This Week’s Goodies: SweetS’ “Precious Memories”

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It’s been a long day, but I have to share this bit of shopping with all of you. Yes, I’ve got the last SweetS DVD, Precious Memories, in my grubby wota clutches. I am quite happy with it, even as I’m further saddened by watching the SweetS girls go their separate ways.

Here’s the back cover. I must confess, this isn’t a good week for me to be spending on luxuries, but nevertheless I had to get the SweetS DVD from Hakubundo as soon as it came in. The call came in yesterday that the CD and the DVD both arrived, and I picked up the DVD this morning. I’ll pick up the CD when the photobook arrives, which should be this weekend or early next week.

Here’s the case when it’s opened up. Note the pack of five photographs, as well as a postcard to enter a lottery to win a present hand-chosen by one of the SweetS girls!

This is the other side of the cover sleeve, once the CD and the various photos and paperwork is removed. Yup, that’s a shot of the girls poolside.

Here’s a closer shot of the girls in bikinis. The DVD has not one, but two different segments of the girls in swimwear! Neither is all that exploitative, I’m (sorta) relieved to say. During lunch at work today, I popped in the DVD and watched much of it. It’s an interesting mix of activities, and I will definitely be writing a full blog entry on the DVD this weekend.

And here are the five photos that came with the DVD: first a group shot,which looks real nice.

Mai and Aya at the beach, looking kawaii.

Haruna biting into an apple, being vaguely Eve-like. “Do I dare eat a peach?” Ah well…

Mai solo, her fingers still frozen in a V.

Last but by no means least, Miori with her own peace sign. I love that T-shirt, SweetS have been so good this past year at getting inappropriate slogans emblazoned on their chests. I’m going to miss that as much as anything else. Anyway, no solo picture of Aya, and no picture besides the group shot of Aki. Considering how I was slowly becoming more of an Aki fan, that was kind of painful.

The DVD is fun – not quite what I expected, but highly enjoyable. I can’t wait to see the photobook now, though the thrills remain balanced with a sense of sadness…


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2 Responses to “This Week’s Goodies: SweetS’ “Precious Memories””
  1. Steve/Japonaliya says:

    The PB is better, and comes with a real (I Think) handprint of one of the girls) I can’t read the autograph under the print though. BTW Their hand print is pretty small, like a child’s. It makes you think how young they really are.
    About the DVD. I was VERY disappointed. Another boring travelogue like Wings.. Except for an excerpt of “Tears” in the opening, Avex used other artist background music instead of SweetS! What a low blow.. esp. the song in English while they are drinking the tropical drinks. I was floored. The discussion part I couldn’t follow so I have no comment. But even with the bikini shots, just watching SweetS walk around, play ping pong, tag, etc. is very boring. I them for their talent, the last DVD could have offered a bit of that..

  2. Garamond says:

    Miori is my favorite, she’s so cute and I love to see her dance. Aya has the best voice though. 🙂