Odds & Ends: Melon Kinenbi’s New Single, H!P Fire and Silences, SweetS Last Hurrah

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The good news: Melon Kinenbi has a new single coming out… The bad news: it will only be made available at concerts and H!P stores. What the heck is up with this? They did the same thing for C-Ute’s first two singles – I’m not sure if the third one will get the same treatment, but it’s coming out early July. Why go this route? Why avoid the traditional music distribution markets like this? Is there that little faith in the ability to sell these groups outside of hardcore H!P fans?

I just have this image of all these H!P Eggs in some small, cramped room. Some of them are burning the new MKB and C-Ute singles on blank CDs, passing it along to others who put inkjet-printed stickers on the front, who pass the CD along to Eggs who slip it into a CD jewel case, who pass it along to the last of the girls, slipping shoddily printed lyric inserts into the case. If they keep relying on the hardcore fans and don’t even attempt to win a larger base of listeners, this may wind up H!P’s reality.

Tsuji’s on Fire! This just broke from the ever-informative Ikimasshoi, Tsuji’s sweater caught fire while cooking breakfast. It sounds kind of funny now – such a Nono thing to do! – but only because she’s apparently not injured. Thank God. I don’t know how I’d react if one of my favorite idols was physically injured in such a horrific manner, and I really don’t want to know.

So be careful, Tsuji! Please! There are fans who want you to stay healthy! And if you need a sign from God to avoid cigarettes, this is it! Speaking of which…

It’s been quiet on Kago and this year’s Shuffles… Too quiet. Kago’s suspension should be over soon. Right? Not that I want to sound impatient, but it seems to have lasted long enough. And the announcement for this year’s shuffles haven’t been made yet, which worries me just a little.

It’d be nice if the two announcments coincided together: Kago’s return in a shuffle line-up. Or maybe the shuffle will tie into Tsunku’s wedding, with a new H!P All-Stars rendition of “Happy Summer Wedding”?

SweetS’ final appearance together on June 11? Not counting Miori, that is. I don’t know, this is a shabby way to go. As “On the Way” proved, the Penty Five should remain five to the very end. I’m hoping Miori makes a surprise appearance at the last moment and there are tears and hugs and maybe a song or two. Despite what I’d said in the past, I’m gonna miss them, definitely.

And I’m still waiting for news on Haruna’s future! Again, I hope they break that news on the eleventh. It only makes sense to start looking ahead at that point, grab the SweetS fans at their weakest.


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5 Responses to “Odds & Ends: Melon Kinenbi’s New Single, H!P Fire and Silences, SweetS Last Hurrah”
  1. Julia says:

    Geez what are Melon Kinenbi, second class H!P citizens? That’s just lame.
    I’ve been getting pretty ansty about the shuffles, and I’ve been antsy about hearing of Aibon’s return since practically the day I became a W fan. This is too much. [Insert comment about this silence being deafening.]
    I don’t know much about SweetS but the last event not having all of them *does* sound really dumb.
    Mini Moni cosplayer: http://i3.tinypic.com/119zg2e.jpg
    She appears to be going for the post-Crazy About You look, I think? Too bad she didn’t have one of the little pink hats, or at least a visor.

  2. Julia says:

    Curse me for being uninformed. I know see the resemblance between her costume and Nono’s in the Crazy About You PV, so she no longer looks to me like she just chose a random person to be when I asked her. I only know this from watching the pv just now…yeah, she still should’ve had a visor though, not to mention more of a Nono hair style, but I guess her hair is pretty short.
    Just had to clarify that I realized that…

  3. Julia says:

    Okay, and now another video has shown me what costume the cosplayer was really channeling…so it’s Lucky Cha Cha Cha, right? Ok scratch the visor comment, but I still wish she had the hair style. But I get it now.
    …I’m going to do my research next time.

  4. Julia:

    Thanks for the picture! That girl is a real cutie (reminds me of a couple of students from my grad school days), the Minimoni look suited her well.

  5. Julia says:

    Anytime. I must say that I think she found me a bit weird after I started fangirling over actually finding an H!P cosplayer…but that’s okay.