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Sunny Day has a really nice farewell to SweetS planned, with a SweetS Archival Project collecting all the SweetS media files available. It’s a beautiful thought and a great idea, definitely worth a look for all SweetS fans. I found this through Béné of Béné Blog, who also has news that Miori has stated in an interview that she will give up singing for acting.

A blog called Foreign Dispatches has a nice piece explaining that the television show that Bill Murray appears on in Lost in Translation is real – which shouldn’t be news to any of the readers of this blog, but apparently there are critics who use the show as an example of Sophie Coppola exaggerating the strangeness of Japanese culture. Anyway, clips of individual Momusu appearing on Matthew’s Best Hits are included, though the blogger stresses that he’s not a fan, it’s just all he can find on YouTube.

Speaking of cross-cultural concerns, there’s apparently a push by the Japanese government to promote Japanese popular culture in other countries: Go of jrocknyc and crs of 28 hundred hours have two very different takes on the situation. Go also announces the launch of purple SKY magazine from the wreckage of jrock ink, while crs provides both a download and quick review of BoA’s latest PV.

I’m not sure how I missed it last week, but Channel Ai has a very nice review of their titular idol’s latest single, “Frienger”, complete with downloads and samples. Check it out! ikimasshoi breaks news that the upcoming Sukeban Deka movie starring Matsuura Aya (and co-starring Viyuden) will play at the Cannes Film Festival. Check out the picture of Ayaya looking badass!

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna writes of Hoshino Aki throwing out the opening pitch in a baseball game – and wow, she looks great doing it! Santos also notes some major sorta-idol news: in futsal Team dream has finally beaten Gatas (oh, and Gatas said goodbye to goalie Konno Asami) and the U15 world is devastated (I guess) by confirmaton that Sweet Kiss has broken up so the girls can all go solo. Santos has some very interesting details on the latter piece of news, it’s actually touching and I can’t wait to see what Runa will do next.

Gail of Kirei no Sora rejoices in a new m-flo album and examines the new w-inds PV. Thea of Made in Paradise takes note of Hinoi Team’s one year anniversary and of Rina’s 14th birthday. Fourteenth? Where has all the time gone? All one year of it… usagi of the usagi incidents is growing impatient with the Nana animated series and has some interesting advice for Amuro Namie with her latest PV: “Namie, dear, please stick to awesome ass-shaking songs you’ve been doing since you restarted to your career and sacrificed your child for.” Your Opionion Doesn’t Count has made this PV their J-Music Clip of the Week and also has some nice photos of Miwa Oshiro.

For Jrap fans, Jordi of Subliminal Beats has more information on the Quruli / Rip Slyme collaboration and jariten of HALCALI day by day notes that the girls are in the studio and did a one-song performance to close Sony’s Tokyo Anime Festival. The Johnny’s blog Eden is back in action with some questions posed for NEWS from a magazine article.

Heaven is a blog I just discovered that provides a good deal of Jpop new release information – definitely worth a look. J-Pop CD Cover Art has the latest from a solo artist with a long career – Hitomi’s thirty-first – and the latest from a new solo artist – misono’s secondbecome fixated with misono (can you blame him?) and has some Mother’s Day PVs for this holiday.

On the eyecandy front, here’s an amusing one: I found a site called beconfused whose blogger, Mr. Dew, wrote an entry on under-10 Japanese idols and included Irie Saaya pics. The mention of U10 idol sensation Mizuki Furui – no, I hadn’t heard of her before – has resulted in an unexpected wave of interest and searches, so he was finally able to find and share photos of the little cutie. Personally, I don’t see the particular appeal – but I said the same thing about Berryz a year ago, so who am I to judge? Apparently, this girl sold 10,000 copies of her photo collection so that’s gotta count for something…

Cute Cosplay Angels declares Ryo Shihono the perfect cosplay angel in their latest pictorial of her – and really, who am I to argue? Japanese Photobook Idols has the second part of its Sawajiri Erika series, while Johnny of The Mind has some savory images from Tanaka Reina’s recently released third photobook as well as clips from the making of Reina’s second and third books.

On the download front, Morning Scene has resumed updating its guide to Japanese music available on U.S. iTunes while Karakui has news of a Japanese site offering free and legal music downloads for its artists. And on the classic punk front, Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama’s CJ Marsicano looks forward to the upcoming Germs biopic


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10 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. Alice says:

    Seeing how you like silly stuff, I thought you might be interested in this expose I did on the true dark side of Mika’s career while she was in Minimoni:

  2. Steve Harrison says:

    That’s interesting as I thought the best selling JR. IDOLS were Shihono Ryo, Rina Koike (Sailor Luna from PGSM and a virtuoso pianist) and Riho Iida (star of many Japanese TV NHK, TBS dramas)

    I don’t know what is so special about Mizuki. i have seen prettier idols, and idol books/DVDs that are much more “risqué” than her’s…so any Japanese otaku out there have an answer about why the Mizuki drool factor is SO high??

  3. Julia says:

    Yay someone mentioned Rina Koike! I love PGSM. She had her first DVD at 10 or so, right? She sang a song for the PGSM soundtrack too, it was pretty good actually.

  4. Chuck says:

    I liked PGSM, but Rina Koike was not one of my favorite parts. Doll Luna was cheesy-fun, Rina Koike Luna was more cheesy-embarrassing.

    Anyway, I don’t really get the U10 thing. U15, fine, I can’t deny any age bracket that includes Hinoi Team. But U10 is just too lolicon for me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Rina is cool…she was sort of strange as Sailor Luna, but being based on a manga/anime limits one’s acting ability.
    Her 1st dvd has her showing the viewer around her school. The best part is when she enters the music room, and starts to bang away on the drums, and some scary (my word) which is almost embarassing, until..she sits at the piano and starts to play like an obsessed Van Cliburn! !!
    It blew me away much more than the skinny dipping (!)
    I haven’t bought her secong dvd yet until I can find out if she performs again on the piano….

  6. DS says:

    Yeah I loved the live-action Sailor Moon series but Sailor Luna’s introduction ruined it. She spoiled the view!
    Chisaki Hama (Sailor Mercury) is very pretty but Miyuu Sawai (Sailor Moon) is my fave senshi. I’ve got all her DVD’s and her last one, Snow White, is by far her sexiest – she’s gone from a cute girl to a curvy young woman.

    I can appreciate the appeal U15 Idols (Ryo Shihono has the longest legs in the universe) but the U10 thing just leaves me cold.

  7. Steve Harrison says:

    If you want to see long legs…

    She is older than she looks BTW.

    Also, except for a few idols like Saaya, has anyone noticed that many jr. idols who look like 7 or 8 years old, are actually 11 or 12 or older?
    Maybe they don’t drink enough milk with hormones in school?

  8. Mr. Dew says:

    Hi, thanks so much for linking to me. 😉 I found you through my referrers.

    Steve Harrison: I think they get the smaller size girls to be in the photoshoots. Perhaps they look cuter or something.

  9. Angel Wings says:

    Thanks for linking my SweetS archive project! I hope more people will be able to find and enjoy the files thanks to your help 🙂

  10. I’m with all of you who say they’re not into the U10 stuff… On the other hand, I feel like a cannibal on the Atkins diet, drawing important distinctions inevitably lost on others. “Sure, pass me another piece of that guy’s leg – but hey, no macaroni salad. That stuff’s bad for you.”