Sunday Blog Roundup: Straight to Video… Well, Maybe Not That Straight

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This week I’ve got two favorite posts, both of the homebrewed multimedia variety. First, the crew of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count celebrates the first year of their group blog with Langdon Alger posting a Very Special Pic of the Day which has to be seen – and heard – to be believed. Now I can’t get the tune of that video out of my head, much as I’d like to. Next, Noone of Yossittelua has moved from comic strips to a wonderful video mixing music, drawing, and screencaps to make its point quite convincingly… Really, does Ayaya know about this? Shouldn’t someone tell her?

In both cases, I was amused and charmed and mildly horrified – but in a very, very good way! I especially love how each of these videos reflect the unique sensibilities and, um, pre-occupations of their respective bloggers. There’s no mistaking the stamp of a particular vision, a particular kind of obsession and playfulness, in these fine works of video ingenuity.

Langdon also chooses GAM for the J-Music Clip of the Week – a good excuse to put up the pictures again – and a Classic Edition with a live and sweaty performance of Morning Musume doing “Lemon Iro to Milk Tea”. We’re then treated to a cute photo of Tsuji and Rika sharing a special fourth gen handshake. Along similar lines Yossittelua has two more strips in Noone’s “This love continues to grow” storyline, with a demand from Miki and a nice surprise plot twist… And closing out our gender-bending foray through these two blogs, YODC’s Tsuji Eriku surprises us all yet again by admitting that he finds Malice Mizer’s Mana and Kpop transexual diva Harisu both hot. I’ll agree with Harisu, reserve judgment on Mana (Gackt is hotter, if not more feminine) and ask: have you all seen the hotness that is Kpop transexual girl group Lady? Now they’re drop dead sexy, too! Wow. Just thinking of them makes me all a-tingle.

In a masculine way, of course. A hetero, open-minded, masculine kind of way. Yeah.

Mmmm… transexual Korean pop singers… Three great tastes that go great together.

So where was I?’s big H!P news is twofold this week. First, the “Happy8” auditions for Morning Musume were officially announced. Second, hunky boy duo WaT is teaming up with Hello! Project’s most popular groups – that’s Morning Musume, Berryz Koubo, and Def Diva – as official supporters for this year’s World Volleyball Championship. Maybe if KAT-TUN was included and SMAP, then we’d have a more even match-up. Can’t Ayaya get w-inds involved and see a cat-fight break out between the w-inds guy and Miki? A blog called Wentz World also has coverage of this titanic team-up of co-ed idols.

Ikimasshoi’s ever-helpful weekly Oricon feature notes that for Music DVD sales, Morning Musume’s Rainbow 7 was #1 with 23,010 units sold and Berryz was in third with 8,885 units. Just give it time, someday the sales numbers will be reversed! Someday… Meanwhile, kelvintan73 opines that Takahashi Ai had the strongest solo performance on the Rainbow 7 DVD while pata of Irresponsible Pictures does a fascinating and highly detailed look at Saki’s dance from the Berryz concert. Excellent stuff, and it makes my wota heart proud. In other news, also notes Harenchi Punch’s first anniversary and fourth single, Nakazawa Yuko’s towel auction, and Maria’s Maiko turning 20 and her band releasing their second single.

unchained is a new Jpop blog that’s well-written and earnest and quite thoughtful. She writes a gripping account of last weekend’s graduation drama and then decides she’s had enough of Hello! Project. It’s a strongly opinionated and well-thought-out piece – the kind of blogging I always enjoy. And there’s already a bunch more articles worth reading, including pengie’s claim on her own Saint Anna. Another interesting blog I stumbled onto is Otanjoubiomedetou which has a quirky write-up on Konno’s graduation concert. Meanwhile, Zush of the always-fabulous is also disillusioned by what happened, though he does remind us to keep our eyes on the prize: Bring Back Aibon! Last but by no means least in H!P news, Craig of All in 1 puts himself out on the line yet again by posting videos of himself doing a Berryz dance and creating a YTMND site for Koharu

And though HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art doesn’t like the song (which I personally love), he shares the cover to Viyuden’s scrumptious cover for “Issai Gassai Anata ni Ageru”. J-Pop CD Cover Art also has a whole lot of Ayu love this week, and here are the ones that I thought were particularly scrumptious: the covers for “M”, “H”, and “&” – and “Boys & Girls”, though I’d really liked larger bikini pictures there. Like in the Viyuden cover.

Johnny of The Mind is in a nostalgic mood, with a sudden craving for Otsuka Ai’s “Sakuranbo” and a wonderfully personal look at one of his all-time favorite Jpop songs and PVs, Utada Hikaru’s “Automatic”. WEBmikey has a solid review of Hinoi Team’s Super Euro Party album. Shay of SparkPlugged shares Rip Slyme’s “Dandelion” PV – my all-time favorite from the group because of that cute runaway girl and her sexy boots. Yikes! Gail of the impressive Himitsu takes a look at Jrock group SID and shares some a short review of Ami Suzuki’s new single, while Karakui presents Mystic as Okinawa’s Answer to Girl Rock.

KagoFeet of Don’t touch my jpop! has chosen for his KF Sunday PV pick a single from someone named Jamosa. He also fought insomnia this week by tallying up Koharu’s virtues, starting off with “She is young with a robust rack”. Talking about pulling no punches… He then goes on to describe why Jpop is a drug before giving in to the addiction and swooning over Bon Bon Blanco videos.

But we all know who the greatest B3 fan in the Jpop blogosphere is, and Our Man In Tokyo asks, Is Bon Bon Blanco keeping it real? If so, really what? Santos of Idolizing St. Anna reports that the upcoming B3 single will be hip hop more than latin rock. However, he’s delighted to hear that the girls of B3 will be wearing bikinis in their PV. Maybe that’s what got Santos thinking about sex school and doing it like an AV idol. Speaking of which, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama raises a discussion point with an obvious answer. Oh man, is it obvious. And I don’t even listen to Puffy. Not transexual enough for me.

Go of jrocknyc isn’t as thrilled with Dir en grey’s new release as he would like though their show in L.A. is proving an impressive financial boon. Then his sites are set on a rather thorough look at Creature Creature, reviewing their latest release and then assessing PV’s for “Kaze no Tou”,“Paradise”, and “Red”. Go also does a great piece on Nana Kitade’s Cutie Bunny, assessing the singer’s loli-goth image as well as the music. Speaking of which, Morning Scene has news of Nana Kitade and other Tofu Records artists at Otakon, as well as Kitade doing bicoastal signing sessions at Mega Virgin stores in the States. Morning Scene also has news of other Japanese music artists appearing at Anime Evolution 2006 and Anime Fest 2006.

Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe does a couple of insightful reviews this week, one for Kekkon Dekinai Otoko and another for the final episode of Iryu ~ Team Medical Dragon ~, which he intriguingly describes as “the Dragonball Z of surgery shows”. Also on the dorama front, insyte of Insyte’s Insights has returned to his blog to post a couple shots from Boku Dake no Madonna. On the gaming front, Jarret of I’m bad at naming things notes the profits Nintendo is reaping from their DS Lite.

usagi of usagi incidents wets herself (or so she claims) at the news of Dark Angel returning through the Sci-Fi Channel. usagi also continues her reviews of anime, including the latest episodes of Witchblade here and here. Also on the anime front, hunterx17 of Furusato Chronicles has an informative piece on the search for new anime to watch, looking at three titles including the ever-popular The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

And before I forget, here’s an obligatory plug for the American Wota forum! We’ve got some polls, some strong opinions, and a surprise or two for those of you who think they’ve read everything on the now-decomposing Cult of Pop…


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  1. pengie says:


    I did not expect this. Thank you! 😀 I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog, and whoa, I can’t even form a coherent sentence right now. So before I make a fool out of myself I’ll just say thanks for the compliments and for linking me (again)!

  2. Chuck says:

    I think “She is young with a robust rack” will be my new life motto.

  3. Craig says:

    I don’t know if it’s the page or the pop up or what but my Virus thing went crazy at Wentz World. Anyway… Checked out Pengies page and it looks good but I like H!P so I don’t know… I’ll guess I’ll just see what you say about it on sundays and way up my options in that way.

  4. KagoFeet says:

    I didn’t get a chance to welcome you back! Looks like you came back with a vengeance!!! anata no site kakko ii da yo! Good to have you back on board captain! American Wooota, I bow to thee!