Odds & Ends: Personal Edition

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While working a full-time office job hasn’t made a noticeable dent in my blogging, meeting freelance deadlines has always had a way of draining me just enough to leave some very obvious gaps on this site. Anyway, I need to get back into the swing of things – SweetS are now officially gone and I think I’m ready to say goodbye (still in denial, but not as much) – so some quick notes to re-acclimate myself to the Jpop blogosphere…

First, has everyone seen this too, too short clip of Suzuki Airi introducing herself? Wow! It’s twenty seconds of moe heaven! I’ve been a fan of hers since I realized “First Kiss” is probably the greatest H!P song of the past several years and that song was all about Airi’s vocal chops. For many, she is undeniably the most gifted singer of the H!P Kids. But she’s also become a total cutie now, as I’ve noted on at least one or two occassions.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to post more Airi photos. I can’t wait for C-Ute to actually be releasing PVs for their singles.

Speaking of Airi, a student of my wife’s is returning to Japan for a month and asked if I wanted anything from there. If I’m lucky and the student has the opportunity, in a few weeks I’ll be getting Berryz and C-Ute goodies from the Tokyo Hello! Project store…

(Dammit, I miss the Waikiki Alo-Hello shop! And I got into Berryz only after they closed up!)

Anyway, this student and her daughter – also a student of my wife’s – both know how I’m into Berryz and SweetS and so on, and think it’s cute. It still amuses me, that the Japanese females I know have no problem with my avid interest in the likes of Airi and Momoko, and even find it cause for amusement instead of alarm. Part of it may be the fact that I’m happily married, which clearly makes it a hobby and not some ominous prelude to an NBC Dateline guest appearance. To them, I’m just an otaku, a type of fan they’re familiar with from their culture.

But if I had an American wife and was saying things like, “Mmm, that Dakota Fanning looks mighty tasty,” you know I’d catch hell for it.

Last but by no means least, the indispensible H!P image database site Kakko-ii has been very kind to Cult of Pop recently… and may well have sealed the deal on the whole baby name thing. The above image of Chinami was taken from the site and I was so charmed by it that I made it my wallpaper. The wife sees it and says, surprised, “She looks cute here!” I pout because Chinami always looks cute, but the wife is reading my mind and adds, “I mean she looks better in that picture than here,” pointing to the calendar, then says something unnecessarily cruel about the hat Chinami’s wearing in the calendar image.

Anyway, it’s looking more and more like Chinami – if not Chinami Mai – will be the name of the Cult of Pop heir, whenever she’s ready to pop out of the womb. And for those well-wishers concerned about my naming a child after some Jpop idol, well… I’ve met two different Filipino men about my age named Mannix, after the TV show, and it doesn’t seem unusual to them. And the possible alternatives outside of Jpop may cost more in therapy fees in the long run: I’m not a personal fan of naming children after relatives – not strictly opposed, but would much rather not do so – and the possibilities if I go with characters from favorite works of literature (Oedipa, Lolita, Dolores, Continental Op) or film (Lola, Rosebud, Zoot) are just not very appealing.

I also learned the dirty, dirty trick of being able to nix any name my wife chooses by saying it’s the name of somebody I’ve dated or been otherwise involved with. The only reason I stumbled onto that tactic, though, was that over the past few weeks she has inadvertantly suggested a Greatest Hits selection of my dating past for the baby’s name…

But hey! Airi would make a great middle name, don’t you think?


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2 Responses to “Odds & Ends: Personal Edition”
  1. kagofeet says:

    Airi would be an awesomely beautiful middle name! did i spell awesomely right? ahhh oh well.

  2. Chuck says:

    Airi is a pretty name. The only problem with it is that it’s one of those Japanese names that no American will ever, ever pronounce right on his first try (same problem with “Miike” and “Abe”).

    By the way, what is “Zoot” from?