Berryz Koubo 2006 Haru ~Nyoki Nyoki Champion!~ DVD: The First Half

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The Berryz Koubo Concert Tour 2006 Haru ~Nyoki Nyoki Champion!~ DVD came out the same day as Morning Musume’s Rainbow 7 but there was no mistaking which one I wanted. Actually, Rainbow 7 wasn’t even an option – if anything, I need to get this year’s Hello! Pro Party before that disc.

While 8-nin Momusu has the potential to rock my world now, the past couple years has definitely been kinder to the workshop girls than the flagship unit. Berryz have had better singles as well as better PVs, overall – and beyond that, my wota-ness is much more invested in the Berryz as a whole than to Momusu as a whole. (Though certainly, fondness for Reina, Sayumi, and especially Mikitty still runs high.) So not only were the songs in this concert more near and dear to me than the selection on Rainbow 7, so were the actual performers overall.

It’s been a little while since I watched the Switch On! concert, but I knew this DVD would be even better for a bunch of reasons. First, the girls have gained even more experience singing live, which at their tender ages is important. Remember when they did their first concert tour with W and lip-synched practically everything? Now that’s inconceivable. Second, the departure of Maiha has made for a tighter unit. Without making any disparaging comments about dead weight – especially since my opinion of Maiha has shifted somewhat recently – it’s amazing how far the Berryz have gone as a 7-nin unit. Though of course that also ties back to the training and the eventual payoff hard work always earns.

So here’s a sort-of play-by-play review of the DVD… at least, the first half of the ninety minute show.

00:00:01 How large is the audience? That’s something I’ve often wondered about, especially when it’s obviously not a stadium but a concert hall.

00:00:21 I like that it begins with “Berryz Koubo Koushinkyoku”, as if you needed any further reminder of who you’ve gone to see in this show. The Freudian overtones to this bit of charming animation is just too overpowering for me, though. Seriously, a growing root that goes through holes and blooms flowers?

00:00:33 I know they were the most recent at the time of the concert, but I’ll still ask: Why these shots of the girls? Are caterpillar eyebrows so popular?

00:00:48 Again, just plain wrong. One often has the suspicion that there are merry pranksters responsible for these CGI introductions and the choreography the girls perform.

00:01:07 The crown was popped? Can it get more obvious than that?

00:01:26 I like the smooth shift from the VTR to the girls on-stage, taking over the singing of the song where the VTR leaves off.

00:01:40 I don’t like the outfits. I don’t like the design, don’t like the color, and it seems especially wrong for Maasa’s build. Doesn’t flatter her magnificent shoulders, and also seems the wrong color.

00:02:10 That said, I’ll admit Yurina looks real good in the outfit.

00:02:20 The choreography for the interlude is typical Berryz stupid, a cross between charades set to a rhythm. And why was Risako singled out? Doesn’t she know the real star of the concert this time around? I wonder if all the fist-pumping gets tiresome.

00:02:50 That said, I do like this song a great deal. The simple sing-along nature of it is one factor. Another is that it name-drops the group singing it. While other H!P acts also have a song or two referring to their name, I’m wanting a unit with the audacity of Minimoni, who took the gangster rap route and constantly name-checked themselves in just about every song they sang. Berryz could do the same thing, “Berryz Koubo, yo Special Generation, yo! Berryz!”

00:02:58 “100gag” – for my money, an excellent fun song with absolutely lousy choreography.

00:03:24 Momoko sounds good…

00:03:30 As does Chinami.

00:03:40 Miyabi and Saki do, as well. Actually, hearing it performed live, I now realize this single is a very strong vehicle for the girls’ vocal abilities. It doesn’t demand too much of them, but it does allow them to distinguish themselves.

00:04:20 Miyabi’s “Mmm…!” is positively scrumptious. It’s the only sexy line from the song, the one moment where kittens becomes minxes. I’m glad she delivers that line, my fondness for her will doubtless grow as the Berryz mature.

00:04:24 That pouting arm-pump movie is completely unflattering…

00:04:46 … as is the spastic flailing. I know it’s a kiddie song for some anime show, but do the girls have to move like kindergarteners being tired out before their naptime?

00:05:06 “Nonyu! Nonyu!” My favorite part of the song, carried out flawlessly – if a bit too quickly – by Chinami. It’s nice that the crowd yells it with her.

00:05:18 Despite my bitching about the choreography, it’s clear the girls are having fun with these moves. Kids being kids, I guess.

00:05:26 Given her erratic performance in the last DVD, there was a fear from the start that Risako’s voice would go wild throughout this concert. It doesn’t strike me as a lack of training per se – though the rawness of Risako is certainly part of her appeal – as it is a voice still developing and growing. If anything, she needs to learn the lessons of other H!P idols, such as Tsuji and Rika, who learned to work within their limitations and make them strengths.

00:05:50 Momoko shines here, this is definitely a song that suits her – and her idol persona – best. It’s sweet, innocent, energetic, with a strong hint of flirtatiousness which is equally naive and charming in its own right. The squeals of “Suki!” and outright asking, “Do you love me?” have the brashness and openness of schoolgirls who still think of romance as a game and not a personal drama, who become giddy in the face of a crush instead of brooding and possessive and helpless.

00:06:10 I’m glad she’s the one carrying the song to the end. And I must admit, the dramatic pause in the song makes me laugh here, highlighting the playfulness of the song to excellent effect…

00:06:35 … though I still can’t forgive the choreography.

00:06:43 “Koi no Jubaku”, a song I’ve obviously been loving to death for a while now. The shift in tone from the first two songs to this one would be striking for other groups, but the tranisition is quite smooth for Berryz, showing how well they’ve struck a balance between girlhood and young womanhood at this stage.

00:06:52 What’s with the pointed-finger gun move? Isn’t that Goto Maki’s thing?

00:07:06 I do like the choreography for this performance, if only as a relief from some of the other number’s excesses.

00:07:14 Risako’s wild voice rears its ugly head again…

00:07:19 … contrasting sharply to Miyabi, who’s got real command of both voice and presence here. Right off the bat, she seems to have the best live voice, if not the most engaging live persona. If anything, she delivers the goods as a singer with the measured professionalism of someone twice her age. She just needs more spark to go along with that.

00:07:25 Momoko sounds good…

00:07:35 … Yurina, even more so.

00:07:50 Wow! Yurina’s vocals here are fantastic. Not as polished as Miyabi, and running a bit wild, but it works within the song.

00:08:00 I love the chorus to this song, one of my favorites in any H!P song along with “Piriri to Yukou”. The quick rhythm of the first lines in the chorus, contrasted to that plaintive stretching out of the title words, gets me every time.

00:08:20 The choreography seems better than the PV’s, or is it just because we’re seeing more of it? I kind of miss the yukatas, though.

00:08:59 Yurina clearly owns this number, hands down.

00:09:26 Her “Ko-ih no Juuh-baah-kuuh” here rocks!

00:09:58 In contrast, Maasa gets almost nothing. And what attention she does get isn’t flattering… If anything, she seemsto be trying to just keep up with the moves. This surprises me, if only because she seems to alternate so widely from easy self-confidence to these strained moments.

00:10:18 Saki gets a good deal of screentime, but it’s definitely about the four front girls. Though with the group now at seven, having four girls at the front and three less prominent seems a bit off-kilter. Back with Maiha, it just seemed like an even split – now the unfairness of it seems more evident.

00:10:36 Maasa’s stare is a bit spacey, out there. Like she’s concentrating too hard on her moves. This happens a few time in the concert.

00:10:56 That said, this was a great performance. I like the gentle hip-swaying that closes this song’s performance, along with the bouncy-bouncy of the oversized collars. But that’s just me.

00:11:07 Crazed fans screaming “Risako!” repeatedly is always a cause for concern.

00:11:22 The girls change to their Jiriri party dresses to properly greet their audience. Was it underneath their first oufits? I could see it fitting, considering how bulky those outfits were.

00:11:30 Saki, as always, a capable host who makes the introductions.

00:11:48 Momoko is okay, but nothing like the shiver and shake from Switch On!.

00:12:04 Maasa is very genki, I love how confident she is with the audience.

00:12:15 We get another glimpse of the audience and it is bigger than I first thought.

00:12:22 Risako makes a perfunctory statement…

00:12:38 Yurina’s “Yosh!” is fun, as is her fighting pose move. I love the sass in her step, too, playing up the tall, loose-limbed beauty aspect of her persona.

00:12:54 Chinami’s okay, but nothing special…

00:13:10 And at this point I’m noticing that no one seems to be getting noticeably more cheers from the audience than any other. Not even Risako, really. That said, it’s Miyabi’s turn…

00:13:22 … and she gets to introduce Saki. If anthing, Maasa and Yurina went a little further than others – not much, but noticeably so. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it’snot like they really need to wind up the audience any further. On the other hand, I definitely think they could’ve tried harder, had more fun with the audience.

00:13:36 Momoko takes over…

00:13:46 … and introduces “Jiriri Kiteru” in a noticeably softer voice.

00:14:04 I love this song. And it looks great as they break out into the dance, with the PV up on the screen.

00:14:16 The choreography is fantastic and, as expected, they stay true to the PV’s moves. But hey, they can always look behind them to make sure they’re doing it right. It may also just be me, but the camera cuts in this performance seem faster, as if keeping with the pcase of the song… or maybe for other nefarious reasons.

00:14:32 I’m not sure how to feel about the grab not being very lascivious. But then, it never was. Melon Kinebi would’ve gone much further with it, of course.

00:14:38 Momoko’s moves don’t seem as childish as they do in the video. Maybe it’s in the angle? Or maybe she grew a little?

00:14:52 Miyabi rocks her line. I’ll be saying that a lot throughout this commentary, I think.

00:15:16 This song and the performance of it is ridiculously impressive. But I must admit, I’m still enthralled by this song, and have been since it was first released. After “Piriri” – which is positively transcendent by H!P standards – I’d say it’s Berryz’s best single.

00:15:36 The other grab – which could have been more, you know, since it’s Chinami and Miyabi. But it’s pretty chaste still. A little bit of a wink and a nudge wouldn’t be so wrong, would it? I mean relatively speaking, of course.

00:15:40 Watching this song, I just know the future of Berryz is so bright… If H!P lasts long enough, it really is just a matter of time before they overtake Morning Musume and become the new flagship group for the collective.

00:15:56 Again, Miyabi delivers a killer line.

00:16:20 Fast cuts in the shooting leads to a shot of their boots? Huh?

00:16:26 Shots of skirts, chests, real quick so it doesn’t feel like fan service too much… There’s definitely an aggressive, if nascent, sexuality in how the song presents the Berryz, in how they move, how they sing. That’s certainly one reason I like it so much.

00:16:42 With the PV on the screen, I wonder why they don’t just place the girls on treadmills for the concert performance? Okay, that’s just being silly.

00:17:00 Let’s just say it: Miyabi owns this song. Every line she does is fantastic…

00:17:30 It seems hard to top this performance, I must admit. “Jiriri” is everything Berryz Koubo should aspire towards: upbeat, propulsive, dramatic. It’s clearly pushing them to their limits, and yet they prove themselves more than capable of the challenge. Live, it makes for a great measure of how far the girls have progressed. You shouldn’t coast in a worskhop after all,you should be constantly improving yourself. “Jiriri” is a sharp reminder of that.

00:17:35 And the closing pose, quite sexy and kind of… what? Intimidating? If confronted by seven girls in day glo party dresses standing in V formation in that pose, wouldn’t you be a little frightened or something?

00:17:48 Next, a song that… well, it isn’t a single. “Himitsu no Utahime”.

00:17:58 Chinami has the first solo line! That’s refreshing.

00:18:08 The elaborate chants from the crowd is interesting, though it doesn’t seem as focused or as loud as for Momusu concerts.

00:18:32 Watching the girls move on stage here is great. I should try watching the DVD with the sound turned off, though admittedly I like the songs too much to do that.

00:18:46 Ahh, Maasa does a great job with her line! Finally, what I want to see from her. The scale-climbing quality of the chorus is interesting, though the music strikes me as being really bad easy-listening lounge music.

00:19:00 And so does Saki!

00:19:14 And Maasa again! Though now I see there’s still a little deer / headlights look in her eyes.

00:19:20 And Momoko, whose voice doesn’t fall into that strange low register the way it did in “Switch On!” at times. Well, barely at all, here.

00:19:36 It’s amazing how much Yurina shines in this concert, live she is so much more compelling than in the videos.

00:19:50 The choreography is simple but fun. It doesn’t need to be much more than that.

00:20:16 Overall, this is a song that serves Maasa and Saki well… It’s not single material, but it does showcase their vocal talents reasonably.

00:20:26 The cutesy poses should be kept to a spare minimum…

00:20:36 … as should the cutesy pantomime in the choreography. Even if they hold tight to their younger-sounding songs – and they should – they shouldn’t look inspid performing them.

00:20:50 I’m really not getting into that semi-kickline thing here.

00:21:04 Risako delivers her line well. I was beginning to fear for her every solo line, but that seems an over-reaction.

00:21:26 And I need to add yet again, I love their “Jiriri” party dresses and hated how the colors were drained in the PV. And yeah, I see a contradiction in hating the childish pantomimes so vehemently while swooning over dresses only a color-blind eight-year-old would seriously consider wearing in public. It isn’t like they’re flattering to the girls’ figures – if anything, it shows how flat-chested they all are. But I like the colors, I like the retro feel of the design, and the femininity is pleasing in a kitschy way.

00:21:40 What’s with that sexy come-on gyrating move at the end of the song?

00:21:46 “21ji made no Cinderella” – do they have to start by pretending to be janitors?

00:22:00 Momoko and Yurina start off with strong solo lines…

00:22:22 … but again, it’s Miyabi who stands out. I think she’s becoming the Mikitty of the group for me. Her vocals not only stand out, they also provoke a deeper response in me than the others/

00:22:42 Somehow, this song doesn’t seem too demanding for them. Like it’s an easy song between some of the more vocally demanding numbers?

00:23:04 Another troublesome Risako moment… She even looks a little troubled here.

00:23:14 And the short-and-tall contrast of Saki-and-Yurina is brought back from the PV.

00:23:30 I like the choreography of the dance sans pantomime, with the arm swings and posing. It has a retro girl group feel for it, reminding me of second gen Tanpopo just a little. The dance would work just as well if it was kept to these moves…

00:23:52 … and not resort to more stupid Berryz choreography pantomime. Really, they should leave it behind, the way they did with the horrible dayglo rags from the PV.

00:24:40 It’s a crowd-pleasing song, a bit old-fashioned but very catchy for it.

00:24:44 And what’s with the flirtatious flick of the hips at the end of this song? It’s like the girls are trying to slowly acclimate their audience to the fact that they’re growing up and will be more… womanly… in their performances. It’s funny, as there’s always a need to balance in my head their youthfulness against their years of experience – the hazards of being a dedicated U15 fan, perhaps?

00:25:04 Next up is “Sabori”, another non-single track. I know I’m proving myself a bad fan by being so damn single-centric, but I wouldn’t be that way if the non-single tracks also came with videos…

00:25:20 Chinami again starts out the song! Though really, she hasn’t impressed me as much as several others in the concert so far.

00:25:28 Yurina’s turn, and she does well, despite yelling a little. Actually, I’m thinking I may be cutting her more slack than Risako overall. The lapses of control in her singing isn’t nearly as obvious, but she doesn’t seem to be losing to it the way Risako sometimes does.

00:25:38 Momoko looks adorable for this song, is actively working it, or so it seems to me…

00:25:48 … and hey, Saki’s really beginning to sweat! Ahh, that was one of my favorite aspects of Switch On!, I must admit.

00:25:56 What’s the deal with Miyabi flashing gang signs?

00:26:08 Risako’s voice again goes a bit off, but here it works. Maasa, too. I guess they’re beginning to feel the strain at this point of the concert. It’s a reminder that what these girls are doing is very much a job, and very tough work at that. The art and artifice is in making the viewers feel privileged and believing the girls are performing solely for the adulation and enjoyment. When they were younger and greener, the kick of owning the stage must have been even headier – that their enthusiasm is so evident still is a great sign.

00:26:30 Maasa and Yurina are also getting sweaty, and I find myself saying in a Montgomery Burns voice, “Excellent…”

00:26:54 That stretched-out arms move is nice visually…

00:27:00 It’s so obvious Momoko is really enjoying this song, getting into it.

00:27:24 Here she strikes a cute pose with Saki. Just adorably Momoko. I’m not sure much of this I’d tolerate with the others, even Chinami, but cyborg monkey girl idol is a specialist at this. The best at what she does, and what she does is very kawaii.

00:27:45 Jpop gang signs… of love?

00:27:58 This is another ideal Momoko song, which makes me wonder why it doesn’t also come across as an equally excellent fit for Chinami.

00:28:30 I mean, why is it that Chinami doesn’t stand out much, despite plenty of lines here?

00:29:10 Maybe because this song seems more attuned to Momoko? Or maybe, because her persona is well-defined while Chinami’s still isn’t? I don’t know…

00:29:34 And what the fuck was with that sudden bad Riverdance move?

00:29:40 The Jiriri dress does show off Maasa’s magnificent shoulders quite nicely…

00:29:50 The girls skip off the stage…

00:30:10 Ahh, schoolbells. Though admittedly, that particular chime reminds me more of anime shows set in schools than any actual school experience I’ve had. My experience was much more loud clanging that drilled through your head – Catholic education and all that.

00:30:34 So never mind the counting and callisthenics, what is up with that skirt / basketball jersey combo? Can you imagine them actually playing a pick-up game in that? Wouldn’t basketball shorts have been even sexier? Or would an all-jock look not have been feminine enough?

00:31:00 Saki overacts, but somehow she pulls it off. Put her in a Hello! Morning skit already!

00:31:14 I like how Momoko teases her, just the slightest hint of evil in that pleasant Monkey Girl exterior. Maybe this is a direction her persona can take in the future?

00:31:24 Saki’s defensiveness is funny, especially the admission that the guy doesn’t mean anything to her. But does this paint ideas of some schoolboy waiting nervously for Saki, holding her hand and so on?

00:31:40 I absolutely love that Miyabi is the one who plays the reasonable, articulate almost-adult of the group… Sure, it reinforces a certain blandness in her persona, but it does suit her here.

00:32:00 And it’s played up nicely against Risako, the willful child. And apparently, she can make things happen by just willing it, which I merely suspected in the “Koi no Jubaku” PV…

00:32:10 “She’s scary!” Well, yeah.

00:32:44 The obsession with the jump shot kind of eludes me, but whatever.

00:32:52 Yurina’s “Dan!” and “Dan!” again is just too cute. She’s projecting a genkiness that’s always obvious in her smile but here comes out in her personality and moves as well. Bravo for her! And it works even better because she’s still got a certain dorkiness to her that makes her both more pleasantly accessible and more believably playful.

00:33:06 The audience ooh’s at Yurina’s height. For some reason, that amuses me to no end.

00:33:16 And again, Saki is teased for her shortness. And this by the second shortest girl in the group! Just remember, Mo-chan, one well-timed growth spurt from Shimi and you’ll be the one posing Mutt-and-Jeff style with Kumai.

00:33:32 The crowd cheers the pass to Chinami… They’d probably all faint from a slam-dunk. Actually, I’d pay to see a slam-dunk from any of them. The next song kicks in, “Joshi basket-bu”.

00:33:50 So I guess the basketball is like the spirit stick – whoever has it can sing a solo line?

00:34:08 Saki is quite cute in this performance.

00:34:16 And Maasa really knows how to pose with a ball.

00:34:36 As cheesey as this song is, I love it. In a weird way, it feels like the quintessential Hello! Project styled song. There is a touch of the exotic in the oddly chosen ethnic inflections – the aggressive jungle drums, the Arabian overtones that harkens back to Golden Age Momusu – along with a smooth slide to a golden-oldies styled chorus. The singing is also prototypical H!P, with the chants and grunts and shouts, and the smooth passing of one line to another. What the fuck, this is harder than being a basketball team! Go Berryz!

00:35:00 Saki does very well here.

00:35:22 A cute bending-over move by Momoko, Miyabi, and Risako certainly get my attention.

00:35:44 Are they praying to Our Lady of the Three Point Shot?

00:35:54 This time around, Maasa stands out with Saki…

00:36:08 … as does Yurina.

00:36:12 You really don’t need three people to blow a kiss, unless we’re talking porno. And no, we’re not talking porno here.

00:36:30 And then another round of Tease The Shorty To Make Her Cry.

00:36:56 Saki’s a good sport, though, and a lot of fun to watch in both the skit and the song. I’m feeling definite love for her here.

00:37:14 I find myself liking this song a lot, based on the strength of the performance and its catchy H!P-ness. So that’s another MP3 track to add to my commuting playlist…

00:37:24 The girls launch right into “Nanchuu”…

00:37:40 … and finally, a context where I can forgive the stupid basketball pantomime I so detested in the PV.

00:38:00 This is a great single, with a great chorus – especially how the last line is used as a vocal showcase.

00:38:30 Yurina belts it out here and blows me away…

00:38:42 .. and she does so again here.

00:38:46 Risako’s line is good, too! Great! I suddenly want to cheer her on.

00:39:10 I like the non-basketball choreography, it’s like an earlier test run on the turns and poses for “Jiriri”. That said, I think it would have been better overall with the blue outfits from the PV. I liked how they looked on the girls, and their growing up some in the interim would’ve helped the fit some.

00:39:46 Again, another great line from Yurina…

00:40:00 … and here… Yeah, it seems Berryz has reached the same point as Zone and SweetS have, where it’s damn difficult to keep a sense of objectivity through a clear pecking order. Miyabi and Saki’s ascendance, and the overpowering Yurina vibe of this show, up-ended the current listing of favorites I keep in my head. Is that a sign of greatness, when one’s critical faculties are so compromised that one can only shrug and go, “They’re all my favorites now”?

00:40:12 The girls are actually running across the stage, as if they were on a basketball court! You’d think that some insurance guy would warn them against it… but I guess it helps they’re again playing with an invisible basketball.

00:40:20 And could it be…? Are the stupid basketball moves making sense, since they’re wearing jerseys? Though really, I liked the blue outfits from the video better.

00:40:46 Another great line from Miyabi…

00:41:00 … and another… She seems to be the only one who doesn’t sound winded or out of it at all. Everyone else has had at least a lapse or two, but Miyabi’s been steady and measured throughout.

00:41:16 While this song is dominated by the front girls, this is one case where I don’t mind.

00:41:34 The closing wave move isn’t as good as it is in the video. But it must be tough to pull off in any situation.

00:41:48 Hey, a Kiri Sari video!

00:41:56 All I can say is: Holy shit! When did Yurina become a top-notch hottie? Why did they decide tomake her the focus of the VTR segment? There seems a definite push for her this time around – and I’m not complaining, everything I see makes me agree with that decision.

00:42:00 Saki looks good…

00:42:12 … and again, an unfortunate hat choice mars Chinami.

00:42:20 Miyabi, who in these kind of close-ups tends to look either distracted or anxiously tentative. In this case, the latter.

00:42:28 Yurina, not looking so hot here. The pigtails don’t suit her as well as I’d’ve thought.

00:42:36 Maa and Mo.

00:42:44 Risako, looking especially cute for a change.

00:42:56 The trackis called “Aisuru-hito no Namae wo Nikki ni”. Is this a traditional song of some sort?

00:43:10 I don’t know, Chinami’s whole get-up makes her look especially juvenile. The Osh Kosh B’Gosh version of hip.

00:43:28 Yeah, this Yurina isn’t as good as the other one.

00:43:34 You can hear the audience roar in approval as they cut back to hottie Yurina on her winsome walk.

00:43:52 Three words: “Kumai Photobook. Now.

00:44:06 “Olive Girl”? Well, I love the outfit, very casual and shows off her slim build in a pleasing way without being too obvious about it. Any hopes of sticking her in a schoolgirl outfit and having her jump in a pool will have to be shelved, though…

00:44:20 I can’t help but think of crs’ comparison of Miyabi’s smile to a hippo’s.

00:44:46 Maybe it’s just me, but Maasa looks a bit too gentle here. I like it when she comes across as fiercer…

00:44:57 But yeah, Risako definitely looks good here. Even a little more mature, perhaps? But not too mature.

00:45:13 Now that’s just wrong… I mean, I can’t be the only one who’s recontextualizing the rocking back and forth and look of glee in her face. There are times I feel ashamed to think like such a perverse U15 wota…

00:45:22 Though really, why fight nature? Okay, I probably like it as much as the wotas in the crowd, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

00:45:28 The montage shots are nice, taken from the second album. This is what they should have used in the opening. Maasa looks especially great in her shot, as does Chinami.

00:45:42 Keep jumping, Yurina! Except, you know… there’s nothing to jiggle when you bounce. Okada Yui she isn’t. (Yet.)

00:46:06 And this closing just kills me. I want to die from the sheer kawaii-ness of it.

00:46:17 Oh, be still my heart. And I like how she pats off the backpack, as if cleaning off dust or whatever.

00:46:27 So. What exactly is in the bag?

00:46:27 My guess is that if it isn’t several kilos of heroin or the glowing thing from Pulp Fiction, then it’s probably just photographs of WaT.

Or the head of Alfredo Garcia. Which would make the whole VTR sequence that much cooler, you know?

[Part Two of this review will be up on Tuesday, August 1. I hope.]

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  1. Garamond says:

    Very nice, though I’m starting to prefer listening to the non-singles myself. Maybe I’ve played the more wellknown songs too much..?
    Looking forward to Part Two.

  2. Zush says:

    Nyoki Nyoki Champion! is definitely the best Berryz live DVD. I’ve watched it now about 5 times and no signs of getting bored with it.

    One of the (surprising ) highlights of this DVD is that VTR segment where Yurina is super kawaii. I mean, I could watch this clip like forevar. Another stunning moment is… well you havn’t reviewed it yet, so I’m just saying that there is my #1 Berryz girl Risako, my #2 girl Miyabi and astounding Saki (!yep!) involved in it. All in all: Admirable concer recording.

  3. DavidZMetal says:

    Hey, its a good review .And i would see eyes to eyes with you tat 4 in the front and 3 behind looks unfair.

    Basically, i like Switch On! better than this . Maybe its my fondness to Maiha , but one thing for sure , the recordings this time sucks.

  4. kk says:

    Man this review makes me want this….argh.

    The bag is a symbolism of shogakusei, or grade school times its very symbolic of the fact Yurina just finished grade school in March (when school ends in Japan) And I find it hillarious in her motanges when shes walking around with that bag (as its a girl whos pushing or perhaps passed 5’8 with her little red bag and you realize wow she cant be older than 12..)

    That being said, Risako was so cute in these caps, I can see why shes so freakishly popular, despite being so adverse to the attention at times. At moments 00:37:14 and 00:35:22 I totaly can see her latent idol talents. At 37:14 how she automaticly closes her eye, and naturally seems to make a more realistic and alluring kiss pose and the way when she bends down there is the extra kick that flares up her skirt, these moves seem like those of maybe Matsuura or Ishikawa. Contrast that with the fact the other two “pro’s” of the group, and I can see why shes always gotten such a strong push. It seems like shes so uncomfortable when the spot light is exclusivly on her but when shes in the background she manages to shine. Squee!

  5. Craig says:

    Finally I get to read this (got my copy today and watched it). I’ll definitely read part 2 and I’m off to read Patachu’s bit now as well.

  6. Julia says:

    Okay, so at first I thought Alfredo Garcia was a shampoo company. I had no idea you were talking about a movie. Yeah…I hope that amused you.

  7. mitsumoto says:

    the berryz is super girl unit.
    risako is great vocalist over the world.

  8. Craig says:

    Oh lord she truly isn’t 😛