More of This Week’s Goodies: SweetS’ “Color of Tears CD-DVD

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I now have the “Color of Tears” CD-DVD single, which leaves only the photobook for my goodbye to SweetS. Or perhaps not, based on the news from Santos about a Best Of collection planned for August

Here’s the booklet outside of the jewel case. The girls look very mature. The black outfits and the sunset are nice symbolic moves – not original, but certainly tasteful and appropriate. While it would have been great to see the girls looking back on their three-year career in a more obvious fashion – I was expecting each of the three releases to have a retrospective flavor to them – I can appreciate the decision to not go that route, to simply close on their own terms, with their last trip together.

The inside of the jewel case, opened to the CD side.

And the inside of the jewel case, opened to the DVD side. I was surprised to see the fan service with that swimsuit photo, but was also quite pleased. I mean, wowza!

This image of the girls in swimsuits is actually more revealing than anything in the Precious Memories DVD, if only because it’s a still image allowing you to stare. Miori has an especially nice figure, though I think I prefer Aya’s swimsuit and pose best. And like watching the girls in Precious Memories, I don’t feel desire so much as an odd… wistfulness, I guess? A melancholy sense of life moving on and the five girls going their separate ways. (With Miori having already moved on and left SweetS behind.)

And the back of the jewel case, similar to the closing image of the single’s PV. I’ve got some goodbye posts – and my special project – lined up for SweetS, and will be posting them just as soon as I take care of some freelance obligations.

I’m still not ready to say goodbye, though. I’m hoping the August album is a reality and not just rumor – though like Santos I’m not holding out for a reunion (after all, Zone didn’t re-unite for E) – so there’ll be at least a little more SweetS to look forward to. Like a junkie, just a little bit more is all I ask.


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2 Responses to “More of This Week’s Goodies: SweetS’ “Color of Tears CD-DVD”
  1. Steve/Japonaliya says:

    I am sure you know this already…the PB 1st press comes with an actual hand print and sig from one of the girls. The hand print medium looks like poster paint, as it is raised above the page surface, and I was able to “chip” off a micron of paint with the tip of a needle.
    So I now have my favorite little SweetSness’s DNA on my coffee table FOREVER!
    BTW: The hand print is small, like a child’s, so it makes me think how really young these girls are…

  2. kagofeet says:

    The SweetS cd/dvd looks great! THe girls look great! Thanks for sharing!