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Santos of the venerable Idolizing St. Anna breaks some very interesting news this week. First, he breaks the news that with Sweet Kiss breaking up, Saaya and Runa are forming a new group called Chase with a twelve-year-old cutie named Iguchi Rio… So basically, poor Jessica was fired – perhaps because she was only half-Japanese. On the one hand, this new girl is wicked cute! On the other hand, I don’t like seeing Jessica treated so shabbily – I’m actually surprised that I give a damn, but I do. The second big news Santos brings is that he’s taken a look at a bikini shot for SweetS’ graduation photobook, the oddly titled Hi Ma’am (what?)… and is saddened by what he sees, as well as by an announcment that Miori won’t be attending the final SweetS event. So much for the Penty Five going out in a blaze of unified glory…

Channel Ai has a new blogger in its stable, Lesca, who starts off with a great review of Kat-Tun’s album. Hopefully we’ll be reading more from her in coming weeks. Gail of Himitsu takes a look at w-inds’ new single and surveys the releases of this coming July, finding a wealth of possibilities. Thea of Made in Paradise is excited at the prospect of a Bi game for the PSP. Meanwhile, WEBmikey looks at Koda Kumi’s Best (Second Session) CD and Morning Scene has information on Puffy’s return to the American East Coast.

On the Hello! Project front, Johnny of The Mind not only has some really nice pages from a Berryz Koubo live photobook, he also shares his personal thoughts on each of the Morning Musume girls. Madara of Madara Blog compares the performance styles of Goto Maki and Matsuura Aya, coming to some interesting conclusions. Jpop Overclock has a downloadable video of Goto Maki on MTV M-Size. Ikimasshoi has news on the upcoming releases of Morning Musume and Berryz Koubo. A new Morning Musume blog is Morning Musuko, which starts off with some basics: favorite sites, favorite PV, favorite TV episode. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

From corporate pop at its most lavish to indie rock at its most basic, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama has a great article on American Idol and its finale, as well as very interesting footage of an all-girl rock group on the streets of Tokyo. Shay of SparkPlugged discusses one of his favorite live albums, The Back Horn’s Ubugoe Chainsaw and provides a PV from the indie band.

On the pithy review front, Go of jrocknyc looks at Dir en Grey’s It Withers and Withers as well as High and Mighty Color’s Gou on Progressive, while usagi of usagi incidents focuses on anime this week, including a look at Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

On the Jrap front, Jordi of Subliminal Beats directs her readers to photos of some Teriyaki Boyz on a trip to Thailand. Meanwhile, jariten of HALCALI day by day has a whole lot of news on his favorite duo, including their latest appearance in Zipper magazine, a look at the art of the re-released Ongaku no Susume, and a wrap-up on their MTV Countdown gig. In turn, Kagofeet of Don’t touch my jpop! has fallen for Halcali’s “Baby Blue” PV. Kagofeet also has much love for Arashiro Beni and his Sunday PV Pick is the new song from AKB48.

On the eyecandy front, Sexy Japanese & Asian Cosplay has spreads of Aoi Sora looking great in one intimate photo set and is absolutely positively smoking hot in a Western style cosplay photo set. Cute Cosplay Angels also has some Sora goodness to bask in. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has some nice eyecandy photos of Kamei Eri – who has a third photobook coming out soon – and Wakatsuki Chinatsu. Also, their J-Music clip of the week is from Kamiki Aya, herself something of a hottie. And for more Jpop idols who look fabulous, J-Pop CD Cover Art has a wonderful range of covers this week, including Amuro Namie, misono, and Tommy February6.


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3 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. santos26 says:

    According to Japanese SweetS fan’s speculation I read,

    ‘H’aruna + ‘M’ai + ‘A’ya + ‘A’ki + ‘M’iori = ‘Hi MA’AM’.

    Pretty strange title for swimsuits one, anyway lol

  2. Yes thank God and Ray Mescalado! I’ll endeavor to be worthy of such recognition 🙂

  3. Slackius says:

    Just FYI, Kamei’s photobook has been out and is now circulating in scan-form and making-of DVD rip.