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Cute Cosplay Angels has finished a series on Tokumoto Kasumi and – wow. I mean, she’s not as spectacularly, guilt-inducingly pedolicious as Kiri Sari – but she’s pretty close. Kasumi is particularly striking because she looks like a more grown-up version of SweetS’ Miori, but with the distinctive mouth of Mai. So if this is your cup of tea and you haven’t yet looked, there’s a whole lot to savor. Part One has her in schoolgirl outfit and swimsuit, Part Two in various cosplay (including a Sailor Scout outfit), Part Three in bikinis which most definitely make clear she’s older than the SweetS girls, Part Four is more swimsuit goodness, Part Five has even more bikini goodness, and Part Six has her sucking on a creamsicle in a messy, decidedly non-U15 manner.

Also on the eycandy front, there’s a couple of new sites worth looking at: Japanese Photobook Idols bears a strong layout resemblance to Cute Cosplay Angels and this week has a gallery of Sawajiri Erika photos. Asian Girls Pic Directory covers the globe for profiles on Asian celebrities, including Sawajiri Erika, Hoshino Aki, and Abe Natsumi. Meanwhile, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe shares screencaps from some Race Queen gravure DVDs he recently bought, while Miki of Deepest Thoughts has a new Model File, this time of Eikura Nana. And though this may not turn everyone on, SparkPlugged has a sexy picture of Verbal and Hard Gay; Shay also has musician Jack Hsu review an album from Tak Matsumoto Group.

Over at Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama, CJ Marsicano not only wishes Kon-Kon a happy nineteenth birthday, he plays Gerald Posner to my – um – Babbling Grassy Knoll Crazy Guy by opining that both the Love Machine Curse and my proposed Chokkan 2 Curse are utterly bogus crocks. He asks why Sayumi would leave Momusu next, so let me provide a scenario: she’s tired of trying to sing and wants to focus on her strengths as an actress and model. And hey, Goto Maki left at an unexpected point in Morning Musume’s career, well ahead of many first- and second-gens. Why not Sayumi next?

And, um – look! Frame 314 of the latest Hello! Morning! Mikitty’s opening an umbrella in broad daylight!

Moving along, I’ve already noted that ikimasshoi has news of Morning Musume’s upcoming CD-DVD single; they also broke news that Utada Hikaru’s “Keep Tryin'” single marked two million digital downloads – that’s legal downloads, we can safely assume. Gail of Kirei na Sora has nicely informative pieces on Ito Yuna – who has an upcoming single – and Mink – who apparently doesn’t have a lot of photos around. Idolizing St. Anna’s Santos has an interesting story about his holiday in Hong Kong, as well as news that Sweet Kiss may no longer be a viable U15 unit… Meanwhile, Thea of Made in Paradise surprises regular readers by asking about C-Ute’s debut and expressing her continued fondness for ZYX. Meanwhile, Béné of Béné Blog has become interested in Harenchi Punch, including lyrics to two of their singles – but not (yet) to my favorite, “Megaphone”…

With their usual press of multimedia goodness, the guys at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has J-Music Clips of the Week for Amuro Namie and Puffy, as well as some nice pics of the current Musume line-up, while Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory has all the images from the Berryz 2006 calendar (hm, looks familiar), an audio for Def. Diva’s Rakuten Eagles cheer song, and some very nice Konno photos. KagoFeet of Don’t touch my jpop! has clips of Soulhead, Koda Kumi (including her audition for Morning Musume), and has started a Sunday PV Pick feature with Ayaya’s “Watarasebashi”.

On the Jrap front, Jordi of Subliminal Beats gives a very honest review of Rip Slyme’s “Brotherly Love” single and anticipates the group’s upcoming collaboration with Quruli. On the Jrock front, Go of jrocknyc reviews mucc’s latest album and the bonus footage on Dir en Grey’s It Withers and Withers DVD. On the Okinawan front, Karakui provides a helpful list of Okinawan artists available on the U.S. iTunes Music Store. And on the karaoke front, Twiss has renamed Sekushii Biimu to Sing Out – Jpop Fan-Group News and Info to reflect her new focus and announces new releases from Ongaku Project.

Winding things up, at the usagi incidents, usagi looks at the latest Nana episode and marks the tenth anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion, while WEBmikey reviews a volume of Gatchaman DVDs. Idols Unlimited has the amusing Ten Commandments of Kdrama. And an intriguing new blog is Blog, who seems to have become an H!P fan out of boredom and then declares, “I love Morning Musume! Morning Musume is better than sex!” Wow! You gotta admire that enthusiasm… Not agree with it necessarily, but admire it.


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5 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:


    Morning Musume is good.
    Sex is good.
    Sex while Morning Musume is playing would be good but my g/f doesn’t like them. 🙁
    Sex WITH A MEMBER OF Morning Musume (like, say, Her Royal Hotness)… hmmm… I’ll get back to you on that one… >:)

  2. Johnny says:

    Something I find quite funny: if you visit BLOG you’ll notice he deleted a link because he couldn’t leave a comment unless he became a Friendster member.

    FYI, that was a link to my site.

    It’s strange he would say that since his blog doesn’t allow comments unless you became a member of BLOGGER.

  3. Steve Harrison says:

    From my remembrance of Philo 101:

    If Morning “Musume is better than sex, and SweetS IS sex, then Berryz & C-ute are…????

  4. CJ Marsicano says:

    “..what happens nine months after you have sex with a MoMusu or Sweet?” XD

  5. Steve Harrison says:

    You pass.the examination…