American Wota Subtitles: Berryz Concert Basketball Skit

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Here’s an intermission between the two-part review: the basketball skit where Yurina saves the basketball team. The clip includes the performance of “Joshi Basket-bu” that the skit segued into, but we didn’t sub the song. (You can try to convince the wife to sub it, but we’re already deep in a new sub project – featuring W – and perhaps you don’t want to distract her.) The file is seven minutes long and roughly 71 MB, just right-click here and save.

I don’t have anything to say about the clip that I haven’t mentioned in the first part of the review, except to point out again just how cute Yurina is with her super-genki “Dan!”.

And hey – if you liked this clip or downloaded the torrent file and enjoyed the whole concert, support the Berryz and buy the DVD, okay? (If you can, that is. No pressure or guilt trip or anything.) Enjoy the clip!

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6 Responses to “American Wota Subtitles: Berryz Concert Basketball Skit”
  1. Garamond says:

    I’ve succumbed to the guilt feeling a while ago, therefore I pre-ordered the DVD and have had it a while, and am no only left with the wota-guilt. 🙂

  2. Otingocni says:

    Thanks a lot for the sub.
    You know, when I first watched this concert I could’ve sworn they were saying “dunk shoot” and, after reading your first half review and watching this, I’m still not convinced they aren’t. I think it fits with Miyabi saying Risako’s expectations are unreasonable, and Yurina’s “Dan!” gesture. Plus it sounds like dunk to me, especially in the chant at the end. Maybe I’m just overly enamored with the idea that most of the skit revolves around the ridiculous concept of Yurina dunking a basketball and nothing could possibly dissuade me.
    This clip also contains my favorite Risako Moment(tm) of the concert: when she makes a sort of errant pass to Chinami, who saves it wonderfully. You can tell by the way she moves in the next cheer that Risako is clearly overjoyed that it all worked out. Then, when they all gather together for the final chant before the song starts most of the girls have their eyes fixed on the ball in the center, but not Risako, she stares intently at Chinami her face alight with the formidable emotions she now feels, relief, appreciation, admiration, and maybe… love? (*ponders writing Berryz Koubou fan fiction*)
    Anyway, thanks again for the subs, I was wondering what they were teasing Saki about. Part of me hopes they elaborate on this fictional guy of hers in future skits, but part of me feels that would just make me sad. I think that means I’m about a half dozen glow sticks and a ticket to Japan away from true wota-ness. What a depressing thought.
    In closing, I would like appologize for the rambling, near incomprehensible, grammatically incorrect nature of this comment. Thank you for your time.

  3. DavidZMetal says:

    Nice one . Thanks alot. But Dont u think the combination of a basketball jersey and a skirt is rather odd?

  4. jpopweasel says:

    thanks, i liked it alot. I would have rathered them wear basketball shorts though, instead of skirts, i like short shorts better…lol

  5. rebotko says:

    Thanks for this clips it’s make me understand what they’re talking
    and much more love this skit 😀

  6. Ree-Nekko says:

    honto kawaii! i dont yet know what “dan!” means but i love it lots, espesh the little “d-d-d-d-d” thing yurina does.

    risako was awesome

    shes the best!