PV VS Round 2: Bon Bon Blanco vs Harenchi Punch

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Two videos go head-to-head in shorts reviews, but only one emerges as the winner. This time it’s the battle of the girl group summer songs! Who’s got the better slice of sun and fun: the furniture-moving bikini-clad women of Bon Bon Blanco, or the langorous, kimono-wearing ladies of Harenchi Punch?

Bon Bon Blanco – “Yura Yura Yureru”

While Santos has rejoiced at the news of his namesake and her fellow B3s in bikinis, I find myself less enthusiastic upon seeing the PV and listening to the single. Part of it may be the Waikiki eyecandy thing – seriously, lissome Japanese girls in bikinis can be tiresome if you see it day after day after day… (Okay, I’m lying – it’s like Christmas every freaking morning!)

A more serious concern is how generic and bland this song is, especially when compared to earlier B3 singles. Going hip hop with a light Latin touch simply wasn’t a good idea musically.

If they wanted to combine hip hop with their strong Latin percussions, they could have gone a much more aggressive route. Bennie K have shown how the two can combine to excellent effect…

What we have here is feel-good and summery, and quite catchy for as long as you can remember it, which is undoubtedly their intention… but I listen to it and I just don’t hear that much Bon Bon Blanco there.

It also doesn’t help that the PV is just plain boring. Once you get past the bikinis, that is – though from the way this fucker’s edited, bikinis and fan service is the whole point.

Basically, the girls play their instruments some, do a very rudimentary dance that just falls short of being a hokey-pokey… and move around furniture.

I mean, really – why not have them do something that involves bouncing or jiggling if you’re going to have the camera constantly zooming in on their chests anyway? Not necessarily trampolines, but what about working jackhammers or… well, just jumping up and down a lot for the duration of the video?

I found Anna much much sexier in the “Bon Voyage” PV, where she shows less skin but has a tight Pittsburgh Pirates T-shirt that are the stuff of very moist dreams.

There, she was more dynamic, playful, sensual…and the song made better use of her as well as the rest of the group. There aren’t any real percussion solos in this new single! Now doesn’t anyone else find that at least mildly troublesome in a group featuring four different percussionists?

As a rapper, Anna is passable but no Yukari or Haruka or Cico. And she’s got a great set of pipes on her, as she’s proven in past singles.

Here it’s like she’s waiting for the next endtable to move from here to there. Or maybe that rattan chair can go underneath the window…

I’m just hoping this is a slow warmup before a return to top form. I like what I’d seen and heard of Bon Bon Blanco up to now, so I’m willing to believe the next single will be stronger than this.

Harenchi Punch – “Doki! Doki! My Sister Soul”

I love Harenchi Punch’s second single “Megaphone” to bits – I still listen to it and watch the video, which makes me swoon just a little with Tomomi’s solid performance as both actress and singer.

That said, the two singles that have followed simply don’t work for me. “Doki! Doki!” is good enough, but doesn’t stick with me.

Like the B3 song, it’s too generic – though in this case, generic in the sense of anime closing theme song generic, as opposed to B3’s Lite FM midday drive kind of generic. It’s easy to imagine any thirty seconds of this tune pasted on to a closing montage of, say, a cute high school drama.

The chorus is catchy for as long as you can keep it in your head – which is until the song actually ends. The guitar in this song is fun, though there are times when it noodles along a little more than it needs to.

Besides having a very sensual mouth, Tomomi is also a great singer. Not as good as Anna Santos, but she has a delivery style that sets her apart, and brings energy to whatever she sings.

The PV itself is… well, it makes Bon Bon Blanco look action-packed. The story segment has the girls in kimonos trying to remain cool on a hot summer day. The dance segment has the girls in white dresses dancing and bouncing around – take notes, B3! – and acting as genki as one would expect from Harenchi Punch.

The set for their dance sequence makes me think of Petit Moni’s “Baby! Koi ni Knock Out” for some reason. I mean, why create an indoor set for a fake outdoor setting?

Especially with her rap segments in this song, I’m beginning to suspect Mako is actually a teenage boy posing as a girl. It just sounds so… strange. A bit too processed, a bit too low in tone. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started sounding like Tone Loc in the next single, the way things are going.

On the plus side, there’s some harenchi appeal to this PV. Saya sprawled on the floor in a kimono, her body ripely supine, is an image to conjure with.

If she and Tommy February 6 got together with their glasses and guitars, would they form a larger Voltron-ish geek punk girl monstrosity? Or cancel each other out in a burst of pop music matter / anti-matter physics whatchamacallit?

Okay, I don’t care, either.

This video has cuteness going for it, I’ll give it that. Tomomi is fun to watch no matter what… She’s got charisma to spare, though she doesn’t seem sure of how to direct that charisma all the time.

But I’m beginning to wonder if “Megaphone” was a fluke and they won’t bring that same mix of edge and genkiness to any other song.

Well. Two videos where little happens and where the songs are, to put it kindly, not the best each group has to offer. One has bikinis and lots of fan service, the other has Saya spread on the floor in a gorgeous pink kimono. The choreography on both dance sequences bordered on the execrable. Anna isn’t much of a rapper, but at least her rap style doesn’t make me wonder what set of genitalia she possesses.

So… I guess… the winner is Bon Bon Blanco’s “Yura Yura Yureru”. A better song, a slightly more interesting PV, a much less annoying rap delivery – though if Harenchi Punch had an all-Saya-asleep-in-a-kimono version of their PV, it would’ve won hands down. Maybe even get declared PV of the year.

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2 Responses to “PV VS Round 2: Bon Bon Blanco vs Harenchi Punch”
  1. Bene says:

    I think Harenchi*Punch’s one is much better.
    B3 is just ..annoying (sorry santos) and those bikinis is just to make buy their single by guys.
    The song is very good but the pv is horrible.
    I do not say that H*P is perfect (the video resemble too much as their last) but.. I prefer

  2. Iam a big fan of Both but this time i will
    give it to harenchi sorry i didn’t like bon bon
    pv is so plain and can say that iam latin from Puerto Rico. bon bon didn’t give what i really want it. the way they use rap with a latin touch sound cheap it dont sound right at all.(FAKE)and
    for a pv to be complete it needs more than japanese girls in bikini it need to sound good.

    As for harenchi they have done a good job so far
    hope they keep it like that they are great singers
    and tomomi is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
    i can see megaphone pv all day and never get tired
    of watching tomomi i mean the pv.