Happy 14th Birthday, Miyabi! Our Contest Winner and Finalists

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It’s that special day, and it’s time to celebrate in our own special fashion! Here is the winning poem from the Miyabi Birthday poetry contest, written by Garamond:

I wish you a happiest of birthdays dear Miyabi
I hope the presents you get will be far from shabby
And your cake will be both enormous and scrumptious
And, with some fear of sounding a bit presumptious
That one day I might be so incredibly lucky
That we’ll marry and you’ll no longer be Natsuyaki

And here are the two other finalists, starting with one from Zush of the fabulous Kakko-ii.com:

Miiya makes me so curious
Now fourteen candles on her cake
How kawaii and scrumptious
This dream of mine, don’t want to wake
Just let me be bit amorous
’cause feel of this it ain’t mistake

The last finalist is Amanda, with this wonderful poem:

Just like all the other Berryz,
Miyabi is as cute as cherries.
Momoko and Maasa, Siiko and Saki
Have all found a great friend in Natsuyaki.
If I could spend a day with Miyabi,
we would eat food topped with wasabi.
So, have a birthday cake that’s delicious,
Because you, Miyabi, are scrumptious!

Thanks to all those who entered, and for the forum judges who made the final decision! And of course, a Happiest of Birthdays to Natsuyaki Miyabi, one of our absolute favorite idols here at American Wota!


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  1. Tiny says:

    Hilarious poem Garamond!