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Kago is alive and well – and yeah, it does look like her Mom’s a hottie, too! Anyway, Ikimasshoi has news and scans of what Kago’s been up to, based on a tabloid article. The site also has news of Goto Maki performing in South Korea and the success of Takahashi Ai’s downloadable solo single.

In other Hello! Project news, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama writes a well-informed and highly thoughtful review of Berryz Koubo’s new album. Even if you’ve already bought the album – and all Berryz fans should (I did this weekend!) – it’s worth a read. Johnny of The Mind provides a great Morning Musume wallpaper and even breaks it down by looking at each girl individually… and yeah, Koharu does look cute in those shorts. Johnny also has better quality shots from Risa Niigaki’s new photobook. Béné of Béné Blog likes the new Berryz mini-album and has lyrics for both the upcoming Berryz and Kusumi Koharu singles… HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art has Goto Maki’s “Glass no Pumps” single and single V DVD. Luna Tech covers the release of Morning Musume’s Rainbow Seven concert DVD. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count’s J-Music Clip of the Week features Hello! Project mastermind Tsunku, with a bonus of Morning Musume’s gam-a-licious Pop Jam performance.

Several of these bloggers have also had interesting non-H!P entriesworth reading. CJ writes about Akiakane, a group I never heard of but which now intrigues me, and even provides a clip of this all-girl Jrock group. J-Pop CD Cover Art has two very early Hamasaki Ayumi album covers, LOVEppears and Duty, as well as Utada Hikaru’s “Automatic”, while Johnny has the lyrics to two Hikki songs, “Wings”and “Blue”. At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Tsuji_Eriku has been watching a whole lot of doramas recently and admits to liking it when dorama girls cry… Also, Hikaru_Doumuoji covers the Hyde concert at the Fillmore!

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna looks at cat idols versus dog idols and breaks the news about a new Caless girl group, which balances just a little all the kaisans from this year. Santos also considers the problem when a young gravure idol brags that her hobby is sex… Ahh, the jokes for this are too easy. I’ll leave it to you to write your own. Santos follows up with some more amusing thoughts on the topic and why idols can’t say it aloud. And on a sorta-related note, Craig of the delightfully quirky All in 1 has made a decision that reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld… and also automatically disqualifies him from the upcoming O-na-ni-i celebrations! Craig also reviews the Initial D movie.

Shay of SparkPlugged has revamped the site’s look and considers the recent collaboration of Utadu Hikaru and Yamada Masahi of The Back Horn. Go of jrocknyc considers L’Arc en Ciel’s Live in U.S.A. DVD, the new PV from High and Mighty Color, Miyavi’s latest single, and Dir en Grey’s new single. About that last one, gotta love the hat!

Gail of the impressive Himitsu goes over upcoming Jpop releases, eagerly anticipates the m-flo Best Album in two weeks, and does her Weekly PV Screencaps with AAA, Miyavi, and Sunmin. Rinoa of Channel Ai reviews Olivia’s “a little pain” from the Nana anime, while Jordi of Subliminal Beats takes pleasure in the strong Oricon showing of the Rip Slyme / QURLI singles. KagoFeet of Don’t touch my jpop! celebrated the Fourth of July with Zone’s lovely “Hanabi” PV, and his Sunday PV Picks are from Rie-Fu and Tommy Heavenly6. Meanwhile, shiroi heya is back with a review of L’Arc en Ciel’s Awake, while Karakui is excited about Yamada Yu’s blog.

The usagi incidents are back, and usagi starts off with a look at the final episodes of Suzumiya Haruhi. Also on the anime tip, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe looks at the live action movie adaptation of Saikano

On the eyecandy front, Barely 18 Movies has a clip of Sawajiri Erika and Ichikawa Yui dressed up as schoolgirls and – come on, that’s all you really need to know, right? Cute Cosplay Angels has more great Tairi Airi photos here and here. Sister site Sexy Japanese Idols has their share of photos of Airi, as well as some rather nice shots of one Sato Hiroko

There are several new Jpop-themed blogs that we should all frequent on a regular basis. Though no longer writing for the Jpop blogosphere, Thea of Made in Paradise has inspired a new Jpop blog with her magnificent example: jankenpyon! debuted this week, and deserves all our encouragement. Yossitelua is a new Yossi-oriented blog from Finland.

And last but by no means least is Tonari dooshi anata to atashi sakuranbo!, which has a very interesting post today on that whole Tsujikago Cosplay porn thing. It includes this great line about AV: “Apart from the sheer pervertedness, there is also sheer genius.” Ahh, welcome to my world! Anyway, sakuranbo! seems to be written by two bloggers, Angela in black and Kayla in blue. (And yes, Angela or Kayla, feel free to use whatever images you like from this blog! Hotlinking won’t work, but I have no problem with fellow bloggers using the pics and videos on this site if they download it.) There’s a thoughtfulness and penchant for listmaking that I find especially enjoyable – I also liked a recent post on most-underrated Momusu members – and I hope this tag team keeps up with the interesting posts for a long while.


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    Sawajiri Erika and Ichikawa Yui dressed up as schoolgirls….
    This is the closest to heaven my wretched soul will ever get. Thank you from the bottom of my cold black heart.