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My favorite blog entry this week is quirky but endearing: Thea of Made in Paradise waxes rhapsodic about her phonestraps, a charming piece that shows how even the tiniest item can be a reflection of one’s identity. Myself, I have phone straps but not on a phone – I’ve got a Matsuken phonestrap / screenwipe for my Nintendo DS, as well as Tsuji and Kago phonestraps on my everyday satchel… Thea also has news of Hinoi Team’s new Koriki-less single and that Hinochi will be at Vision Fes Volume 2 with other Avex artists, including Akina! Yes, Akina! Woo-hoo!

Idolizing St. Anna has news of Avex signing 12-year-old Kawakami Julia in their latest talent search. Santos theorizes that this was following a plan on Avex’s part and opines that Saaya Irie’s newest playmate, Iguchi Rio, is cuter. He’s definitely right on the second count, and makes a compelling case for the first… Santos also considers the upcoming return to music by ex-dream Matsumoro Mai after resurfacing in the blogosphere last year. Last but by no means least, Santos considers a Japanese journalist whose blog accuses Morning Musume of destroying the Japanese language – because of the period in their name,of course – and having to retract his “joke” after an unexpectedly vehement backlash. The lesson? Don’t fuck with the wotas, I guess.

Mark of Ikimasshoi notes the relative chart longevity of Morning Musume’s “Sexy Boy” and theorizes how it ties into the upcoming graduations,then notes Risako’s upcoming solo debut on the next Berryz mini-album. On the less sexy side – cause nothing but nothing is sexier than Berryz – Ikimasshoi looks at Goto Maki’s recent Music Fighter performance as well as Koda Kumi’s performance on the MTV Japan Awards, providing a download for those interested. Meanwhile, crs of 28 hundred hours looks at Se7en’s own performance on that show.

Go of jrocknyc starts the week with a review of vidoll’s new album and then finds himself considering Def Leppard’s new releasethen again… and finally a third time. Somebody’s bringin’ on the heartbreak… Jordi of Subliminal Beats notes that the Teriyaki Boyz will be doing the title track for the soundtrack to the upcoming movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Gail of the impressive Himitsu is excited by her latest goodies and writes about w-inds’ recent appearance on CDTV. Béné of Béné Blog comments on Morning Musume and SweetS’ new PVs. (I haven’t talked about that yet, have I?) Karakui is carrying Amuro Namie’s other new PV, “Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, I’m Sick”, as well as a guide to buying Okinawan music online. Morning Musuko is excited at getting his first Momusu concert DVD, 2005 Natsuki Baribari Kyoushitsu Koharu-chan Irasshai, and provides a review of it. morning feed unveils its very first morning radio podcast, for those of you who want to hear the latest news as well as read it. Meanwhile, Jpop Blast continues to release new podcasts

Kagofeet of Don’t touch my Jpop! has yet more AKB48 goodness, guiding readers through the group’s website and recommending their online calendar thingie. His Sunday PV Pick is Crystal Kay’s song for Kingdom Hearts. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count’s J-Music Clip of the Week is the preview of Morning Musume’s upcoming single. Already the excitement builds! There’s also some really nice photos from Fanimecon – I like the bread-selling girls especially. And make sure to read the lovely closing sentiment of this blog entry! At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, it’s just like family… Speaking of anime conventions, here are some photos of a recent USA Musume performance, apparently doing one of my favorites, Otome Gumi’s “Ai no Sono Touch My Heart”.

On the eyecandy front, Barely 18 Movies has news of a new Isoyama Sayaka DVD. Sexy Japanese & Asian Cosplay has an intriguing Ogura Yuko photoshoot. Cute Cosplay Angels has two very hot photos of Maria Ozawa in a blue bikini. J-Pop CD Cover Art has two gorgeous images of hitomi, for “Cragy Mama” and “Japanese Girl”, and starker images from Self-Portrait.

usagi of the indefatigable usagi incidents looks at the two PVs from the Nana anime, Olivia (as Trapnest’s Reira) doing “A Little Pain” and Tsuchiya Anna (as Blackstones’ Nana) doing “Rose”. usagi also looks at Tommy Heavenly6’s new PV for “I’m Gonna Scream”. An anime-centric blog called memento also looks at Japanese music sometimes, and the two interests cross over in its own reviews of Olivia and Tsuchiya Anna.

FG links to Mach55Go!, a fascinating graphics company that makes incredible parody of famous record covers. SparkPlugged’s Shay is excited by an intriguing international offering: a Japanese remix album of Daft Punk, which comes with Kubrick figures of the two musicians in that quirky group. Now why the heck can’t we get Kubricks of Berryz or SweetS? What the heck, I’d even have a fun time with a SMAP Kubrick set – especially sticking the Shingo one in places where it shouldn’t be.

Last but by no means least, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama makes a personal plea that strikes close to home for me – so I’m passing it along here, since pursuing new opportunities and making your ambitions come true can use all the support it can get. CJ also steels himself to do what NME does, planning his own Best Albums of All Time list for the blog.


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8 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. Thanx4includingMe. I need2check those links! However if it’s ‘kept in line’ Uwish2B I recomendU using URdiscretion if you’re trying 2say something 2the effect of ‘nothing is sexier than Berryz’ when offline.

  2. Morning Musuko:

    “Nothing is sexier than Berryz” is actually as tame as it gets for me. And offline, my conversations are more about cannibalism than Jpop.


    You have angered the mysterious whims of Cult of Pop… Actually, I just goofed big time. Sorry about that, and I promise it won’t happen again! I was having a hard time with the computer last night – it froze a couple times, lost some material I was typing up – and I missed you, plain and simple. (Maybe now’s a good time to not-so-subtly nudge some bloggers not part of the Feed of Pop stream to include themselves on it… I always start there and check non-Feed sites afterwards.)

    Thanks for the links, and of course I recommend everybody check out your site. That first Berryz image in that last link is particularly noteworthy, because nothing is sexier than Momoko striking a pose… except maybe a sweat-soaked Saki.

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Ray. I need every ounce of help I can get, and the sooner I’m off the massa’s plantation the better!

  4. Wow I never knew U were so bad! Ur site has such a clean design. Let’s say you were at a handshaking event with Berryz… You wouldn’t just lean over the table, grab Momoko and run off would you? 🙂

  5. Johnny says:

    Haha, not a prob.

    Sorry for the newbie Q, but how do I add my blog to the feed? Do YOU add it up?

  6. Shay says:

    SMAP Kubricks? That’s a brilliant idea! :P…Throw in a DA PUMP Kubrick set as and added bonus and I’m SOLD! 😛

  7. thea says:

    i had to look at my dictionary for a proper definition of quirky (lol my english is not as great anymore), but eh i guess that entry was not stupid after all lol.