This Week’s Goodies: Older H!P Stuff

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I went down by Ala Moana today to get a haircut – much needed for the past couple months – and stopped into Nippon Video to see what they had. As it turns out, I found a bunch of older H!P goodies at very reasonable prices.

The big gets was the Goto Maki Alo-Hello! photobook, which Johnny of The Mind was providing pictures of this past week. Despite having one of my favorite stuffed animals named after her, I’ve not been much of a Gocchin fan as of late. However, this is a rather choice book, and one I’m glad to add to my collection.

Gocchin looks quite fetching in many shots, with her big nose and big ears and big smile.

Here’s a shot I really like. There’s just so much to read here…

The wife pointed out to me that this is a place we often go to when we’re in Kailua. There’s a Gamestop that I frequent, several stores down, as well as an okay independent bookstore with some surprises but not a great selection.

I think it’s a safe bet that this is Ilikai Marina in Waikiki, though I could be wrong…

Setting aside all the recent boob-squishing and desperate whiff of sexiness, Gocchin’s clearly an idol with a personality that shines through. This photobook has plenty of evidence of that charm, even if she isn’t pawing over herself.

I also got another book today, though this one’s a collection of interviews with Morning Musume right before Gocchin left. The girls are in their “Do It Now!” outfits, which is kind of like Carmen Miranda making do with semaphore flags. Here’s the front cover…

… and here’s the back. I especially like how Gocchin is handling Aibon, presumably to get a specific pose right. Mako-chan also seems to be striking a pose, but her face indicates she’s a little bored or out of it.

Some more photographs from the beginning of the book… Iida looking real hot here, I don’t know why I’m so often surprised by that.

The girls mugging for the camera, as usual. Gocchin doing something with those lips of hers…

Rika looking quite genki… and maybe it’s 20/20 hindsight now, but Gaki-san doesn’t look so bad here. At least, not as tow-headed and shrimpy as her earliest pictures indicated. I guess her transformation from nobody to hottie was more gradual than I first suspected.

Kago striking a pose on the left picture, Tsuji on the right.

Really, for these shots alone, the book was worth getting…

But there’s more! Each girl gets her own small section, beginning with a quick profile page – as seen here with Kago…

… and including a two-page spread of live concert shots of the particular girl. In this case, Kago being in two of the greatest subgroups, Tanpopo gen two and Minimoni gen one.

There’s also an interview with Tsunku, looking quite the sexy bitch here…

… as well as Ichii Sayaka, which kind of surprised me but she was still on the H!P reservation at the time, with the Folk Songs and Cubic Cross.

And Yuko is interviewed as well, here at her most blonde and blue-eyed. The blue eyes when they stand out like this creep me out a little, they’re so obviously fake. But what the heck, for the most part she wears it well.

I also got two CD singles, both from around the same era. Here’s the front of Minimoni’s “Genki Jirushi de Oomori”, one of my favorite even if it did drag Takitty into the Minimoni fold. The four kids are included here as well, which means very adorable pictures of Maasa!

Here’s the CD jewel case opened up…

And here’s a close-up of the insert. It folds out into a lyric sheet, but I didn’t both to include a shot of that.

Last but by no means least, I got the Gomatto CD! They’re my favorite solo group, though GAM may give them a run for the money, and “Shall We Love?” is one of my favorite H!P songs from that time.

Here’s the jewel case opened up…

… and here’s a closer look at the insert image.

Folded out, there’s lyrics and some damn fine pictures of all three girls. I swear to God, Miki in pigtails drives me absolutely crazy – but some of you’ve already read about that particular fetish of mine.

Best of all, this single included a first edition trading card! Here’s one side…

… and here’s the other. I really should get some of those hard plastic individual cases for my favorite H!P cards, this one is up there with the Berryz I got for “Jiriri Kiteru”.

Oh, and my haircut went well. I really should get one more often than every three or four (or five or six) months…


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3 Responses to “This Week’s Goodies: Older H!P Stuff”
  1. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    Miki looks super duper hot in the shall we love get up. Good lord almighty. Help me jesus. Hallelujah jumpin jehosaphats.

  2. Julia says:

    Yay for goodie sprees. 🙂 I need to raid Toronto’s Chinatown today in search of anything H!P-related – or even better, anything H!P-related that isn’t bootleg.

    By the way, have you seen Koharu’s performance of Koi Kana live in Oha Star? It’s pretty cute.

  3. Craig says:

    Julia, I know you weren’t talking to me but still… I saw what you said and checked it out. So thank you for that.