Version 3.0 of My Jpop Blogging Adventure

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Cult of Pop is dead. American Wota is the new Cult of Pop.

Why “American Wota”? It’s a title I’ve grown fond of in the past few months and I finally decided to put it to use. (The URL for had actually been redirecting to Cult of Pop for three or four months before this past week.) I like the play on languages, especially the officious ring of the English word and the slanginess of the Japanese. I like the image it conjures, the sense of alien-ness from either angle: most Americans don’t know what a wota is, and most Japanese would find the idea of foreign wota downright bizarre. I also like the connotations of both terms, and how they play off against each other: it’s a combination that’s aggressive and confrontational, and that’s how it should be.

Beyond all that, the title Cult of Pop was meant to refer to a wide range of pop culture, and as I narrowed the range to Jpop and especially girlpop, the title didn’t fit as well as I’d like. Sure, there was the implication of idols and worships in the use of cult, but that was a bit of a stretch. American Wota feels more like truth in advertising, so to speak, and will make for better branding.

So. What can you expect from this new Jpop blog, from what is effectively Cult of Pop Version 3.0?

Blogging that is more obsessive, more critical, more snarky. In other words, I’ll be living up to the name of this site. Number of posts will drop and range of topics will narrow; word count and highwire theory-mongering will widen. From now on, something will have to really fire up my imagination and raise my wota volume to level eleven to make it to the blog. (And not always in a good way – if I become angry or pissed at something, expect that to show up as well.) After all, it’s hard to grow bored when you’re foaming at the mouth.

A fixed schedule. Expect substantial posts on this blog every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, as well as the now-traditional Sunday Blog Roundup on Sunday. There may be shorter posts on the off days, but more likely there’ll just be nothing. I consider this an improvement to the scattershot, sometimes-daily-and-often-not approach in Version 2.0. Both the narrowed focus and the breathing space of “off” days should improve the overall quality.

Cleaner design. This is what got me to thinking about re-starting with a new blog in the first place. Every six months I get restless and want to change things around, usually just the template design. This time I wanted to change more than usual, I guess. No heatmap, no radio blog, fewer links on the sidebar, a more minimal use of the eyecandy strips (which I was thinking of letting go completely, but I just couldn’t). Lower maintenance design makes it easier to focus on what should matter most.

Two subtitled clips released every month. I like this aspect of fandom and want to play an active role in it. We’re already building a backlog to account for when the baby arrives and we lose much of our lives to her.

More active presence on the site’s forum. I want the forum to be more integral to the American Wota presence than it was for Cult of Pop. So I’ll be posting on it pretty regularly, and hope you will do the same as well.

No more “Momoko O Momoko”. Breathe a sigh of relief, everybody.

The new focus and fresh start has already rejuvenated me a great deal. The new title, the look of the site, and the blog entries I’m already preparing have me excited and ready to do the Jpop blogging thing for a long time to come.


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12 Responses to “Version 3.0 of My Jpop Blogging Adventure”
  1. Craig says:

    I’m excited 8). Yes… hahaha *shiver*. Welcome to the world American Wota.

  2. eyn says:

    I hope a new start will bring new ideas and life into your J-Pop blog. Before this site gets bigger, you really should start using permalink instead of the ugly “?p=1” GET variables appended in the URL. This will make your site more search engine friendly and very likely to bring you more visitors and readers. 🙂

    Good luck on your new site! I’ll update the link to Cult of Pop to this one instead.

  3. Ray Mescallado says:


    I knew you’d be one of the first to make it here.


    Thanks for the permalink suggestion, it’s exactly the kind of change I need to make now that I’m starting over. And yeah, I’m already pretty stoked with new ideas and new enthusiasm. I’m not planning as far in advance now, but I’m ready to give each entry blog my all, which should make for interesting reading.

  4. HANABI.1984 says:

    I love the name! ^_^ Especially the tag line, “Because “Gaijin Fanboy” Doesn’t Have the Same Ring To It.”

    “Hi-larious!” (In Mr. Burns’ voice)

    It’s so funny that a few years ago, I wouldn’t have gotten that joke. I love how I get that!

    Anyway, this all took me by surprise. It’s sad to see CoP go, but I’m eager to spend time here, reading your amazing entires.

    Looking forward the future here at American Wota.

  5. CJ Marsicano says:


    Just kidding. I just woke up and don’t know what to say at the moment.

  6. CJ Marsicano says:

    A salute to the end of CoP and the beginning of AW, because there would be no Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama without CoP:

  7. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    I was thinking something similar….streamlining my blog & filling it with more quality stuff. Life is hectic so I’m glad you are still going to take the time out of your schedule to contribute to the blogsphere.

  8. Johnny says:

    A new blog. A new chapter.

    Looking forward to your future entries.

  9. Shay says:

    I like this…this is the next generation in coolness…plus + in my links! Best of luck to ya too!

  10. Zush says:

    I finally found your new life after Cult-of-pop. Thank god you still do this blogging!

  11. Julia says:

    OMG. Thank god I went to Feed of Pop and found this.
    I came back from vacation to find Cult of Pop dead, after waiting a week to read new entries. I nearly had a heart attack. Finding this is allowing me to slowly recover. If you see a slightly spazzy comment from me on Cult of Pop, I apologize, I didn’t know about this place.

  12. eyn says:

    I noticed you implemented the permalink, sweet! I’m not sure if you want to tweak it a little by removing the “%day% from the permalink structure, e.g. instead of 2006/07/15/, you can shorten it to 2006/07/. The shorter version is more ideal unless you are going to post more than once a day most of the time, which is quite unlikely I believe.

    I would have changed the Channel-Ai permalink structure to the one without “%day%” but Google has already indexed my site so it won’t be a good idea. Since this site is still quite new (and Google hasn’t indexed each entries yet), you can still change it if you want to. :p