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My favorite posts of this week are from that Avex tag team, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna and Thea of Made in Paradise. Santos handles his farewell to SweetS by giving overseas fans a chance to pass along their own well wishes to the Penty Five, gives a remarkable account of their special June 10th performance – the parts about Miori are especially heartbreaking – and even breaks the news of a Best Of album in August. Santos has been such a dedicated SweetS fan, his candor and insights on the group has always been a joy to read. Thea meanwhile takes note of the final SweetS PV, watches the single’s very brief appearance on the Oricon charts, and – on a personal note – considers the intricacies of writing for an audience. I love this last one especially, Thea’s been hitting some surprising peaks in her blogging in recent weeks, making interesting new choices as she goes along.

Béné of Béné Blog also notes the end of SweetS and of some of the girls’ post-breakup plans, while morning feed releases its second podcast, which includes discussion of SweetS’ breakup, among other topics. Sunny Day also takes a quick overview on several Jpop groups, including SweetS and their upcoming Best of Delicious collection (her assessment of whether or not she’ll buy it is refreshingly honest), as well as Hikki, Kanjani8, TOKIO, and Boa. Kagofeet of Don’t touch my jpop! provides the “Color of Tears” PV, but mostly continues to go ga-ga for AKB48 here, here, and here.

Ikimasshoi News breaks that Maeda Yuki will be leaving Hello! Project after her next single, as well as the horrifying announcement that Yaguchi Mari broke up with her boyfriend, an apocalyptic event that CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama takes not of. Mark Adams posts on Kineda Magazine about Jpop and that miracle girl, Kusumi Koharu. Craig of Morning Musuko asserts that dance versions of PVs are better – myself, I prefer close-up versions – and notes the oddness of the group’s name. Myself, I find the oddest – or most disturbing – name in Jpop is Mr. Children. And for Coconuts Musume fans, Johnny of The Mind has images from Ayaka’s photobook, breaking it down to bikini and non-bikini shots.

Jordi of Subliminal Beats gets a chance to hear the Teriyaki Boyz song for Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and passes along her impressions. Gail of the impressive Himitsu does a beautifully screencapped review of the m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei PV. Shay of SparkPlugged gives us a taste of Sambomaster and their positive message. Go of jrocknyc does a review of a recent dir en grey concert, as well as Rentrer en Soi’s new CD and bonus DVD.

J-Pop CD Cover Art celebrates its first anniversary and continues the arty goodness with W’s “Ai no Imi wo Oshiete!” and a couple of Amuro Namie’s earlier album covers, for Love Enhanced and Concentration 20. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has a ludicrously early edition of their J-Music Clip of the Week featuring Morning Musume’s new PV, and later in the week has Aoi Sora goodness with her first music clip PV as the standard J-Music Clip of the Week as well as a couple of other Sora clips.

And if that ain’t enough eyecandy for you, Cute Cosplay Angels has photos of Maria Ozawa in schoolgirl cosplay. Sexy Japanese & Asian Cosplay follows up with nude photos of Maria Ozawa later from the same photo shoot. They also have bikini pictures of Hoshino Aki, which are even more strikingly beautiful. But hey, I’m a fan of both Maria and Aki. And if that isn’t enough eyecandy for you – and it shouldn’t – Wapiko has a new forum dedicated to gravure, Beach Angels BBS. Go visit it!

usagi of the usagi incidents provides primarily anime reviews this week, including a look at the latest episode of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Last but not least, a blog that’s new to me: Hyrokkin’s Anthology covers anime, Jpop, and other aspects of pop culture. I’m personally intrigued by the playlists that start off every post, with its electic mix of musical choices…


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. Craig says:

    I’m not sure I’m ready for a Gravure BBS but I’ll remember it’s linked here anyway 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    O_O Mari…and her boyfriend…broke up?!
    OMG. *Spazes*

    …*Ends completely YouTube-y-fangirl-y comment, but is still spazzing a bit*

    That’s kinda sad about Maeda Yuki too, if only because it’s sad to hear of someone leaving H!P. That said, I’ve never actually listened to her.

    Ahh I can’t believe it about Mari and that guy! (I know he has a name, I’m choosing not to use it.)

  3. Chuck says:

    Whoa, somehow my eye skipped right over that bit. I guess I’ll have to take that hit off of Oguri, then.