It’s Gonna Be A Girl!

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Barb had her sonogram today and found out the baby is definitely a girl. Mother’s healthy, baby’s healthy, and October 1st is coming fast!


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11 Responses to “It’s Gonna Be A Girl!”
  1. Johnny says:


    So are you going to name her Chinami Mai?

  2. Menno says:

    It couldn’t have been a boy, there was to much will power involved!

    I hope everyting goes well, congrats!

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Way to go, Ray!

    When she’s a J-Pop idol in about 12 years, we lucky ones can say we were there for the announcements of its conception and gender 😉

  4. k2c says:

    Congratulations man!

  5. Steve/Japonaliya says:

    O’medeto gozaimasu !!!

    Your own little jr. idol….and future member of C-ute!

  6. itasi says:

    Aw, congrats! ^_^
    My sister’s baby is definately a girl and her due date is September 1st!

  7. kagofeet says:

    omedetto gozaimasu!

  8. Thanks to all your good wishes – the wife got a kick out of them, too! And Johnny, now that we know it’s a girl, Barb is being more picky about what the name can possibly be. I’m still pushing for Chinami Mai, though, with Haruna Mai a close second choice.

  9. Rii says:

    if anything, maybe you should name her something a bit mroe meaningful… maybe to keep her out of your jpop love. let your wife name her. she’s the one carrying her for months. you do have to owe something to her anyway.

    and though we’re all joking about the little idol thing. i’d hop that you’d keep jpop out of her way, gravure idol out of her way just to be safe. i mean, the last thing we’d want to see happening is a case of Law and Order: SVU-ism here.

    have you ever even really thought how your daughter would take it if you told her you like girls her own age when she gets there? i mean, in that case… she’d never want to brng her friends home from school, or something. i dunno, maybe years from now you maight change your interests, but in all cases i would tell you it might be better to leave any sense of jpop-ness out of your daughter’s way.

  10. The Name Police says:

    Names Are Serious Business.

    Seriously, if I can get by with “Augustus” for a quarter of a century, I think a Hawaiian girl could live with a common Japanese name.

    And hearing Japanese pop music will turn a child’s life into an episode of Law & Order? Geez, don’t you think you’re possibly being a little paranoid? I think we’re getting into Reefer Madness territory here.