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Thea of Made in Paradise was the first one to call 2006 the year of the kaisan and now she’s counted herself among the kaisan’d as well. She looks back at the first half of 2006 and announces the end of Made in Paradise. She’ll continue with other fan projects, so keep an eye out for them. It’s always a shame to see a quality blog like hers – and Phil of Breadready, and crs of 28 hundred hours, and Wapiko of Musings of a Fangirl, among others – but its a personal decision, and we can only wish them the best. In Thea’s case, she’s got a future in nursing to consider: we know she’ll do well and good luck to her on that! Made in Paradise had a great run, and I’ll remember the blog fondly.

There’s been other passings as well that have been worth noting. Santos of Idolizing St. Anna looks at Buzy’s kaisan – they’re all going solo now (yeah, that bit of Darwinian strategy should work) – and considers the lack of new talents to arise this year. Santos also covers how one of the Hello! Project Eggs, Hashida Mirei, wrote on her blog about how she was stalked by otaku and finds them nasty. He points out that Oppai-chan may have ambitions quite different from being an idol, and that “cyborgs” (his term) such as Momoko and Ayaya would have handled the situation differently. Ero & Kawaii also covers this blog and how Hashida insults C-Ute’s Hagiawara Mai, pointing out, “I guess she’s to little to know that you can be in trouble if you bitch about the hand that feeds you.” Santos also covers the Bon Bon Blanco special live, their first in over a year. Meanwhile, E&K also looks into rumors of a Miki solo track on GAM’s upcoming single, something Ikimasshoi also picks up on.

Ikimasshoi also covers an interesting Mainichi article which threatens the spread of Japanese broadcast material on YouTube. This is of particular interest, since YouTube seems to have ushered in a new wave of Jpop fans overseas, much the same way Bit Torrents had a couple years earlier (at least, that’s what made Jpop accessible for me). Has anyone noticed this chilling effect? Is it as bad as described in the article?

Go of jrocknyc takes note of another kaisan, with Pierrot’s final PV, “Hello”. Go also looks at Kagerou’s new single and Merry’s new release, which he compares quite vividly to a Rube Goldberg machine, and a highly enjoyable look at Puffy’s Splurge. On a related note, Morning Scene has tour updates for Puffy’s Splurge Splurge tour of the States.

Channel Ai has two interesting pieces this week, a detailed review of Otsuka Ai’s Jam Punch Tour 2005 by Aprilis, and a look at Hamasaki Ayumi’s new single “Blue Bird” by Rinoa. Ikimasshoi has news of Suzuki Ami and Otsuka Ai collaborating on writing Suzuki’s upcoming single. Similarly, Gail of the is now doing a Weekly PV Screencaps feature, the first installment featuring Glay, Mr. Children, Milliyah Kato, and Sowelu, while Memento has a very nice PV review of Tommy Heavenly6’s “Pray”.

Craig has renamed his blog All in 1 and has fallen rather hard for Berryz Koubo, as seen by his review of the “Switch On” concert DVD and a bit of confession that sounds eerily familiar to me… Béné of Béné Blog got her copy of Hi MA’AM! with Miori’s handprint! At Koppie Dip!!, bagofpeanuts observes that the only time he’s been inspired to blog lately has been with new AAA releases, and so he writes about the group’s latest, “Kimono Jet Girl”.

Shay of looks at Singer Songer, Cocco’s side project, and rock-rappers Yamarasshi. Jordi of Subliminal Beats is waiting for Rip Slyme’s single to release and in the meanwhile has some odds & ends to consider. KagoFeet of Don’t touch my jpop! has chosen KREVA for his June Album Pick. Sunny Day has the covers for KinKi Kids’ upcoming single and the news of a new Johnny’s unit. Karakui has news of Hawaiian Jpop star Melody’s first solo tour.

J-Pop CD Cover Art renews its design and even has a Feed of Pop button now! Thanks very much to HANABI.1984 for such support! Of course, there’s the usual bevy of Jpop art goodness with Nakashima Mika’s Cabaret-esque cover for “Glamorous Sky”, the wistfully childlike tableau of Otsuka Ai’s “Planetarium”, and the fresh-faced beauty of BoA on “Dakishimeru”.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has Natsumi Abe’s “The Stress” for their J-Music Clip of the Week, as well as the trailer for Ayaya’s Sukeban Deka movie. They also have some really nice Ogura Yuko shots and an article on something called “vagina in a can” that I won’t link to here but nevertheless find fascinating and disturbing all at once. Johnny of The Mind has lots of Momusu goodness, including shots from Tanaka Reina’s Shoujo R – again split into non-bikini and bikini selections – as well as the making-of clip for Niigaki Risa’s new book.

Also on the eyecandy front, Miki of Deepest Thoughts falls hard for Eikura Nana – and who can blame her? Nana even looks cute eating bagels and doughnuts! And while I didn’t know who Tairi Airi is, she’s an absolute cutie with a luscious photobook, pictures of which are split between Cute Cosplay Angels and Sexy Japanese & Asian Cosplay. No baked goods in her case, unless you count her basking in the sun.

CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama notes the indefinite hiatus announced by Sleater Kinney, a band I saw live during their Dig Me Out tour and still hold fondness for. But hey, if the indefinite hiatus of the Pixies could eventually end, so may this one!

And on a personal note, I’m pretty much on the mend… so let’s just forget that thing with my pig happened, okay? It’ll never happen again. Okay, maybe it will.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. Johnny says:

    JPop PVs might be removed from YouTube???

    If that happens, my blog’s gonna be screwed.

    Now I’m worried.

  2. Julia says:

    I think that Berryz announcement was just a handshake event! There’s Berryz headline news on the H!P official site and when I ran it through a translator, it said stuff about handshakes and stuff, so um, YAY.

  3. Hi Julia:

    Yeah, I saw it too. The address is here, for those interested:

    So I’m breathing a sigh of relief…