The Berryz 2006 Calendar: March / April

Filed in Cult Of Pop 2.0

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to this sheet of the calendar… As much as I like the two idols on this sheet – and I like them both a whole lot – I must say that I didn’t find it all that great an image. The content is excellent, the presentation could have been better.

Momoko looks great with her netting-like top, and I’m always a sucker for her off-kilter ponytail – this time accentuated quite nicely with that scrunchie made up of tiny pink and red balls. And Risako looks okay in her outfit, though over the course of two months that hat gets kind of annoying.

However, the girls just don’t look all that enthused and genki in this shot. Momoko looks like she’s trying to be patient, can’t wait to have the shot over with. She may be trying to look mature and thoughtful, but isn’t quite carrying it off. And Risako’s smile here is so tentative… there are times when that kind of tentative smile works like gangbusters for her, like in the “Piriri” Close-Up PV. There it’s a bit sassy, a bit vulnerable, a bit fiery – like a gunslinger standing at high noon. Here, though, it just looks… tentative.

That said, it was nice to have these two girls on the calendar for their birthdays! Which of course is why they were chosen for this sheet.

At any rate, the wife is likely relieved to see this sheet of the calendar go. I’d been pointing at it and grunting, “Second wife!” whenever I want to give her a hard time. So that was pretty often.