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To start things off, Gail of the impressive Himitsu looks at the upcoming KAT-TUN single, w-inds photobook, and other releases in coming months. She also has the very best paragraph of the week, which must be quoted in full to get the proper effect:

Sometimes it’s kinda weird how I’ve become such a fangirl… first, I was happy with just downloading stuff, then suddenly those weren’t enough anymore and I just had to have the CDs too. Then I told Takky that yeah, having the CDs are enough already, but now I’m buying magazines of which I can’t even read a single thing (next thing I know, I’ll probably be studying Japanese just to read those). Now it’s photobooks, gyuuh~ by the end of the year I’ll probably be buying $25 calendars which I won’t even be using or hanging up on my walls *has a really bad feeling* (-_-;) Oh well… *sigh*

It’s so funny – and poignant – because it’s so true! I’m sure many of us know the feeling, but it’s nice to see it described in such a vivid, engaging manner. It’s also nice to get a head’s up on a Sowelu album…

Meanwhile, the urge to keep more than one Asian-music-themed blog is apparently contagious, as Shay of SparkPlugged has debuted for Japanese indie music, while Fujimoto Chronicles has re-emerged as Ero & Kawaii. Both are worth a look, and help expand our little corner of the blogosphere in intriguing ways. Back at SparkPlugged, Shay has an amusing clip of a fake Nike commercial. And on a related note, Morning Scene reports that the Japan Times has written about the J-indie scene. Meanwhile, the ever-restless has re-invented itself again in its ongoing evolution, with the best new addition being an eyecandy section. They continue to deliver news and even more analysis, with the disturbingly vague Berryz announcement and a look at the NewS suspension being especially interesting this week…

Kiss, kiss Gocchin’s lips: Johnny of The Mind delights in Goto Maki’s pucker in an Alo-Hello collection, then in the rest of her body with the bikini shots from the same collection. (Hey, I may just get me a copy of that photobook…) Johnny also has preview shots of Risa’s new photobook. pengie of it’s too late to know why it shines opines about the upcoming Berryz announcement, thinking it may be a promotion of a couple Berryz to Morning Musume, as well as noting Utada Hikaru’s Tetris skills. Meanwhile, Luna Tech’s Zaeleus looks at new and upcoming Hello! Project photobooks and WEBmikey has an astute review of the Morning Musume Best DVD.

Craig of Non-Philiosophy-Orientated Blog offers a variety of clips this week, including the making of the “Special Generation” PV here and here. But why have a non-philosophical Jpop blog? I employ whatever cheap academic rhetoric still lurking in my head, and Santos uses science frikkin’ experiments (check out the Hoshino nipple piece, below) and even graphs and charts when necessary! If Jpop can’t inspire philosophy, then what good are Morning Musume and Berryz Koubo? And now that I think of it, maybe some biology and basic composition lessons would have helped our hapless Nacchi: Santos of Idolizing St. Anna reports how Natsumi Abe does bodily harm to an endangered species of turtle… Santos also considers the mystery of Hoshino Aki’s nipples and the placement of H!P idols in a recent Top 100 Girlfriends poll. Last but by no means least, Santos’ one true passion re-surfaces as Bon Bon Blanco finally – finally! – releases a new single! I’m happy for him and if Anna Santos is as hot as ever, I’m happy for myself, as well.

Jrap fans should also rejoice at a spate of good news. Jariten of HALCALI day by day is excited at the news of Halcali making the cover of Zipper magazine. And hey, the girls look fantastic in that shot! Meanwhile, Jordi of Subliminal Beats considers responses to the Teriyaki Boyz’s song in the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and confirms that Rip Slyme & Quruli will be appearing on Music Station. Also on the Jrap front, Tsuji Eriku of Your Opinion Doesn’t Count recommends KREVA of Kick the Can Crew and provides a clip to further your interest.

Of course, this being Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, there’s also H!P eyecandy as Langdon Alger provides some great Rika shots as well as birthday wishes for Matsuura Aya – with plenty of bikini shots, of course. Kagofeet of Don’t touch my jpop! has C-Ute self-introductions and his summertime Sunday Video Picks are M-flo loves Emi Hinouchi and Ryohei, as well as 3Nation.

Thea of Made in Paradise rejoices – as do I – at the news of TEAM dream winning the Skylark Challenge Cup. Thea also breaks the news of the Heartsdales breaking up… which for some reason makes me laugh, because they’re sisters. But that’s just me. Béné of Béné Blog has some short reviews as well as a guided peek at her Jpop collection. Queenie of Her Charming World notices Komatsu Ayaka in a Candy PV. Karakui looks at Cocco’s new album and provides a handy list of Okinawa live houses, in case you’re in the area and looking for some music. Heaven’s Mirai Yashima gives a nice overview of Tommy before announcing her upcoming Tommy Heavenly6 release, among others.

Junk Odyssey augments its usual Jpop and Kpop MP3 rotation this week with a couple of animated GIFs. J-Pop CD Cover Art has some great new offerings, including recent and upcoming releases from Hitomi, , Hamasaki Ayumi, and that Tetris maniac Hikki. HANABI.1984 also offers W’s “Miss Love Tantei” for some Tsujikago goodness. (Now a blatant plug: for those who want just a little more classic Tsujikago goodness, check out the Cult of Pop forum’s members-only area.)

Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe asks himself WTF he’s doing watching a Taiwanese drama, but makes the most of it with some choice fan service shots. He then reviews the movie Touch but doesn’t give us any truly sukebe shots to live up to his name… On the eyecandy front, Cute Cosplay Angels has a very enjoyable collection of Isoyama Sayaka photos from her SOFT photobook – here’s parts one, two and three. And in the name of broader cultural understanding, Sexy Japanese Photobook Idols has been looking at photo shoots from the Thailand Penthouse magazine, concluding: “It’s interesting to see the modesty of the poses compared to the US version, and the blandness of the photography compared to Japanese photoshoots.” We’re still talking naked beauties, though, so don’t worry – we’re not talking a total culture shock thing here.

Off the beaten Japanese music path – way off, actually – Go of jrocknyc reviews Pierrot and… Huey Lewis and the News? His final assessment is correct, but I now have this image of Michael J Fox doing visual kei in that scene from Back to the Future… Go also looks at the V for Vendetta movie, which I still haven’t bother to see, which leads him to list comics he’s liked. CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama has clips from the ongoing struggle for the soul of the Dead Kennedys – an amusing piece about the current line-up getting some much-need Jello, and the actual Jello Biafra performing a DK classic. I remember buying the cassette of In God We Trust, Inc at the tender age of thirteen and realizing the cover was *gasp* blasphemous. And now, here I am, all corrupted over another country’s teenage idols: “Suzuki Airi, uber alles / Uber alles, California / Shimizu Saki, uber alles / Uber alles, California…”

I just lost, like, 90% of you with that last joke. Sorry about that.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    I wore out two copies of In God We Trust, Inc. on vinyl. First copy was actually a Canadian pressing on Statik (with a light orange Alternative Tentacles label!) that was mastered at 45 rpm; the second was an American AT/Faulty Products pressing that I’d mail-ordered from Toxic Shock.

    Eventually, I’ll have something J-pop related on this week, and the start of that Best Albums thread. Been plotting both in the back of my mind for awhile. 😉

  2. Craig says:

    Well I was thinking of just having 1 blog with everything but after I finished the philosophy bit I thought ‘Now if I post a Berryz video people are just not going to be able to take anything I’ve said seriously.’ However I suppose maybe I could be wrong 🙂

  3. Looks like we missed the Sunday Blog Roundup deadline…but this weeks J-Music Clip of the Week is MINMI’s new single “I Love You Baby” plus some HALCALI clips..more Aya and Miki goodness…and several very interesting clips of a cosplay group doing there take on some H!P favorites..Ray, you’ll really enjoy there rendition of Jiriri Kiteru.