Looking Back at the First Half: Missed PVs of 2006

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Remember that really hyper review of Harenchi Punch’s “Megaphone” I posted last year? Or the sarcastic write-up on “Matsuken Samba III”? Or the detailed examination of Viyuden’s “Hitorijime”? No, no, and no? That’s cause I never got around to them. I had every intention of doing so, but inevitably some PVs just fall through the cracks here and end up going ignored.

I’ll often have the screencaps made and uploaded. There’ll even be notes written somewhere, online or on a notepad, waiting to be built upon. But my wota heart being so fickle, my attention may be grabbed by something else. (New Namie? Woo-hoo! Berryz photos? Okay, I’ll write about that other PV later…) And before you know it, there’s an old potential entry that’s been drained of any vitality or timeliness. And with the press of the delete option, it’s like it never existed.

The first half of 2006 has been no different, and again there’s some major videos lost in the mix that I do have a few thousand words’ worth of thoughts on. Sure, I can wait and see if they make my personal Top 10 at the end of the year, but why not handle it now while they still have some of their spark, when they’re not complete relics by the fleeting standards of pop entertainment? Why not remind you gentle readers about some stabs at greatness by these gifted performers?

One thing I’ve noticed in several of the PVs I missed – and I’m not sure if it’s pattern or coincidence – is the use of mascots of various sorts. We’re talking fairy godmothers, giant frogs and rabbits, someone in an ape suit, mentally challenged wrestling comedians… Does it all add up to something? Is there a trend involved here? Does it speak towards some kind of Jpop atavism, perhaps, a need for mystical or nature-based familiars on the part of Jpop idols? Or is it just that it’s fun to have tiny humans and / or people dressed up as giant animals?

Call me a fool, but I’m betting on the last option.

So in the next few days, I’m going to dive right in and make sure I’ve covered most of what I should have covered in the first half of the year. I’m not saying all these PVs are excellent – though two of them are definite contenders for Best PV of 2006, in my estimation. But they’re all quite interesting, and some of them even benefit from 20/20 hindsight and recent developments. For starters, Hinochi are looking much more luscious with the Penty Five now out of the picture, while misono’s “Koujin Jougyou” now emerges as part of a longer pattern of fairy tale interpretations on that idol’s part…

And there’s a whole bunch of new PVs to tackle, as well! The excitement doesn’t ever seem to stop, and the second half of 2006 will be as much of an uphill battle to keep up with all that Jpop goodness as the first half. So that’s good news for all of us.

All that said… have you noticed that the long, uber-analytic PV reviews on this blog stopped right around the time that SweetS broke up? It’s like I was afraid to think too much about the break-up, especially of “Color of Tears”, so I just focused on other things for most of June: my shopping, various news, Suzuki Airi, subtitles… Denial’s been a total bitch.

But yeah, I’ll definitely be getting around to “Color of Tears”. Maybe not this week, but I’ll get around to it. Just gimme more time on that one, especially. That one’ll still feel too much like goodbye.