A Belated Birthday Sonnet for Sudo Maasa

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I’m two days too late, now the special day’s passed!
July third marked the start of your own fourteenth year.
Statuesque Sudo Maasa, still so young – Alas!
For you, time’s winged chariot draws nowhere near.

Your virtues are many, your smile luminescent,
Your shoulders frame firmly your gorgeous physique.
So clearly much more than a mere adolescent –
O Maasa, sui generis, so luscious, unique!

From a distance I watch in sheer worship and awe
As a touch of maturity emboldens your soul –
Yet holding fast to youthfulness’ own charming flaws
You’ve become coltish and playful, a spirited foal.

So best wishes to Maasa, my sweet Berryz amour,
May this year give you all that your heart wishes for.


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One Response to “A Belated Birthday Sonnet for Sudo Maasa”
  1. DavidZMetal says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Maasa Sudou!