My Dream of Hinoi Team

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It seems that every six months I have another Jpop dream – first Mikitty, then Kumai, and now this morning… And for better or worse, it follows the same pattern of platonic protectiveness the past dreams have had, nothing dirty or wrong or illicit on my part.


Anyway, in the dream I seem to have been appointed the guardian or bodyguard of Hinoi Team, as they’re at some school and I have to keep tabs on them. I faintly recall Asuka and Rina – and not Hikaru at all – but it’s Keika who takes center stage here. At one point, after checking on her previously and looking in on the others, I go to an office where she’s supposed to be studying by herself and she’s in the closet with some boy. They’re not doing anything, but she switched from a school outfit to wearing a loose T-shirt, which for some reason makes me think some touch-feely experimentation was going to happen.

And I go ballistic. I grab the boy – who’s white, by the way, not Japanese – and start yelling at him in my most threatening voice (in real life, I can be quite intimidating when I want to be – though it almost never happens) and basically drag him out of the school with a clear understanding that his throat will be slit if I ever see him anywhere near Keika again. And “slit your throat” was definitely something I said in the dream, which is pretty freaky.

Cut to a little later, and me and the Hinochi go home to a really nice house. There’s light snowfall outside, so we’re definitely not in Hawaii. It’s Christmas Eve, in typical dream logic, and we try to enjoy ourselves with warm drinks and presents. I have a small talk with Asuka about what happened with Keika, and try to talk to Keika myself but she’s either embarassed about what occurred or mad at me or both. I do get my say and explain my concern for her and that I just don’t want her to rush anything.

And around that point, the dream ends. Unlike my dream of Kumai, there was no nuclear apocalypse to close things off.

When I woke up, the very thought of the dream had me feeling all over again the rage and homicidal intent against the boy, which isn’t unusual for me. I often wake up and still feel whatever emotions I was experiencing in the dream, even as the details of what spurred those emotions quickly fade.

As with past dreams, I’m left wondering why I feel such a strong sense of protectiveness for these pop idols. Where is my libido, where are the naughty occurrences that are allowed in dreams (because we can’t help it) but absolutely wrong in reality? It tells me a good deal of how I understand my relationship to idols, though it seems to contradict the baser desires I express so often on this blog and elsewhere. And why the constant emphasis on domestic settings? Homes, playgrounds, schools… why not exotic places, why not wilder flights of fancy?

One thing I realize, though, is that I’d been meaning to pay closer attention to Hinoi Team – now that SweetS is no longer around and Koriki no longer spoiling their songs – but haven’t picked up their new single yet. (Nor is it available at the local bookstore.) For that matter, I had not even seen their new PV yet! I checked, it hasn’t been placed up on the torrent sites I frequent (hint, hint). Hinoi Team does strike me as a very talented group, given their creative and marketing choices. I need to re-acquaint myself with them.

Aaaaand, it looks like I’m gonna wind up one really scary Dad. Little Haruna (the current contender for the baby name, still) better be careful with her own boyfriend when she starts dating in another ten, twelve years… Or twenty years, as my wife would prefer.

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4 Responses to “My Dream of Hinoi Team”
  1. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    “nothing dirty or wrong or illicit on my part”

    ALL of my dreams of Hinoi team were inappropriate.

  2. Ray Mescallado says:

    Go ahead, rub it in.

    (Wait, was that a line from your Hinochi dreams?)

  3. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    Nah it was more like

    “c’mon Asuka it’s simple see:
    if a – 7 = 7 then a = 7 + 7, see silly, it’s easy breezie giggle giggle”

    God I sounded proud when I posted that comment huh haha! So wrong, so wrong.

  4. Mark says:

    Man, I wish I could dream about HINOI Team 🙂