The Berryz 2006 Calendar: Goodbye to May / June, Hello July / August!

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I’ve been sick as a dog since last night, but have some consolation. I look up from my stuffy-nosed, body-chilled, fatigue-ridden position and bask at a possible view of heaven, shown above. Yes, it’s time for the new sheet on the Berryz poster and it’s the best one yet! Maasa, Yurina, and Chinami – three of the loveliest non-Momoko Berryz, and looking quite U15 sexy in their outfits and bright smiles.

I waited six months for Maasa to finally appear on the calendar, and I can at least take comfort that she’ll be on every sheet until the end of the year. She’s wearing a rather adorable dress here, and while her shoulder is obscured by Yurina’s hand, Yurina’s hand isn’t a bad thing to look at either.

I must confess that the May / June sheet, pictured above, wasn’t as inspiring as past sheets. First, the girls were at more of a distance than the other shots. The difference between distances may not mean much, but Second, none of the girls looked quite… comfortable. Saki’s smile is especially stiff, which is a shame since she was smoldering sexy in January / February. Chinami and Yurina look wan, leaving only Risako seeming genuinely enthused. That said, one can only suspect that Risako was in just one of her peppier moods the day they shot this calendar.

More to the point, Chinami’s wearing that hat. I never liked it, my wife made fun of it, and it just kind of got in the way of enjoying Chinami’s presence. Chinami goes hatless on the current sheet, and her smile is considerably brighter – as is Yurina’s. Chinami’s figure is also emphasized subtly by her outfit, which makes her pep even more gratifying. Or that may just be the sickness talking…

Anyway, I’m hoping to feel better tomorrow and back in the swing of things. And the next two months will be great, now that I’ve got the Twin Towers and my child’s potential namesake to look at every day.