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I don’t want to say goodbye. SweetS’ last single, DVD, and photobook all go on sale tomorrow, on the seventh. With any luck, I should be getting at least some of these goodies before the end of the week from Hakubundo – paying a dear premium for such prompt delivery, but I don’t care.

That said, I find myself reluctant to write too much about SweetS… I’ve got a stack of possible blog entries looking back at what they’ve accomplished, but find myself not quite ready to say it yet. The finality of it is sinking in on me. If I don’t write it, maybe I can put off admitting the end is near. When is the last day of SweetS? This release date tomorrow? Their final appearance together – which Miori may not even attend – on the eleventh? But if they don’t sing that day, would it be their last performance together as a music group, sometime last month?

It doesn’t help that there’s still no news of a follow-up music project for any of the girls. That would give me something to look forward to, a future to anticipate.

It also doesn’t help that the group isn’t getting the send-off that Zone got, or any of the important Morning Musume graduates like Nacchi and Tsujikago. But that’s no surprise, since SweetS have never delivered a hit the caliber of “Secret Base” and “Love Machine”. To most people, SweetS was a minor group with minimal sales who were put out of their misery… And it’s hard to argue against the facts of sales figures and Oricon chart listings – but they mean so much to me, they’re so integral to how I appreciate and understand Jpop, that all those numbers and igures simply don’t match up to the heartache I’m feeling.

My latest Jdorama crush (I’m so ashamed)… As I’ve mentioned before, Hawaii has its own Japanese television station, KIKU. The wife watches it a lot, as do I, and one of her favorite shows is the family drama Making It Through – season seven is currently playing here Sunday nights. It’s about a father who owns a restaurant and his five daughters, all married and with kids and dealing with various problems.

The main reason I watch it is for Uno Naomi, who plays Kazu. At first, I was really annoyed by her because she doesn’t have what we call an “inside voice” – she seems to always be talking at the top of her lungs, which grates on the nerves very quickly. Also, she bears an Okamura-esque resemblance to a monkey.

But hey, I said the same thing about Momoko, didn’t I? So as time passed, I found myself looking forward to scenes with Kazu – she’s had maybe one major scene in the last two episodes, which is disappointing. And I’ve gone from finding her a completely annoying monkey girl to an intriguing young actress… Apparently, my taste in underage geinou just continues to plummet and plummet.

I believe in Morning Musume again! I love the new PV! It’s the first one I truly love and enjoyed since “Joshi Kashimashi”! And now I’m really looking forward to how the 8-nin Musume are going to rock the rest of 2006. I’ll be posting an entry on “Ambitious!” (very) late tonight, so stay tuned for that.

Important dates. The number of the beast may be 6-1-6, not 6-6-6. So today’s kind of late to celebrate it. Whatever the case, the pseudo-holiday I’m really looking forward to is July 21, Oh-na-ni-i Day! If all goes well, I’m going to have something very special planned for this year’s oh-na-ni-i festivities…

Okay, not really. But the thought of it must have bothered at least some of you.


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2 Responses to “Random Observations…”
  1. Mark says:

    I will keep tuned for it 🙂

    Now if Santos would believe again in MM, I’d have my day done. Indeed their latest PV is kind of shinning (The Peace) and good looking (Koko n.Iruzee). Good step up! Hopefully the trend will continue with the 8 girls Momusu. “Miracuru is in da hause!” and since Tsunku felt in love, songs are getting better. Now, only if they would sell a DVD with the PV together with the CD…

  2. Chuck says:

    Just in case you haven’t checked there lately, Santos has offered to deliver any fans’ final messages to SweetS at their farewell event. I didn’t see one from you, so I just wanted to make sure you had a chance before the event.