buh.

    As for Coco d’Or, that’s something (someone?) I’ll have to look into!

  2. Craig says:

    Before I started liking J-pop (

  3. Craig says:

    Aargh comment converted to HTML!

    Briefly (now because of that): I can listen to anything.

  4. Chuck says:

    When does Tsunku not conjure up gay images in your head?

  5. Craig says:

    I’m cleaning my blog again so to see the stuff of mine Ray mentioned its:

    berryz dance

    koha dance

    berry dress

    and “Craig’s state of Mind” thread in the American Wota Forum should suffice for that @_@